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81 One Nation Under Trump

Guys, this is a political movie. It's supposed to be BORING. It's like saying a kids' show is the worst show ever or trying to roast someone with autism.

I've roasted people with autism before because I make jokes about lots of things (although I do protect autistic people sometimes...) - AlphaQ

He's Now Our President, So Deal with It Liberals, - VideoGamefan5

P.S, he's your president now. deal with it.

82 Shut In
83 Jackie

This Movie SUCKS

84 Moonlight

Lame and boring. Pretty cheap if you ask me...I felt like I knew what was gonna happen and that I've watched the movie a trillion times when I know I never did. 3/10 - AlphaQ

How The Hell Is This On Here, it's An Amazing Film - VideoGamefan5

85 Open Season: Scared Silly

Open Season is a rip off of Disney

86 Ghostmates

Didn't Smosh learn after their first movie? YouTubers shouldn't be making movies.

87 Zootopia

This movie was fantastic, but it's not a Disney triumph like everyone claims. I liked it when I first liked it, but after seeing Moana, I realized Disney can do much better. If you take away the mature message(which is the highlight of the film,) there is not much more to offer. The animation is good, not great, but good, and the characters that aren't Nick and Judy are very underdeveloped. The story is it's saving grace, but even at that, it's pretty tedious a lot of the time. It's a great movie, but Disney can do WAY better. And please stop defending it because of its message!

Person who said "I hate Frozen, but I hate this huge heap of overt socio-political crap even more" here. Norm of the North is not worth me acknowledging its existence and the Ice Age franchise needed to remain a trilogy. May I reiterate that I hate Frozen. And I'm sorry but if wanted to be hit in the face with political crap and other relevant real-world issues fans of Zootopia hold so dear and keep using as an excuse I'd watch CSPAN or some other such channel, not a Disney film.

I know, I'm not that DUMB, Ice age doesn't need to remain as a trilogy, if they are going to add unfunny jokes, nope - VideoGamefan5

This was actually good

Yeah a lot of people ruin this movie for other people going "aa message important". Honestly yes it was a timeless message but I would also defend it for how much it made me laugh, and how relatable the characters are. The animation was also brilliant and well detailed 3D CGI - Phillip873

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88 Captain America: Civil War

Not a bad movie but it is overrated. - RobertdDowneyRobertDowneyJr

Those Russo's movies are one of the most overrated movies ever.

This one better not disappoint! - SelfDestruct

Zack Snyder fanboys are really pissing me off...

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89 Deadpool

It Had A Few Disturbing Moments, But It Was Still Cool - VideoGamefan5

Easily The Beat Film Of the Year, Boi! - AlphaQ

90 Keanu

Are you serious!?! They actually gave a film budget to a couple of crappy YouTubers? What has the world come to?

I thought Smosh The Movie taught everyone that we shouldn't let YouTubers make movies

First Fred, Then Smosh, and now this? , don't tell me pewdiepie or annoying orange get one - VideoGamefan5

Honestly one of my guilty pleasures - JamesBourne

I Liked This Movie - VideoGamefan5

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91 Finding Dory

This movie was actually not that bad as I thought. - Catacorn

This movie looks amazing. - Powerfulgirl10

Never thought I wanted a sequel to finding nemo. But after seeing it, I stand corrected.

I don't know what's so great about it, it was a total "meh" movie in my opinion

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92 Tarzan
93 Now You See Me 2
94 The Jungle Book

This is a great movie.

It's actually a great remake since... Oh wait, they all are bad. - Mumbizz01

Only at 92? How is this not in top 10? I'm seriously disappointed about the remake of the Jungle Book. Nothing is great! It's awful! The actors were terrible, King Louie made me my mind bad, I miss old King Louie, Baloo was annoying unlike the old one. Bagheera is disturbing, Kaa is creepy and is not a girl! Kaa is a boy! Raksha and Akela do not exist espacially Grey. The actor of Mowgli was not talented, I hate him so much. Should be in top 10!

95 Criminal

Not bad but it has plenty of generic material. - RobertdDowneyRobertDowneyJr

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96 The Forest
97 The Boy
98 Special Correspondents
99 Precious Cargo
100 Misconduct
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