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1 Dora and the Lost City of Gold

I do think that Dora and the Lost City of Gold shouldn't be this high on this list, and I've seen much worse movies this year than Dora. I know that this was very highly ranked before its release because it seemed like that it already had its potential of being terrible, and it was pretty surprising that it didn't turn out to be so bad than what most of us were suspecting. - BurnAux

I agree, jesus
People here take thinks so serious that is not even funny, I don't get why exactly this movie is not only in the first place, but even higher than Hellboy or Dark Phoenix, maybe people who voted for it only watched like 5 movies this whole year - Pato_cargo

In a surprising turn of events, TheTopTens puts the movie involving Dora the Explorer at the top of the list. I bet half of the people voting here didn't even watch the movie and just saw Dora on the front cover. - DCfnaf

I grew up with Dora the Explorer. I loved the shows. But when I grew up, I didn't care much about her. That ended when I watched this movie. THIS RUINED MY CHILDHOOD!

People think it's Dora so it sucks? It does, some people seem to be using that a reason - iliekpiez

2 Leaving Neverland

Anyone who is actually willing to think for themself and do the research behind the case should know that these men are lying.

Jordan Chandler never claimed anything happened to him until his father, Evan Chandler, kidnapped him and put him under Sodium Amytal for an impromptu dental exam, after which, Jordan immediately comes out with claims of abuse. Sodium Amytal is a drug known to induce false memories under hypnosis. In fact, it was disproven around the same time as the allegations for being a truth serum. The settlement was due to business decisions by his label that urged Jackson to end the case with a settlement because fighting the case would have meant cancelling his Dangerous Tour, angering his businessmen and fans. He has repeatedly acknowledged that he wished he never settled, and should have just fought the case, which is what he did for the 2005 case and WON!

Gavin Arvizo's family have had a history of filing false cases in court and their testimonies and ...more

Michael Jackson was a legend this movie was nothing more then a shameful excuse by a bunch of people who are too lazy to go out and get a real job and just want to tarnish Jackson's name just for a big pay day and it makes me sick.

1) They waited until AFTER he died to vilify him like this. Shame on the filmmakers.

2) Get this to the top spot so Dora (a decent kids movie) no longer holds it.

It's because of this movie a classic episode (read: from when the show was actually good) of "The Simpsons" can never be reran or appear on DVD or streaming services again.

3 Uglydolls

I was looking up some info on this movie, and I recently found out that this movie was formerly titled Merchandising!. Seems to be self-explanatory enough.

You will only find yourself sleeping from boredom and cringing to death when watching this movie. Stay away from this if you have any intelligence.

There's an amazing famous cast. Nick Jonas, BeBe Rexha, CharliXCX, Pitbull, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson. There was even a song for it by a famous band: Why Don't We. But put those famous voices aside and just take ONE look at the movie. Wouldn't you have already known that it was doomed to fail?

It somehow got a tie in game on Nintendo Switch. They should never have made Uglydolls: The Videogame. At least it's not on 3ds.

4 The Lion King

Dora gets points for making fun of itself and somewhat improving from the original. Not only does this movie take itself too seriously but it contributes absolutely NOTHING new to the original. And to add insult to injury, Dora had a much smaller budget than this stereotypical soulless Disney remake.

Man this film looks absolutely soulless. Why would I waste my money on a hype-realistic Remake when I can watch the original animated version of the movie in the comforts of my home. That Hakuna Matata scene was so bad, it made me skip this movie. But sadly, Disney is gonna make a crap ton of money with this movie because of nostalgia. - RadioHead03

Glad this movie got panned by critics and fans. This is by far the laziest movie I've seen. It has decent songs (except Be Prepared) and great visuals, but everything else is a disaster. This movie doesn't even do anything new. At least Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast does something new.

I don't think I've ever seen a movie with less reason to exist than this movie. I'll leave it at that. Just watch the original. - phillysports

5 Captain Marvel

A poor excuse for a Marvel movie with a female lead who tries to make everyone believe that she's better then she actually is.

