Worst Movies of 2018

The most horrible cinematic failures and flops to be released in the year 2018!

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1 Fifty Shades Freed Fifty Shades Freed

I just want to know... HOW COULD THE WINTER OLYMPICS ADVERTISE THIS SO-CALLED EROTIC DRAMA?! Believe me, my sister and I literally ran out of the living room and covered our eyes and ears when it was being advertised! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That sounds like something I would do. I've never seen any of the trilogy, but all three look like the worst movies I could possibly see. - PhoenixAura81

I watched this on an airplane and people still walked out

I was originally going to be near silent about this, but by god why is this garbage of a film series being advertised everywhere?! I didn't even know it had such a fan base? I don't even know what people find good about these movies! - Phillip873

Worst movie I've ever seen

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2 Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

People who are putting this on a top 10 worst list have not seen the movie.

The Teen Titans Go show is really bad but this movie is shockingly great, dare I say the best comic book movie of the year great.

Yes I'm shocked but the people on here voting for this clearly haven't seen this movie.

See it, it's great.

I'm probably going to hate this movie. Based from the trailers, it looks like Shrek but with more fart jokes and making fun of super heroes instead of fairy tales. I hope this movie flops "because if Aqua Man can, anyone can! "

I heard that this movie was actually GOOD. I'll believe it when I see it.

This needs to be number 1!

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3 Sherlock Gnomes

It's good that they made a sequel for Gnomeo and Juliet, but COME ON! This DESTROYED their chance for a THIRD movie!

The trailer already made me cringe so hard that I got permanent folds on my nose - -AtomicPimp-

I thought it was pretty good. Johnny Depp and Emily Blunt did a great job. - girlcool

This sucked - Dvafan2

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4 God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

This series is dumb, and insults Christians and Atheists. - Drawbox

You know what. Screw christian movies! How about read the bible! The bible has every moral everyone needs to know. This doesn't. This movie screws up so many hearts in so many levels by insulting so many people. And if there's a 4th movie, that will fail easily. - LightningStrike

If you make a film about religion make sure it doesn't offend other religions - BoyGenius234

I mean, the first one was good, I am a Christin and I like how he stood up for what he belives, but then the second one went down hill... And now there's a third one... But good content!

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5 Show Dogs

I was forced to watch this at the Regal Cinema at Gainesville, VA with my younger sisters and some other kid yesterday and it was bad, very very bad. It's about some police dog who finds out that a pet show has become a front for animal smuggling so he and some other dogs and 3 pigeons try to save some animals affected by it. Oh, and it's supposed to be a comedy and it fails as one in so many levels (even though there were a few chuckles/laughs here and there but they were minor). Also, I think it was directed by the same guy who directed the first Scooby-Doo live-action movie and the live-action Smurfs movies (Raja Gosnell) so it's one of those generic, formulaic, and downright cringe-worthy talking animal movies that we've seen a thousand times before crossed with a generic, formulaic spy movie that we've also seen a thousand times before thus making this the most generic, formulaic, play-by-the-books, Great Value/Market Pantry/Kirkland Signature/whatever-brand movie I've ever seen. ...more - PerfectImpulseX

This film is absolutely appalling. This is maybe one of my least favourite movies. I hated it, and one of the worst movies of the decade. Absolutely atrocious movie. - iliekpiez

How is Black Panther worse than this disaster

Ahh, the dog dabbing. - ChuckECheese

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6 Slender Man Slender Man

It's Slenderman, so it sucks.

Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen! The fact that this movie was made is a direct insult to the horror film industry! - sansundertale

@SausageLover99. It will suck in my opinion

This needs to be number 1. This movie is the 2018 emoji movie! - LightningStrike

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7 A Wrinkle in Time

This is the first movie I thought was so bad, I felt compelled to warn others not to waste their time watching it. Probably the worst movie I've seen since Battlefield Earth. I kept watching hoping that there would be an "ah ha" moment; yet, as the storyline unfolded, it just became more and more unintelligible. I had to stop half way through. I was getting a headache trying to make sense of it. This is a kids' movie? The next day, I thought I would give it a second chance and watch the 2nd half. Turns out the 1st half was the better half. I never read the book but can only surmise that there was too much left out to keep the story cohesive. The time travel visual effects were terrible and appeared low budget. My favorite scene (because it was visually entertaining) was the flying cabbage scene; yet, I couldn't help but to be concerned that the kids were going to fall off. Repeatedly hearing the name "Charles Wallace" became utterly annoying and contrived. Why not Charles, Chuck or C? ...more

