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61 Happy Death Day

This awful horror version of Ground Hog Day won't stop popping up on every Youtube video. Seriously this is hot garbage - 445956

62 Cars 3

I'm excited for this movie so much cars is my favorite movie and I loved cars 2 cars hater detected

July 28 will be released and I grew up with Cars (including Susie the Little-Blue Coupe which I watched it before Cars existed as an inspiration). But I hope this won't going to be too bad as the previous sequel.

I actually enjoyed this one. It was very good & way better than cars 2

This is 1 of the most boring movies I've seen in a long time

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63 The Lego Batman Movie

I Love This Movie - VideoGamefan5

This was surprisingly a really fun and enjoyable movie. The humor was really witty, and it was pretty emotional at times. 9/10 - Absolite

Probably the best animated movie so far this year (actually the only good one). This movie looks childish but it's amazing - Phillip873

Finely someone hates this movie other then me

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64 High School Musical 4: East Meets West
65 Friday the 13th

It's probably going to be as bad if not worse than the 2009 one.

How many do we need?

66 Alien: Covenant

Not that bad, just very forgettable

Awesome. we need more horror that isn't a little kid in white makeup and crap like that

67 xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Hey, this movie was great. 9/10 - AlphaQ

This movie was just loud and annoying

68 Logan

One of the worst movie ever. Logan looks old and the fight scenes suck. The movie is damn overrated.

What?! This movie was great!

Alright, who had the nerve to put this Awesome movie on this list?

The movie sucked.

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69 Despicable Me 3 Despicable Me 3

It was okay, but it was kids movie with some redeeming factors. I mean there was a few unpredictable moments, it's beautifully animated and Steve Carrell is great as always! In the first 2 movies, Gru had to face problems and all sorts of things. This movie instead of it having some emotion and depth, it's a cartoon with little to nothing of that!

How is this movie not higher on the list? First of all, we are introduced to a character who is even more annoying than the minions, and secondly this doesn't feel like a Despicable Me movie. The first 2 were really good but this was just utter trash. Hope they won't make a Despicable Me 4. - FJS19

This movie was mediocre at best, though it felt like a cash grab. The plot also felt like that one episode where homer meets his long lost brother who's rich, so I guess you could say that simpsons did it already. - Phillip873

I’m going to vote for this until it gets to the top 10

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70 Spider-Man: Homecoming

Why is this on the list? Rough Night or any other generic adult cash grab comedy that are plaguing Hollywood should be on this list!

71 Dunkirk

This brilliant movie? There's other bad movies that deserve to be on this list that you are forgetting.

How come this is on the list, but Rough Night isn't?

You are KIDDING ME! This movie is awesome! - railfan99

What? this is a masterpiece - Ale9991

72 The Lost City of Z
73 The House
74 The Book of Henry
75 All Eyez on Me

Should be in the top ten!

76 Fist Fight
77 The Dark Tower
78 Sleepless
79 The Last Face
80 Wonder Woman

I thought this movie was pretty good but Jesus Christ it's no masterpiece at all in my opinion. The third act kinda ruined it for me too - Phillip873

I know I was just giving my point, it should be in the middle/lower end of the list - Phillip873

This shouldn't be on this list! TAKE IT OFF IMMEDIATELY!

Oh great, the stupid Wonder Woman hater-base is starting up

The "stupid Wonder Woman hater-base" are just people with opinions - PeeledBanana

@peeledbannana i’m not hating on you, I just want to know why you didn’t like it

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