Captain Marvel is too overpowered in this movie, and she isn't all that interesting. - BurnAux

I actually liked it but I do agree it's not as good as other MCU movies. - Gametoon

I went to see Captain Marvel with my girlfriend and when we went in there were only 5 other people in that theater, needlessly to say the movie sucked it was so bad we both walked out of that movie.

6 Cats

As someone who loves theater, and this musical, I was shocked when I first saw the trailer. The CGI half human-half cat idea is horrific and the director should have chosen better actors. Besides, the movie got a 2.8 out of 10 on IMDB and 20% rotten tomatoes. Smh - galaxyfox

Taylor Swift being in this movie helped me to decide not to watch this garbage.

You know this movie's "cats" look horrifying when even furries are scared of it! That gives you all the more motivation to stop while your ahead!

Last year we all thought Dora and The Lost City of Gold was going to be the worst movie ever. Since this was nominated for the worst movie of 2019 at the Razzies and Dora wasn’t nominated for a single Razzie, we kind of owe Dora an apology.

7 Dumbo

This is A LOT worse than the live-action Dora movie (which is surprisingly decent). Bigger budget, more famous actors, and a huge director, and what we got was a boring, slow, CGI-mess with one-dimensional characters and bad acting. Even Dora did better with all these and it had none of the advantages heading into it that this did.
And let’s not get started with the extremely hypocritical anti-corporate message.

We don't need a live action version the original was already great - ikerevievs

Did this really need to exist? - Randomator

This movie sucked. - RadioHead03

8 Frozen 2

I was forced to watch frozen 2 with my school in a old cinema (the cinema was awesome by the way) but the movie was just a boring piece of crap! the characters barely have any dialogue, the songs are annoying as hell and Elsa is still a complete and utter jerk! at the end of the movie almost everyone in the cinema clapped and cheered (which I thought was very unnecessary) luckily I wasn't the only one who didn't clap. My best mate PFraisear (sorry if I can't spell his name correctly) and miss Kate didn't clap either but EVERYBODY ELSE DID! I also heard everyone talking about how great this movie was! I got a few evil glares for saying it was boring. When we got on the bus everyone started singing the songs and they aren't even that good! even one of my friends Tyler said it was good. I told him it was boring, and he said "That's your opinion" which I think is a very mature thing to say. I'll never understand why this film Is so popular with my classmates.

Elsa is so selfish, she almost made her sister DIE, because she didn't want her to come with her to protect her.

Disney yet again comes up with some bs "true destiny" plot to break up an iconic platonic relationship

Hopefully no overplayed music from this film like with the last film - trains45

9 Wonder Park

In my opinion, this movie is a rip-off of Inside Out and Open Season to combine an absolute mess.

I saw the trailer for it and I remember liking the movie but then I just ended up disliking it when it came out. You know, I used to like the story but now, this movie just wasn’t that funny. I know one of my friends liked it but now I just find some movie to be a time-waster. You know, I think this is a lame movie. I was hyped up to see this movie but then I just found it to be just lame. I just find this to be a dull movie with no fun and the animals suck. But honestly, I do not care for this movie anymore.

This movie is terrible! I can’t believe one of my friends showed me the trailer of this garbage!

I seriously can't believe this movie made it to the big screen. It looks like a Netflix movie. - RadioHead03

10 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

ARE YOU SERIOUS, THIS WAS GREAT, not as good as the original or Batman, has a ton of heart, the songs are good, the cgi was amazing, and the sets are great

This movie summarized:
45% Pop music.
45% Product placement of other characters and franchises
10% Actual plot and development. - B1ueNew

This SUCKED! Glad I watched it on Netflix so I don't have to pay for it. At least the Playmobil Movie was better than this, in fact so good that Playmobil The Movie would be the real Lego Movie 2 instead of this garbage. Its like the Lego Movie 2 we never had.

