Movie Review - The Mummy (2017)

MegaSoulhero Let's just get this over with. The Mummy! It's a remake of, well, the Mummy. I really enjoy the 1999 film. But the Mummy Returns, not so much. I haven't seen the other Mummy movies in case you're wondering. I recently saw this year's remake of The Mummy, and I'm gonna be honest, it's not good.

Basically, this movie stars Tom Cruise who plays a character named Nick who discovers a mummy. This mummy is played by Sofia Boutella. After she is awaken, she wants to reclaim her destiny and seek revenge on everyone. And yeah. This movie sucks. What was the point of making this? Does everything need a remake? Come on! There are already a lot of Mummy movies! Why did we need another one!? I think I should start by saying what I liked about the film. I thought the visual effects were actually pretty amazing! I wouldn't say they're as great as Ghost in the Shell, but they're still cool. I also really like some of the casting! I especially loved Sofia Boutella's performance as the mummy. Out of all the actors in the film, she had the most energy. Russel Crowe as Dr. Jekyll was great as well!

And that's where the positives end. One problem I have with this movie is that it doesn't know if it wants to be a serious movie or a comedy. There are serious moments in the film, but sometimes they get overshadowed by bad jokes. And that's a problem I have with some Marvel movies. I'm okay with it being a dark and serious movie with a few jokes once in a while, but the ones here come at the wrong times. Especially in the beginning. The humor just doesn't fit. Tom Cruise didn't do a bad job in this film, but I felt like his character took away from the focus of the mummy. They practically made it his movie. The name of the movie is literally called "The Mummy"! The action scenes didn't look good. They were poorly edited. I also felt like the movie relies to heavily on explanation of what's happening. I guess they never heard of "show, don't tell". By the way, this movie is the first chapter of a cinematic universe known as the "Dark Universe". Which features Universal's most famous monsters. They did not make a good first impression. It seems like everything needs a cinematic universe these days. There are a lot of slow moments, lazy writing, and a terrible story.

The Mummy is a very dull and pointless remake. It's not the worst movie remake to come out this year (Kong) but it's still very bad. It's heavily CGI'd, too much unnecessary dialogue, awful editing, and bad pacing. So far, the best remake to come out this year was Power Rangers. Which was okay at best. I have absolutely no interest in watching the 2017 Mummy movie ever again. It is such a mess.

Score: 4/10


I literally saw a ton of the original movie and The Mummy Returns in a pawn shop today. A lot of people think this is Tom Cruise's worst film. - Elric-san

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