This movie was poorly cast, poorly costumed, and strayed too far from the book. I like that Meg is a different race than in the book - that offers a refreshing perspective, but she looks NOTHING like either of her casted parents, and so this is completely unconvincing. Oprah was a poor choice for Mrs. Which, who is a "wisp." Oprah is the polar opposite of a wisp, and the makeup artist's attempt to overcome this obstacle only resulted in her resembling an amazon glitter warrior instead of a wispy ethereal being - poor casting. Reese Witherspoon was a fun character until she became a little too mean to Meg. Her character isn't supposed to be mean. She made a nice recovery at the end, but what kind of message are sending our children when the only white female character is also the only mean and petty character in the entire movie? I wanted to see a beloved book brought to life - not butchered! Instead we saw an agenda - One with the Universe. As far as thinking it's for kids - ...more

I personally thought that this movie was made to promote feminism because of female heroism (which is not a bad thing), almost every character is female, and that the lead actress, Storm Reid (cool first name), said that she hopes this movie will inspire young girls everywhere (I think). This is my opinion, I don't know if anyone else thinks this. Besides that, I thought it was pretty dull and the acting wasn't all that special. The best thing about the movie was the visuals. They were really good. I can kind of relate to the protagonist a little bit as well. - PhoenixAura81

It's all that SJW Ava DuVernay's fault - GlassweighanCountess

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8 Duck Duck Goose Duck Duck Goose

What's next? The Hide and seek movie? The Freeze Tag movie? The Floor is lava movie?! - SpectralOwl

Actually the films about a duck taking care of ducklings, still going to suck though - Gangem

Well, there goes my childhood playing Duck Duck Goose. - KaylaRae897

Looks awful, and on top of that it's by Open Road Films, the "studio" that made The Nut Job and its sequel. - Solarian

Must have been so bad it only got a Netflix release in America - sansundertale

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9 Peter Rabbit

Seriously, Sony? You've done so much wrong, and you still give us terrible looking movies. There's no way I'm going to see this movie. - darthvadern

So what's Daisy Ridley got into other than the latest Star Wars movies? Umm... nothing interesting. - PositronWildhawk

Really Sony? How have you not learned your lesson

Probably it's a ripoff of hop.

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10 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

This movie was great! Not as good as the first one, but an awesomne sequel overall, don't get it how everyone ranks this below the first two entries, it was way better than the second one in my opinion - darthvadern

No the trailer was funny there is a big chance this movie is gonna be great

The trailer has a really disturbing scene I'm not saying what happened I said scene go see for yourself - Lunala


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? Robin Hood (2018)

Let's be good by stealing from other movies! - iliekpiez

Awful. - psiddy42

? Goosebumps 2

WHAT?! I loved this movie. I've always been a fan of Goosebumps and this movie is full of funny scenes. I also think the plot was different but unique in how Slappy wants a family and when things don't work out with a human family, he brings Halloween and all his monster friends to life. I think this movie should get more credit than it's given. I LOVED it!

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11 The Happytime Murders

This is without a doubt Hollywood's stupidest idea... hopefully of all time.

This movie looks horrible! - MegaSoulhero

Looks like crap

It was awesome and it’s not R it’s 14a get head on right

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12 I Feel Pretty

Rename this to I feel boring - Dvafan2

I feel stupid - Catacorn

Yea, it's so awful it sucks

More Amy Schumer cashgrabbing crap - BlazingParasol

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13 Insidious: The Last Key

I haven't seen it yet, but pretty much anyone at my school thought it sucked. I thought the clips I saw sucked though. - Phillip873

14 Tomb Raider Tomb Raider

It was not that bad but still not good. - egnomac

Of course the first one sucked - Dvafan2

15 The Nun
16 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
17 Aquaman

I'm actually excited for it. - girlcool

The movie actually looks really good

Could be good but then again it is dc

Its DC so yeah y'know

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18 Pacific Rim: Uprising

Why... why did they kill off Mako? - Not_A_Weeaboo

This was a bad sequel to a ok movie - Dvafan2

No way this film is only #20. The first movie was AWESOME. It had those awesome Kaiju vs Jeager fights for 1-hour straight.