Pop reference, pop song, pop reference, pop song, pop reference, pop song, cliche. It was so annoying. Don't waste your time with this and watch the first movie instead. - Gametoon

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? Trading Paint
? Zeroville

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11 Hellboy

David Harbour is a great actor in Stranger Things, sad he was the star of this flop - B1ueNew

Hellboy one of the worst movies of the year. Everything about this reboot sucks - Dvafan2

Probably the worst thing I’ve seen this year...END OF STORY! - asantalo

I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone says it is I’ve seen worse

12 X-Men: Dark Phoenix

This caused the cancellation of Mega Man and Magic: The Gathering movies. Enough said

Its funny that critics were saying how great dark pheonix was going to be until they actually saw the movie. They found out how awful this movie truly was. - Dvafan2

*Gasp* Critics wanting to enjoy a movie? It's almost as if they don't want to hate their work (why would anybody want to hate what they get paid for? ). - SuperSonic17

This should be higher it sucked jean grey sucks an she is boring mary sue - Dvafan2

Way worse than Aladdin... Aladdin was an okay movie, in my opinion.

13 The Angry Birds Movie 2

Look closely at Chuck at the end. He will be doing the hype from Fortnite. Hate Fortnite and like Angry Birds? THEN STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS! Well, unless you cut that bit out.

This movie is actually very funny - Dvafan2

Seriously? A bit late for this now - Randomator

It doesn't look as good as the first movie

14 Kim Possible (2019)

It was too predicting and it was the beginning of high school like WHAT THE HECK WE NEVER SEE ANY OF THE CHARACTERS IN THE SHOW UGH. - AwesomeJawson

Lacks the energy and heart of the cartoon its based on.

The movie sucked just like I predicted it would.

Ruined a childhood classic.

15 Arctic Dogs

Our main protagonist, Norm's disabled friend is basically a lazy reskin of Bubsy. He went on failure adventures and lacks everything Norm had. Also, he doesn't have charisma at all.

What a dumb and boring movie that came out. I think it’s a disgrace to the furry fandom.

This movie was so bad I got up and walked out of the theater.

A bad copy of Norm of the North.

16 The Secret Life of Pets 2

Nothing special, has a lower box office number, than most others that came out this summer. - asantalo

The only reason why this movie is not ranked higher if because few people have had the chance to experience just how bad it is. Like with most of Illumination Entertainment’s movies, this one has an awful, cheap, and weak looking CGI animation. It’s somewhat even worse than the original. The writing is bad. The voice acting is terrible from most of the characters. The plotting is generic. There are more unlikable characters. Like the original, this one has awkward character designs. The grasp is poor of the original film. The soundtrack is forgettable. ZERO redeeming qualities.

I liked the first but this one is NOT better at all.

A worse sequel than Dark Phoenix.

17 Aladdin

This movie is already becoming a meme all over the internet, because of Will Smith as the Genie. - asantalo

When you just ended being a meme but then you become a meme again

ItS rEwInD TiMe - ToddHoward

2019 is the worst year in film to be honest because of disney - Dvafan2

Will Smith as genie is one of the grossest things on Youtube. - Hellohi

18 Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom

Nobody asked for this piece of crap.

Also, it looks worse than the first one.

What I need to catch up on my animes there's already 5 seasons cannot wait until shrek and waluigi team up to beat thanos

Can we get this in the top 5? It makes Dark Phoenix look like The Godfather. - RadioHead03

The worst animated movie ever created has a sequel and its equally torturous as the prequel itself. - Hellohi

19 Minecraft the Movie

If it was in 2015 it would at least have a chance in 2019 it would suck big time. - XxembermasterxX

Cancel this and make The Sims movie it would be hilarious. Stand in front of a fire.

I'd much rather see a Grand Theft Auto movie

First Mario, then Hitman, and then minecraft? What's next? Bubsy? Mass effect? - Fullwalking2

20 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

This is the most unnecessary movie ever planned. This movie will just be another fast and furious movie but with Hobbs and Shaw teaming up to fight Black Superman. And plus, even for a "fast and furious" movie, they're using a comedic tone for this and... there's no point in doing this. How does this even connect with the other Fast and Furious movies? Maybe this could be about how Hobbs and Shaw both became enemies (but then it's already done with X-Men First Class) or this can be just about two enemies forced to work together: a kind of story used a hundred times. I'm only going to watch this just to figure out how does this connect with the other movies, but I know this will be pointless and possible the worst Fast and Furious movie.

