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1 Dora and the Lost City of Gold

It is called Dora and The Lost City actually - iliekpiez

It hasn't even been out yet. But, yeah. I have low expectations on this movie. - Misfire

It will suck big time!

Geez, could we stop making movies based of stupid kids shows?! - Peppapigsucks

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2 Leaving Neverland

Lies, lies, and more lies. Michael Jackson was and always will be INNOCENT.

Wade Robson is a liar - ShrekTheGoat

Liar Liar The Movie

This got 5 Emmy nominations... - Misfire

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3 Uglydolls

I was looking up some info on this movie, and I recently found out that this movie was formerly titled Merchandising!. Seems to be self-explanatory enough.

You will only find yourself sleeping from boredom and cringing to death when watching this movie. Stay away from this if you have any intelligence.

It was a lesson in the movie. - ArcticWolf

There's an amazing famous cast. Nick Jonas, BeBe Rexha, CharliXCX, Pitbull, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson. There was even a song for it by a famous band: Why Don't We. But put those famous voices aside and just take ONE look at the movie. Wouldn't you have already known that it was doomed to fail?

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4 Captain Marvel

This was good, certainly better than Brightburn or Hellboy - iliekpiez

I went to see Captain Marvel with my girlfriend and when we went in there were only 5 other people in that theater, needlessly to say the movie sucked it was so bad we both walked out of that movie.

I saw the movie it sucked, it was so bad I walked out half way through the movie. - Suplexcity101

It was okay, but not as good as the others. - Misfire

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5 Dumbo

Truly a failure - iliekpiez

This movie sucked. - RadioHead03

We don't need a live action version the original was already great - ikerevievs

6 Frozen 2

Nice to see that the Frozen hate train is already arriving into the station...Some people never change. Why am I not surprised? - phillysports

You know a list is bad when there are unreleased movies on it. - MrCoolC

This movie seems unnecessary. - Misfire

It must be a horror movie - bobthehallwayman

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7 The Lion King

Man this film looks absolutely soulless. Why would I waste my money on a hype-realistic Remake when I can watch the original animated version of the movie in the comforts of my home. That Hakuna Matata scene was so bad, it made me skip this movie. But sadly, Disney is gonna make a crap ton of money with this movie because of nostalgia. - RadioHead03

Glad this movie got panned by critics and fans. This is by far the laziest movie I've seen. It has decent songs (except Be Prepared) and great visuals, but everything else is a disaster. This movie doesn't even do anything new. At least Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast does something new.

While I expected the Dumbo and Aladdin remakes to suck, I actually expected this to be good. Instead it was disappointing. The new versions of the songs were awful. I needed to rewatch the original which is obviously a million times better. What will it take to convince Disney to stop remaking old movies? Nothing! All they care about is making a crapton of money, not making original films. So I'm prepared for the unwanted announcements of remakes of Fox and the Hound and Emperor's New Groove. - codgtamk34

Disney please stop doing this live action remake of all your movies - Randomator

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8 X-Men: Dark Phoenix X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Way worse than Aladdin... Aladdin was an okay movie, in my opinion.

Well this film was a massive failure... Can't say I'm surprised. - codgtamk34

Am I the only one who has never even heard of this movie before? - RogerMcBaloney

This was bad - iliekpiez

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9 Aladdin

Better than a Shrek tier animation remake.

2019 is the worst year in film to be honest because of disney - Dvafan2

Now we're getting 5 remakes! - codgtamk34

This movie is already becoming a meme all over the internet, because of Will Smith as the Genie. - asantalo

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10 The Secret Life of Pets 2

This film looks absolutely boring. - RadioHead03

Bad movie - iliekpiez

I'll skip it - Peppapigsucks

Nah I wont see it - Dvafan2

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? Descendants 3
? Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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11 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Why is everyone hating on this movie, sure it isn't as good as the first one, but there are some good moments in this movie, like the closing credits, such a good song, really the songs with the Queen were entertaining, the jokes were hit and miss sure - germshep24

The overused plot twist with Emmett and Rex ruined it. Also fortnite dances and Loud annoying songs and other wannabe hip things every 10 minutes in the film doesn't help much either. - B1ueNew

Lego Movie 2 is so bad

I didn't like the first lego movie and I don't like the second lego movie they are both boring - Dvafan2

I really did not like this movie. - B1ueNew

Why did you find the need to make 4 comments to this, all pretty much the same thing - germshep24

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12 Minecraft the Movie

Hey, better than a Roblox movie

I'd much rather see a Grand Theft Auto movie

God this sounds horrible - Randomator

2022 guys. - RadioHead03

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13 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

This is the most unnecessary movie ever planned. This movie will just be another fast and furious movie but with Hobbs and Shaw teaming up to fight Black Superman. And plus, even for a "fast and furious" movie, they're using a comedic tone for this and... there's no point in doing this. How does this even connect with the other Fast and Furious movies? Maybe this could be about how Hobbs and Shaw both became enemies (but then it's already done with X-Men First Class) or this can be just about two enemies forced to work together: a kind of story used a hundred times. I'm only going to watch this just to figure out how does this connect with the other movies, but I know this will be pointless and possible the worst Fast and Furious movie.

