Happy Death Day Sucks!

MegaSoulhero Wow! Just wow! (sigh) I was honestly hoping that this might actually be good. After seeing the positive-ish reviews it’s been getting, I decided that I might as well check it out for myself. And all I can say is... The Emoji Movie is better.

The plot is that the main character is a college girl named Tree played by some girl who made a small appearance in La La Land. It’s her birthday, but she keeps reliving this day over and over again. The day starts over whenever a mysterious person wearing a baby face mask kills her in different ways. And I sat down in a theater next to annoying teenagers and watched this whole thing. And it was atrocious! I’m not kidding! This movie is a complete mess! First, let me point out the obvious. The premise is very similar to Groundhog Day! In fact, at the end of the movie, they actually mention Groundhog Day! Because apparently if you steal an idea, it’s okay as long as you admit you’re stealing it! This wouldn’t bother me if it was done well, but it’s done absolutely horrible! A major problem I have is the main character, Tree. I don’t like her! At all! Most of the time, she can be kind of a jerk. We’re supposed to care about her and we spend the entire movie following her around, but they make her so unlikeable that whenever the killer tried to kill her, I don’t care in the slightest! She’s also a generic teenager! She’s pretty much every teenage girl stereotype that you can think of! There’s this guy named Carter who becomes the obvious love interest for Tree. That’s almost all he is! He does help out like ONE time in the entire movie, but we know nothing about the character to actually care about him! He’s mostly just there to be the love interest! He has absolutely no development!

Actually, now that I think of it, NONE of the characters other than the protagonist had any development! They’re all just stereotypes! With a protagonist who acts like a douche, a generic love interest who does virtually nothing, and a bunch of characters we know very little about, how do they expect us to care what happens to these people? Another problem I have is it’s very inconsistent! If you’re gonna do a plot involving a character reliving the exact same day again, the consistency has to be correct! There are times when she leaves the building in the morning in a different length of time than the other times and the stuff that she encounters outside would happen the same exact way at the same exact same moment each time! She walks outside, stuff happens. But if she walked outside two minutes earlier, that same stuff would all of a sudden happen two minutes earlier! How does that work? So, the killer wears a mask that looks like a baby’s face which is a mask of the school’s mascot. What kind of school has a baby as their mascot? Anyway, there’s a twist involving the killer and I totally saw it coming! They tried to trick us by saying it was one guy but then showed us it was someone else! And the actual killer’s motivation is ridiculously dumb! The acting is mediocre at best. Most of them are overacting. Especially the girl who plays Tree! No reactions seem real! None of the characters act like real people! It’s stupid! It’s unbearable! I can’t believe this is a thing!

I hated this movie! It’s one of the worst films released this year! Every second of it was torture! It’s definitely a bad horror movie! If you can even call it a horror movie! It’s not good. Do not see this movie! Don’t waste your money! It’s terrible!

Score: 0/10


Was it worse than fifty shades darker? - Trollsfan536

Nah. This was better. But not by much. - MegaSoulhero

I knew it was gonna be terrible lmao. - DCfnaf

Is anyone really surprised though? - ProPanda

So shocked - visitor

I knew it was going to be terrible but the fact that this crap was advertised before every YouTube video I watched made me hate this otherwise cliche horror movie even more. - christangrant

Were you rooting for the killer? - Trollsfan536

Yes - MegaSoulhero

I knew it was gonna be terrible. I can't decide if I should rather watch this or Coco. - DankGodX

DankGodX Coco definitely. - Trollsfan536

The commercials were annoying as hell. - railfan99

I'm looking forward to seeing it - iliekpiez