The Emoji Movie


As a continuation to my paragraph on where the creativity went, Sony has only a few interesting Movies like the Dark tower and Baby Driver in stores and Sony isn't even trying to put substance in any of their other films! I mean even Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines has way more substance than any of the movies that Sony puts out! Movies like Office Christmas Party and The Sausage Party are fine examples of this. Sony loves to take your favorite celebrities and put them in Raunchy comedies that flop at the box office, they also make crappy kid movies like Surf's Up 2: Wavemania & the upcoming Emoji Movie! I mean they did make great movies in the past, but they are now in the same position Warner Bros is in. Except Warner Bros releases some great stuff like Mad Max: Fury Road, Wonder Woman and Lego. Sony, well they do have Baby Driver & Dark Tower, but that won't even save Sony because On July 28, they are releasing what looks like to be the most cringe worthy thing in the whole ...more

Lousy Common Sense Media and stupid Spanish website and some other amateur critics kept this from having a 0% rating on RT. To add on, I feel bad this movie is now being catered for a special theater screening for kids with special needs. Look, I appreciate that those kids' needs are being addressed appropriately, and while I shouldn't be one to judge the tastes of children, I can't help but think Sony is only pulling this just to make The Emoji Movie look good rather than actually doing it for the sake of these children. I hope this doesn't offend anyone (and I apologize in advance if I happen to do so), but don't those kids at least deserve a better movie to watch like everyone else does than having to be subject to having to watch a bad movie solely just for money and promotion purposes? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I love Common Sense Media, but I agree otherwise, Emoji Movie isn't good. - Extractinator04

I think AniMat will give The Emoji Movie a 2/10 with King of Pride rock being played when the Seal of Garbage is given to The Emoji Movie 2, from Sony Pictures Animation, the company that nauseated people with the town Chewandswallow, big time ruination towards The Smurfs, Selena Gomez as an ugly vampire, probably will use the Modern Sonic designs for the Sonic characters and gave us the tiny-budget Open Season sequels.

Not only should this be the worst movie of the year, but also one of the worst movies of all time. The voice actors sound dead, they most likely are due to them never wanting to act for this movie, and the plot is slightly unoriginal. It's like Wreck it Ralph (involving electric devices),Lego Movie (friends going on an adventure), and Inside Out (emotions) mixed together, with waste and garbage put over it. In case you're too lazy to read all the long comments below, they're just describing how terrible the movie is, but I addressed that. Hopefully I made this short enough. - Ohno

I watched it today and still I'm already in trouble now.

But for some reason it was'nt that bad but the concept and the plot was bad. In the start of movie they live in a universe of our world but it turns out it's a world of technology just like the way I use and the way that you use too.

I mean this movie makes fun of technology or it's some sort of allegory. But it's also one of the worst things happened in 2017 in cinematic history.

It's cringe and the puns is not really bad but it hards to be funny. The music of different generations (from past to present) were ruined by the movie itself.

The animation? Well it's fine like every movie made by Sony (it's really sad about the Popeye movie got cancelled).

And I watch this movie half way through and I doubt it was way more cringier than ever.

Well there you have it, we have Big Brother (1984 novel) of our cinematic culture.

Oh, and by the way, the female Smiley is very insane and ...more

The only movie snack people will have at the cinema for this is bleach

Animated movies are starting to suck. This movie failed, Nut Job 2 failed, Leap (a french animated movie) failed, and the recent Lego Ninjago Movie failed. The animated movie I am looking forward to is Coco (I am not looking forward to My Little Pony Movie). If Coco fails, I am so done with Animated Movies. So far, the only good animated movie this year is Lego Batman Movie for Sony's sake! I'm saying that for Emoji Movie.

The entire concept for this movie is pure garbage. All I want to say.