Put this higher. Fast and Furious movies are cancerous! And this one looks to be bad. - asantalo

14 Rocketman

This movie is FANTASTIC! Taron Egerton is SUPERB in his role as Elton John AND he can sing! Plus NOTHING was cut from it where I live and it's never boring nor lacking creativity. There's not a boring moment in it and the creativity is off the wall. Love, love, LOVED it! And there's been NO negative reviews of it.

This looks boring and uncreative - Peppapigsucks

Wrong picture. - Misfire

I hate this because this movie gonna compete with Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

Compete or not, it's gonna bomb. This movie looks nothing good or special. Godzilla: King of the Monsters is OBVIOUSLY gonna be the biggest movie of the year. And Rocketman is 110% gonna suck - asantalo

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15 Wonder Park

I saw it and I hated it - BlazingParasol

I seriously can't believe this movie made it to the big screen. It looks like a Netflix movie. - RadioHead03

16 Us (2019)

I was gonna go with wonder park because it was by entertainment one. And entertainment one were the makers of pj masks, the worst cartoon of all time in my opinion. But I decided to go with this movie because get out sucked. And Jordan Peele is supposed to be a comedy man not horror nerd. Further more, I never seen this film, but I know its gonna be worst movie of the year material

I hate this movie! Same thing as Get Out!

This is a very good horror film. Have no idea why this is on here. Jordan Peele is proving himself to be horror master.

17 Hellboy

Should be in top 10 very bad plot and weak characters - Dvafan2

Should be higher than alita and avengers that actually good movies hellboy is terrible one of the worst - Dvafan2

18 Doom: Annihilation

Absolute disgrace to hardcore DOOM fans like me, First of all DOOM Guy is not in the movie, it's like making a Mario movie without Mario or Luigi or Mortal Kombat without the Mortal Combat characters - ToddHoward

This should be higher - Dvafan2

€�We Were Not Involved In This Movie.” - RadioHead03

19 Kim Possible (2019)

It was too predicting and it was the beginning of high school like WHAT THE HECK WE BARELY ANY OF THE CHARACTERS IN THE SHOW UGH. - AwesomeJawson

The movie sucked just like I predicted it would.

Oh Disney we weren't expecting such things from you. - Hellohi

I can already tel people hate ths movie.
its special effects are cheap.

20 Avengers 4 Avengers 4

I wanted to walk out at the scenes where Hulk Dabs, Thanos fake death scene and Thor playing Fortnite. I wish I did, though. Some people in the world who watched this walked out. Also, Captain Marvel is one of the best Marvel characters in my opinion and she deserves more praise.

This was amazing - ShrekTheGoat

Why is this here?! This is 100% more better and more epic than infinity war!

Captain marvel is going to ruin the movie - Dvafan2

She was barely in the movie. She only had around 15 minutes of screen time. - Misfire

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21 Star Wars: Episode IX

Trailer sucks - asantalo

Bring this to number 1

Just face it, star wars sucks nowadays

The movie is going to be good

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22 Joker

I have high hopes for this. - XxembermasterxX

Terrible trailer. And definitely ruining to source material. This is not what The Joker’s origin should be. What happened to the chemical part? Plus this is extremely disturbing. - asantalo

23 The Curse of La Llorona

Misappropriating Mexican culture+cheap jump scares= this movie.

This movie is atrocious! - nicolasb5194

Overuse of terrible jumpscares, and typical horror cliches. Yep, it’s your average horror movie. - RadioHead03

24 Bride of Frankenstein

The mummy was bad so will this too - ikerevievs

25 Top Gun

A sequel? Isn't it too late? - B1ueNew

Stop copying Disney. If you have a story to tell, tell it. Don’t just release movies for cash

A sequel to movie from 30 years ago what could possibly go wrong - ikerevievs

26 Angry Birds 2

It doesn't look as good as the first movie - Peppapigsucks

Seriously? A bit late for this now - Randomator




27 Dark Phoenix

It’s already on the list.

28 Isn't It Romantic

I saw the trailer and it is one of the worst trailers ever made. And just like Kid who would be king, this looks moronic.

29 The Hustle

Right this was one of the worst movies of recent times - iliekpiez

30 Brightburn

Omen rip-off

31 Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom

What I need to catch up on my animes there's already 5 seasons cannot wait until shrek and waluigi team up to beat thanos

Can we get this in the top 5? It makes Dark Phoenix look like The Godfather. - RadioHead03

Oh god no. A sequel to an already horrendous movie? No thanks - Randomator

Who bought this and watched it? - iliekpiez

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32 Spies in Disguise (2019)
33 Unplanned

This movie literally scares innocent people into becoming anti-abortion nazis. It's propaganda at it's worst. - shadomatrix

34 A Dog's Way Home

All these dog movies... - codgtamk34

Basically just shows the entire film in the trailer. If you want to save time and money, just watch the trailer.