This will probably be the same garbage as 7 and 8 and the rest of the series these films are all the same generic films made the please the drones who will make this gross 1 billion all of the fast and furious movies are overrated trash - Dvafan2

You haven't actually seen it and saying because of box office the movies are trash? - iliekpiez

Put this higher. Fast and Furious movies are cancerous! And this one looks to be bad. - asantalo

It wasn't that great, but won't call it bad either. - Userguy44

21 Rocketman

If you haven't seen this movie, then you're not in a position to comment. And by the way, this movie didn't bomb. It was fabulous!

This movie is FANTASTIC! Taron Egerton is SUPERB in his role as Elton John AND he can sing! Plus NOTHING was cut from it where I live and it's never boring nor lacking creativity. There's not a boring moment in it and the creativity is off the wall. Love, love, LOVED it! And there's been NO negative reviews of it.

I hate this because this movie gonna compete with Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

Overrated, but not bad in the slightest. - Userguy44

22 Star Wars: Episode IX

It's the last film in the franchise and all some people care about are Rey's swiss lightsaber!

Yeah doesn’t surprise me that this is here. No matter what happens in this movie Star Wars fans will find a way to complain about something - Randomator

Agree, they'll try to destroy anything that is Star Wars nowadays, and that is because they hold up the original trilogy with double standards. - BurnAux

The movie is going to be good

Just face it, star wars sucks nowadays

23 Us (2019)

I was gonna go with wonder park because it was by entertainment one. And entertainment one were the makers of pj masks, the worst cartoon of all time in my opinion. But I decided to go with this movie because get out sucked. And Jordan Peele is supposed to be a comedy man not horror nerd. Further more, I never seen this film, but I know its gonna be worst movie of the year material

This is a very good horror film. Have no idea why this is on here. Jordan Peele is proving himself to be horror master.

I hate this movie! Same thing as Get Out!

24 The Hustle

Right this was one of the worst movies of recent times - iliekpiez

25 Men In Black: International

This garbage should be waay higher a disgrace to men in black - Dvafan2

You would think the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Tompson would save this movie, but nope. - RadioHead03

26 The Professor
27 Replicas
28 The Curse of La Llorona

Misappropriating Mexican culture+cheap jump scares= this movie.

Overuse of terrible jumpscares, and typical horror cliches. Yep, it’s your average horror movie. - RadioHead03

This movie is atrocious! - nicolasb5194

29 Godzilla: The Planet Eater

Get this AWFUL FILM OUT OF MY FACE! The Anime trilogy was horrible! This was release in Worldwide on Netflix after the first 2 anime films. And they're so awful. There is literally nothing good about this trilogy. The third installment sure is the least worst. Yet turned out to be one of the worst Godzilla movies out there (right where the other 2 films are of this trilogy, Sea Monster, All Monsters Attack, Raids Again, and that awful 1998 by Roland Emmerich). The human characters are so bland and boring (at Least KOTM have interesting ones), none of these are likable. Godzilla looks so fat, and Ghidorah looks like a Spaghetti (not traditional at all). I just dislike this film. That's ok if you guys love this film or the other parts of the Godzilla Anime trilogy. - asantalo

Woeful! Should be on the Top 10! Planet Eater sucks! The worst Godzilla movie to exist. Anime sucks as well! - asantalo

30 After
31 Doom: Annihilation

Absolute disgrace to hardcore DOOM fans like me, First of all DOOM Guy is not in the movie, it's like making a Mario movie without Mario or Luigi or Mortal Kombat without the Mortal Combat characters - ToddHoward

This should be higher - Dvafan2

€�We Were Not Involved In This Movie.” - RadioHead03

32 Descendants 3

I am snapping the Descendants trilogy boxset in half.

