Movie Review - Transformers: The Last Knight

MegaSoulhero The Last Knight is the 5th movie in the Transformers franchise. Even though no one asked for it. I'm just gonna state the obvious right now. This movie SUCKS!!! I watched it on and it was crap!!! It's a bunch of Michael Bay crap!! Just as I thought!

In this movie, the world is in danger. Optimus Prime turns evil. He tries to look for an artifact. The humans and the Transformers go into war. Chaos happens. Pretty much anything you would see in a Transformers movie! And that's my biggest problem! It gives us nothing new! Every single Transformers movie feels the same. You would think by now they would learn from their mistakes and try to do something different, but instead they learn nothing and create the same movie! They're basically saying "People are gonna pay to see these movies anyway, so we can just keep reusing the same crap and we'll still keep making money." I wouldn't be surprised if that was actually part of a discussion. I'll give the movie this. It's better than Age of Extinction. But that's not saying much. As usual, the movie surrounds us with characters that we don't care about! There is no development whatsoever! By the end, I didn't care who lived or who died! If they're gonna have the movie mostly focus on the human characters, they need to at least make them interesting. But they're not. The movie is called "Transformers" for crying out loud! It should be about the Transformers!

The dialogue is PAINFUL! The movie tries way too hard to be funny! And it fails at doing that! I didn't laugh once! I didn't even smile! There was this one scene where a joke happens and then they do the exact same joke a minute later! It wasn't funny the first time so why would it be funny the second time! The idea of Optimus Prime turning evil is a pretty cool concept, but he barely even appears in the movie! In fact, he doesn't really do anything until the end! Izabella barely adds anything to the plot, and Vivian is mostly just there because this movie needed a sexy female character! You know how much Michael Bay loves his sexy female characters. I mean look at her! She looks like a pornstar! Mark Wahlberg was the only one who actually looked like he was trying. He did his best despite working with a bad script. Now let me talk about the action scenes. Something that an action movie needs to get right is the action scenes. And the ones in here... they're.... they're just.... my god! They are edited so terribly! The CGI is all over the place and it's practically nothing but noise! The movie's structuring is awful! There is no beginning, middle, or end! It's all plot and no story! This movie was way too long! It's not as long as the last film, but I still felt like it could've been shorter if they cut out the all the unnecessary stuff!

Transformers: The Last Knight is one of the worst movies I have seen this year! It's not the worst Transformers movie ever made, Age of Extinction still holds that record, but there's not much of a story, the action sequences are godawful, the characters are uninteresting, the humor is painful, and it learns nothing from the previous films! Apparently, this is the last Transformers film Michael Bay is directing. Hopefully this means that the movies will get better. But for now, these movies are just terrible cash grabs with nothing new to offer! It's a good thing I watched this one online instead of paying money to see it.

Score: 2/10


If you knew it would suck, why did you watch it? - Elric-san

I was bored. Found it online. Decided to watch it so I could review it. I'm just glad I didn't pay money to see it. - MegaSoulhero

I don't think any of us want to pay money for it. - Elric-san

Probably not - visitor

You should watch a YTP of it. - AlphaQ

I'm avoiding it. Age of Extinction sucked so bad and so did the other 3 so what would make this one good - visitor

I agree. It's a piece of garbage only for purposes of making money. I found it to be WORSE than AOE though. (Then again, I think AOE is pretty decent so what can I say? ) - visitor

Nah I disagree AOE was atrocious. This was a BIT better in my opinion. - AlphaQ

I've seen that this movie pulled off a "SAVE MARTHA! " in the Optimus VS Bumblebee fight :P. - CrimsonShark

I did not even bother to watch this one - Phillip873

F - visitor

Wow. Worse than Age of Egg-stink-shan? - AlphaQ

This might get the razzie award for "Worst Picture", Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen got that award. - visitor