The script. Really? What am I even watching? So, lets get this straight, the story is about the Shao industries organising a drone program, but this rogue Jeager named Obsibian Fury attacks Sydney and Antartica for no reason, but later on, it turns out to be controlled by a Kaiju and then, the drones activates and opens the portal to let the Kaiju in, and then Jeager pilots (who are all kids) play with their Jaeger robots. This is just an insult to fans of the original.

And then, let's talk about that STUPID plot-twist where Charlie Day's character, Newt, is the villain. And why is he the villain? He wants to end the world by making the Kaiju make Mount Fuji errupt to destroy the world. Why does he want to end the world? Because he just wants to. He's just a villain because... he's a villain with no character writing or development. Even his reasons ...more

So you’re telling me I’m this movie any average joe can pilot a jaeger now?

19 Ant-Man and the Wasp

Just some filler and a cash grab, wasp looks pretty cool and good though - B1ueNew

Get this in the top 10 - B1ueNew

Boring feminism - B1ueNew

20 Solo: A Star Wars Story

I was surprised how disappointed I was with this one, the story is very lazily exploited, not very exiting and way to fast pace 4/10.

Its disney trying to milk that star wars train - Dvafan2

A Star Wars movie so bad that it bombed at the box office - PerfectImpulseX

It wont even pass $500 million - Dvafan2

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21 Ocean's 8

Boring feminism watch the original oceans eleven instead.

Looks boring so I will pass - Dvafan2

This franchise is excactly like Ghostbusters due to this installment.

22 Skyscraper
23 Love, Simon

This movie was great - Catacorn

Teaching kids to be gay. Satan has stepped pretty low this time. - Solarian

I haven’t seen this movie, but the reviews seem to be mostly positive. What’s wrong with the movie? - AliciaMae

24 Black Panther Black Panther

I thought I was going to the cinema for a great marvel superhero movie. Instead I got a movie with a lot of plot holes and the hero having his ass handed to him constantly. And enough with the politics already!

This was an awesome movie, stop calling this movie "racist". - Solarian

This movie is awesome. But what I hate the most about it is the what are those scene. It came too late - LightningStrike

Completely overrated, I have to be honest here this movie was boring.

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25 Tyler Perry's Acrimony
26 Venom Venom Venom, or the Venom Symbiote, is an alias used by several fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with Spider-Man.

Better than I expected. It was a bit too boring. The action at the end was enjoyable though. - B1ueNew

This movie was awesome!

It was bad and good.

It's a very good thing I stayed away from a majority of these films, since I can tell about a mile away that some films will end up being garbage. But this one really caught me off guard.
Rapid fire reasons on why this should be at #2 (#1 is the Open House, but I don't see that here)
-The acting is horrible from our leads and our side characters that make them end up looking abosolutely retarded in scenes that are supposed to communicate dread or fear.
-The effects are horrible as our savior cr1tikal put it, "it looks like two handfuls of c** that are being shaken around in a cup" Like when Eddie first obtains the Venom symbiote and tells his neighbor to quiet down, his eyes look like two pieces of gum that have been chewed for a few hours and then put on the sidewalk.
-Why is there a slender female looking Venom suit, the interent will have WAY too much fun with that, also he makes out with the mouth of someone who just ate somebody's face off.
-The writing ...more - Lucabratz

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27 The Last Sharknado: It's About Time
28 Red Sparrow
29 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Generic sequel city - Phillip873

I didn't like Jurassic World so I don't have any hope for this. - darthvadern

The first movie was awesome, but this was a let down. - Croy987

This had the potential to a great Jurassic Park sequel, but the villains ruin the movie! :(

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30 Bumblebee

Total Carbage.