All the Desendant movies are extremely idiotic - Spongehouse

Can not wait to see it! I LOVE YOU CAMROEN. R.I.P forever boy

33 Joker

Terrible trailer. And definitely ruining to source material. This is not what The Joker’s origin should be. What happened to the chemical part? Plus this is extremely disturbing. - asantalo

I have high hopes for this. - XxembermasterxX

34 Bride of Frankenstein

The mummy was bad so will this too - ikerevievs

35 Steven Universe: The Movie

If this movie is anything like the show then I won't like it - Spongehouse

I wanted to die watching this crap with my cousin

Never knew this exist...or am I not missing anything...I dunno - asantalo

Top 10 needed

36 The Queen's Corgi
37 Top Gun

A sequel? Isn't it too late? - B1ueNew

A sequel to movie from 30 years ago what could possibly go wrong - ikerevievs

Stop copying Disney. If you have a story to tell, tell it. Don’t just release movies for cash

38 Isn't It Romantic

I saw the trailer and it is one of the worst trailers ever made. And just like Kid who would be king, this looks moronic.

39 Serenity
40 Avengers: Endgame

This movie was so boring. Glad Iron Man died. Always hated him. But I wanted Thanos to destroy the Avengers. Disappointed!

This movie should be #1 on the list.
#2 Captain Marvel
#3 Godzilla king of the monsters
#4 Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Amazing, best movie anyone who says it is bad it literally is already the second highest grossing movie of all time and its been out for like a month

Not worth re-watching. Only The Avengers 1 and 2 are worth watching again in my opinion.

41 A Madea Family Funeral

Any Madea movie should automatically be at the top of the list.

The good news it's the last Madea movie that will ever be made.

42 Lady and the Tramp (2019)

Going straight to Disney plus along with the Timmy Failure movie.

This is lower than alita and endgame. Why is this trash remake only 43. This remake looks terrible by the previews alone - Dvafan2

Good grief. Get this to number one ASAP. It already looks ugly from the previews and the plot looks weak if the original is anything to go by. I think even Dora and Frozen 2 will be better than this.

Let me guess another live action cash cow. How original Disney - Randomator

43 Spies in Disguise (2019)
44 Brightburn

You guys realize that this movie is basically what Superman is capable of. And yes I will say this a million times...SUPERMAN IS A BORING SUPERHERO! The only way he can be interesting is if he was a bad guy. - asantalo

Omen rip-off

45 Shazam

So overrated and bad. - Gametoon

46 Unplanned

This movie literally scares innocent people into becoming anti-abortion nazis. It's propaganda at it's worst. - shadomatrix

I hate political movies I just don't see them that simple - Dvafan2

47 Avengers 4

Everyone who likes this movie is stupid. I like the whole time traveling idea, but the confusing plot and the unnecessary scenes make it one of the most boring movies to sit through.

I wanted to walk out at the scenes where Hulk Dabs, Thanos fake death scene and Thor playing Fortnite. I wish I did, though. Some people in the world who watched this walked out. Also, Captain Marvel is one of the best Marvel characters in my opinion and she deserves more praise.

This was actually really good! Perfect ending to the avengers movies! - Gametoon

Why is this here?! This is 100% more better and more epic than infinity war!

48 Detective Pikachu

Sonic redesign looks better than this and this looks as bad as the live action Winnie the pooh movie and better than the live action Dora movie where boots looks more horrific than Sonic in his original state and slightly worse than the characters in the Cats movie.

I haven't played the game it was based on, because I was pissed off ot replaced the Gen 4 remakes. But this film is actually pretty good

I haven't played the game that was released, cause I heard it was terrible. The movie isn't really TOO BAD. It is pretty fine to me. Wasn't a masterpiece, just a kids' movie. I'm interested if they're gonna redo Mario's movie and many others for a cinematic universe. And HOPEFULLY, REDO SONIC'S DESIGN, before releasing a new trailer. - asantalo

Movie based on a video game. Watch Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution instead

49 A Dog's Way Home

Basically just shows the entire film in the trailer. If you want to save time and money, just watch the trailer.

What? this movies good!

50 Velvet Buzzsaw

Oh dear - iliekpiez

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