Sony has made enough disasters this year, if you thought The Dark Tower, Surf's Up 2 & Rough Night were unwatchable, wait until you see this generic kids movie that tries too hard to be hip & cool and has some of the most cringiest jokes ever told. Not only the cringy jokes, but the wasted celebrity cast ( Why Patrick Stewart?! Why?! ), generic themes, bland characters ( Jailbreak is a Wildstyle rip off. ), and spoiler alert! There was a dance party sequence at the end. How "unpredictable" and "original." Nobody ever asked for this garbage, nobody ever wanted to see this garbage and nobody ever wanted to sit through this garbage! And if you thought the Emoji Movie was cringy enough, Sony decides to release an animated film later this year about the birth of Christ that looks pandering & unfunny. The Star looks horrifying, if not just as horrifying as The Emoji Movie! We could've gotten a better movie like Popeye but No! It had to be the Emoji Movie!

Had to see this movie with some friends, and I wanted to blow my brains out during the whole movie. Every emoji character is awful, and because the kids were always laughing at Alex, the owner of the phone, it thought me more that "kids are cruel" than "be yourself". Save your time and money and don't see this monstrosity.

To think Sony submitted this as a consideration for nomination at the 90th Academy Awards... I really did not want to go back to kicking the dead horse, but it seems Sony was stupid enough to make me go get a spiked boot and kick this movie even harder. Seriously, this movie deserves all of its hate. ALL OF IT. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Haha! A boy wants to erase all of his phone data just because one emoji won't work right? Can't Sony do any better than that? The plot of this movie is so laughable that I want to see how bad this movie will be. - Powerfulgirl10

I'd rather watch SpongeBob SquarePants Movie than this piece of trash movie... - ChuckECheese

And The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is a Million Times Better. - kcianciulli

What's next? A movie about trees coming to life?

This movie is one of the worst movies I've seen in my life. I couldn't stand the cringe and stupidity, and I was cringing after the movie, I was cringing all day. Even at night. It was so weird. I wish this movie never existed. Thank god it got a 2.7 on ImDb - Creterampage

What's next? , a Fidget spinner movie? - VideoGamefan5

This will hopefully (and should) bomb at the cinema. I don't even like popeye but it has its fans so why on earth cancel it for this?

Have you ever seen combined horrible animation with 91 minutes of advertising? That's what you see in the Emoji Movie. Honestly, the creator just wanted to make a 'nice', plot about something that would obviously be popular because apparently that's the only thing people talk about today. This is garbage. The narrator at the start even tells you indirectly, 'You have no attention span'.

'The Emoji Movie' was made because emojis are one of the biggest fads. Kids are spoiled now a days so they get phones and..use emojis. So they're making this movie for those spoiled kids who have rich parents. This movie will make a lot of money but at the same time will be one of the biggest box office failures. Basing on the games and gimmicks they make for fads like bottle flip, it big surprise if a fidget spinner movie comes out. They are running out of ideas for movies. I miss the classics but once you make too many remakes of a movie it gets ruined. I hope this movie gets 0 stars, because it officially has 0 stars from me.

I actually wanted to see if they could somehow make it a good animated movie. However I saw a video on YouTube completely pointing out that this was an unfunny copy of wreck it Ralph and inside out - Phillip873

This movie is so bad, it was added to this list before it was even released. That's saying something - Aquaturtle

This is the worst year for Sony. A lot of the movies they made this year besides Spider-man: Homecoming & Baby Driver either were trashed by critics or got low scores. The Dark Tower has a 16% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I love the emoji movie it's so bad I hate this movie I hate it! I had really high hopes for this movie but it sucked this movie is so bad do not watch the emoji movie my god I'm gonna give the emoji movie an f

Good god, I just watched it, it was everything I expected. I had such LOW expectations for this "film" that it wasn't that terrible to watch it, except for the ABYSMAL ending! - Phillip873

No wonder Sony raised the price of Playstation Plus. Their film division is gonna sink them beyond the point of no return if they keep releasing crap like this. - Zach808

This movie insults me, there will be a post ON MY PROFILE of why, don't spend your money to see it, even ironically! - Phillip873