31 Winchester

Lionsgate making really bad movies I think it's there job to make uninjoyable movies - Dvafan2

32 The Grinch

The grinch looks like a shaved green Chewbacca

Rule of thumb, Any animated movie that uses internet memes is gonna suck

Eh...The original with Jim Carrey is better - EvilEyedWarHawk

Feminist movie.

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33 Woody Woodpecker

This came out in 2017!

34 Traffik

Another bad lionsgate movie - Dvafan2

35 Escape Plan 2: Hades
36 The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

That CANNOT be a real movie and if it is its damn awful

Is this a real thing? - AliciaMae

How to be a history buff and use steroids. - TeamRocket747

I really shouldn’t have but I laughed at the name - BlazingParasol

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37 Death of a Nation

Okay, I admit that I haven't seen this movie, but I heard that a lot of people consider it to be a bad movie, so I'll just leave this here in case anybody wants to give their thoughts on it. - WindWakerFan

I'm done with this movies. Stop making this movies

If the cover was John Kennedy and George W Bush instead of Lincoln and Trump then I would watch. - B1ueNew

38 The Predator

It is trash

39 The Meg The Meg

First of all let’s just say that Jason Statham killed it in this movie again, Second of all this is like jaws but a bigger shark and plot twist
I don't know how you people hate this movie

What made this movie successful is how ridiculous it was. there was a problem with the shark.(well, both of them pretty much.)

40 Christopher Robin

Hope it doesn't suck...

This has such a bad message to kids. Do nothing and not be educated and get a job. Just wow. Bad example to kids.

This wasn't bad.

I hate this movie.

41 Truth or Dare

Really Hollywood you first made a movie literally called Hide and Seek and now we get Truth or Dare man they must be really disparate. - egnomac

It's a steaming pile of garbage - Catacorn

Easily my favorite comedy of the year. - nerffan8000

42 Sonic the Hedgehog

I hope it doesn't get messed up by Hollywood.

This doesn’t even come out until 2019

43 Death Wish

Awful remake of the Charles Bronson classic with Bruce Willis giving another phoned-in performance. - Dancedom

Bruce Willis just doesn’t care anymore does he?

44 The Hate U Give

As a right winger and Trump supporter, the movie is just one-sided bias, it's a 90 minute ad for black KKK... *coughs* I mean Black Lives Matter who acts like KKKs towards white police and BLM sucks. This movie sucks more. I would even say it's worse than TTG to the movies, at least TTG doesn't say " CyBoRg Is CoOl because he's BlAcK". And they also promote Bill Cosby, not because of Fat Albert/Little Bill but because of his race. - Maddox121

I WAS going to do a big writeup on this, but "Maddox121" basically summed it up. 1/10 (the ONLY reason it's not a zero is because I reserve the "zero" rating for those cases where they can't even be called movies anymore: e.g., "Eyes Wide Shut" or Andy Warhol's "Empire").

45 Den of Thieves


Several critics may hate this movie, but I actually liked it. While it took me a long time to understand some parts of the plot, and expected some action, the pacing was decent, it was great to see two of my favourite actors (Gerard Butler and O’Shea Jackson Jr) and one of my favourite rappers (50 Cent) in the film, and their acting was incredible. I even favoured Pablo Schreiber’s performance, leading the robbers. While the action scenes were a bit limited, it still boasted great energy, and gave me some chills and thrills. They also have some funny parts as well, especially when 50 Cent makes sure his daughter’s prom date doesn’t mess with her. Rather I’d watch this movie all over again than sit through a Transformers abomination. Overall rating: 8/10.

46 The Commuter

The first half of this movie is literally nothing but people on the train mean-mugging Liam Neeson over and over

Liam Neeson is cool! - girlcool

More lionsgate trash - Dvafan2

47 Proud Mary
48 Blockers

John Cena why the hell did you agree to be in this unfunny mess of a movie. - egnomac

John cena sucks... John cena sucks...

Unfunny and stupid - Lunala

49 Overboard
50 Uncle Drew

I love basketball, but this movie looks godawful. - phillysports

Its made by lionsgate so don't hold your breath - Dvafan2

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