What? this movies good! - Peppapigsucks

35 Glass

Big disappointment - iliekpiez

This movie sucked from what I heard. I didn't see it yet though. - B1ueNew

36 Velvet Buzzsaw

Oh dear - iliekpiez

37 Men In Black: International
38 Detective Pikachu

I'm actually excited for this. - codgtamk34

The tie-in game released for the 3ds looks better than the film. Also, the mobile game kills people in real life during the actual gameplay because of road hazards.

This looks pretty good. - B1ueNew

Movie based on a video game. Watch Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution instead

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39 Alita: Battle Angel

Already on here. - Misfire

Already on the list - codgtamk34

I haven't seen this movie but it looks OK. Why is it here twice. - B1ueNew

40 Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4

Will suck. RIP Toy Story.

It's gonna be good. - TeamRocket747

Does it really look that good looks kind of bad and plus it's RATED R!

Nobody asked for a 4th movie. I mean sure you can make short films or holiday specials. But the 3rd movie should’ve conclude the Cinematic Toy Story Films. So no, not gonna see it. - asantalo

41 Lady and the Tramp (2019)

Good grief. Get this to number one ASAP. It already looks ugly from the previews and the plot looks weak if the original is anything to go by. I think even Dora and Frozen 2 will be better than this.

42 Playmobil: The Movie

The trailer was ungodly terrible - iliekpiez

Screw you Epic Games for ruining this movie immediately. At least I don't have to hype it up only to find out about that Fortnite dance scene. Also, the film underneath named Shazam has the same dance.

43 Knock Down the House

This movie is about Cortez and how she became a congresswoman. It was terrible as expected and rottentomatoes gave this a 100% - Dvafan2

44 Rim of the World Rim of the World

I don't remember this movie that well since It was recently released about only two months ago and It is pretty forgettable. I will have give them credit on some of the funny and absurd scenes. The rest of the whole movie is just very meh with a pretty predictable plot, stereotypical characters, and production issues with lighting, camera settings, and color grading. - BurnAux

45 Terminator: Dark Fate

Why is this last place? The legendary guy behind the original Terminator movies is involved in this movie only to make it look embarrassing. The trailer does show that the Terminator movies keep on getting worse.

Keep in mind, this movie features an SJW mary sue as the protagonist (not the Arnold terminator, not Sarah Connor, but this SJW mary sue).

Here is one thing we’re all doomed about the most: While Paramount is still the company behind this,! 20th Century Fox is involved in the project, and Disney owns Fox, that means Disney will ruin the Terminator franchise.

One credit I will give this is that, despite reading the plot summary on IMDb, it has a different story this time instead of having a repeat of a story, especially with Terminator Genysis rehasing the plot of Terminator 2. But even with that credit, I guarantee that this movie will suck.

46 Wizard of Oz

This upcoming movie was a bit more darker than the actual 1939 masterpiece. The 1939 movie was very colorful and has great details of the story based on the book of the same name. It has whimsical characters, colorful backgrounds, and mostly the iconic of all villains: Wicked Witch of The West.

But the 2019 movie, I don't have a word. This movie was more of a horror movie than the most terrifying part where the Witch melts by water and the man who hanged himself in the forest Munchkin village. I mean, it's all CGI. It's darker tone gave the viewers chills in their spines and the movie was even directed by Tim Burton. Come on! He did the Alice in Wonderland and now this! Well, I am more of fan of Burton (known for making dark movies) but I don't think this is going to be a good idea for making a colorful movie into a dreadful nightmarish one. And the Wicked Witch Of The West in this adaptation was ten times more terrifying that any viewers will soiled their pants.

Also, ...more

47 The Kid Who Would Be King

I saw a private premiere of this in my country. This was absolute trash! It's just kids running around playing (as if they're real knights) on the streets of London. Villain was... a villain that's just a villain because the movie needed to have one. The only thing I liked about this movie was Patrick Stewart plays Merlin. But wanna know how bad this movie was... it's the Emoji Movie of live-action films.

In my point of view from the trailer, the plot looks so idiotic and stupid. A kid pretending to be king Arthur. Wow!

Looks like Percy Jackson - Trollsfan536

48 Murder Mystery

I'm warning y'all: Adam Sandler is in this movie.

The girl who made a big deal about her husband leaving her (Jennifer Aniston) Is in this movie too ya know. And Sandler isn't even that bad! - Peppapigsucks

49 Shazam Shazam
50 Ma

The movie is so dumb and terrible. - asantalo

BEcAuSe tHiS mOvIe iS rElEaSiNg oN tHe sAmE dAy aS gOdZiLlA, tHiS mOvIe iS gOoNa sUcK, aNd nOt mAkE aNy mOnEy. gOdZiLlA iS gOiNg tO bE bEtTeR tHaN mA. - RadioHead03

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