Movie Review - Pacific Rim Uprising

MegaSoulhero I saw a Wrinkle in Time a couple of weeks ago and I’m gonna tell you right now that I am NOT gonna review it. On this website. Now that I got that out of the way, I saw Pacific Rim Uprising this weekend. I really liked the first one. It was a huge surprise for me. So naturally I was excited for this one but a little less after finding out that Guillermo Del Toro wasn’t directing it. Still, I decided to give it a chance. Did it live up to the first one? The answer is no.

It stars John Boyega who previously played Finn in Star Wars. In this movie he plays a character named Jake (insert Adventure Time joke) who is the son of Idris Elba’s character from the first movie. Even though he never mentioned having a son. After getting into trouble, he’s forced to train cadets to be new Jaeger pilots. And they end up having to fight the Kaiju. After seeing the movie, I posted in my Instagram stories that “Pacific Rim Uprising is the Independence Day Resurgence of 2018”. I wasn’t joking when I said that. This movie reminded me a lot of the Independence Day sequel. It practically felt like the same movie. And that is not a good thing. I will say though, it’s quite better than Resurgence. At least this movie had better action sequences. I thought the CGI they used for the Jaeger robots looked great. For the most part. There are times when it looks believable and other times when it looks extremely fake. Especially in the movements. And for a movie about robots that fight monsters, we don’t really get much of that. There are great moments with action in them but the Kaiju fight itself isn’t seen until the climax of the film. When the action does happen, it can be pretty entertaining. But the other stuff that happens is pretty boring.

I didn’t find any of the characters likeable. John Boyega’s character is just too full of himself and tends to act like he’s the best. Literally at the very beginning, like about a minute in, I already knew I was gonna hate this character. That beginning scene was just... wow. John Boyega still have an excellent performance though. There’s also a teenage girl in the film who’s supposed to be a tech genius. That’s pretty much her whole character. She’s a stereotypical teenage girl tech genius. She doesn’t really get much development. Sure we see that her parents were killed by the Kaiju, but that’s about it. She also reminds me of the girl from Transformers: The Last Knight. She actually feels like the exact same character. Also, this movie pretty much feels like a Transformers film, but this is still better than any of Bay’s Transformers films. Scott Eastwood I thought was very forgettable in the film. I barely remember much about his character. Also, Charlie Day returns in the film. He was actually the worst thing about the first film. And the stuff they do with him here is just... it’s not good. Basically, this movie lacks character development. There’s also humor in the film and most of it doesn’t work for me. I only remember laughing once. The writing is very terrible. I felt like that the movie was going in a good direction somewhere towards the beginning, but it went downhill when it introduced us to these cadets that I couldn’t care less for. The way the movie ends is really dumb. Just like Independence Day Resurgence, we get a final scene that supposedly sets up a possible third movie. I really hope Pacific Rim doesn’t end up being the next Transformers.

Despite my constant bashing of the film, I didn’t hate it. I just found it to be very disappointing since I loved the original so much. The characters are so terrible and underdeveloped that I didn’t care what happened to them. This is not a good film. Hopefully Ready Player One is better.

Score: 5/10


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