Movie Review: Glass

Glass is the third and final installment to the Unbreakable trilogy. I really enjoyed Unbreakable and Split. I thought those films were Shyamalan’s better works than the terrible films he directed. I wanted to see how this trilogy would conclude. Did it conclude great? No, it didn’t.

Now, it’s hard to talk about the plot without going into spoiler territory. It follows David who is a vigilante known as the overseer and fights crime. While, Kevin is back at his maniac self of kidnapping girls to feed the beast. Davis rescues those girls and fights with the beast. But they both get captured by Dr. Ellie who wants to evaluate the beast and David. At the mental institution, they also come across another patient known as Glass.

Let’s talk about the positives first. The opening first act is exciting. It has David going on a rescuing spree of beating up criminals and coming across the beast. It had its thrills and excitement. The cast were really good. James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, and Samuel L. Jackson gave great performances. Sarah Paulson is talented, but her character was the worst addition to the film. The best thing about this film is the music score by West Dylan Thordson. The ticking clock sound tries to build some suspense.

Now let’s talk about the problems. The film falls so far below, it is never getting back up for the next two hours. The second act drags on for a long time with Dr. Ellie evaluating David, Kevin, and Glass. Lots of dull conversations that slows the pace down. The climatic third act is even worse when David is facing against the beast. The characters make stupid decisions. Heck, even the hero makes terrible choices! The script and direction also makes the security guards and police officers to be dumb when they see a threat and they do nothing! Seriously? The twist in the end was just flat out boring and disappointing. Shyamalan is clearly out of ideas on how to conclude the trilogy and the ending to the movie! You cannot even call this a grounded superhero film.

Overall, Glass is a bad film. This was a terrible conclusion to the trilogy if you can even call it a well developed trilogy of films. Shyamalan’s script and direction is at his laziest, the plot is boring, it lacks any thrills or suspense, and characters that are written to be stupid. Sure, the opening act was great, the cast was well done, and the music score was good, but those aren’t enough to save the film.

Score: 4/10