Movie Review - The Predator

MegaSoulhero VERY late review. Especially since I watched this movie on the weekend it came out. But I feel like I need to talk about it. I posted this on October 1st, by the way. Which happens to be my birthday. I had it posted yesterday but then decided to delete and post it on my birthday. Anyway, I haven’t seen the other Predator films. Only short clips from them. From what I saw, they looked okay. I decided to watch the reboot because I was curious. Also because it was directed by Shane Black. I’ve only seen two other movies from him. Iron Man 3 and the Nice Guys. I enjoyed both of those movies. SonI wanted to see how well he would do with this one. Unfortunately, this movie is a mess.

I’m gonna skip over the plot because I really want to tell you the one thing I really loved about this film. Jacob Tremblay’s character. I thought this was a very well-written character. Despite being played by the kid from Smurfs 2. The thing I liked the most about him is that he has autism, but he is still a genius. As someone with autism, I found this representation to be very amazing. And yeah, Jacob Tremblay does give a very well done performance. This was easily the most redeemable part of the movie for me. Unfortunately, the rest of the characters are just flat out unlikeable. These are some of the most irritating adult characters I’ve seen in any movie this year. They constantly act like total idiots and constantly use the F word in every other sentence. 93% of the dialogue pretty much consists of the F word. Because constantly using the F word is cool apparently. These are all great actors, but the script they have to work with is absolute garbage.

My biggest problem with the movie would have to be the humor. While I did laugh a couple of times, most of it feels very out of place. This SHOULD HAVE been an intense thriller with some jokes thrown in here and there, but instead it decided to be a straight up comedy. It doesn’t work. There’s a part where a guy references the Haunted Mansion and that just felt very forced. But at the same time it also seems fitting since Disney is buying Fox. The characters act so cartoonish and are constantly cracking jokes to the point where it never feels like there any stakes. There are characters that do die, but they treat these deaths as if they are unimportant since the characters aren’t treating this situation as serious as they should. There was literally only one scene that felt kind of intense involving a Predator and the main female, but other than that, the entire movie is pretty much just one big joke.

I didn’t really have much to say about this movie since it’s nothing worth really getting upset about. It’s a bad movie, but it didn’t make me angry watching it. The kid character is really great and makes people with autism like me feel special. Other than this, it’s a movie that’s worth skipping. It’s a waste of time and not very memorable. At least I’m gonna be seeing A Star is Born on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to that.

Score: 4/10


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