Top 10 Worst Movies of 2021

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1 Initiation

Something feels wrong here. I can feel it...

2 Paris
3 Benning's Dream
4 Breathless
5 Nail Polish
6 Ratatouille the Musical

As someone who grew up watching the original, I say this no less UNACCEPTABLE. A horrible TikTok remake of a classic Pixar film created because of all the cringy TikToks made through one song from the original?! This is why I never associate myself with that app...

What in the world did I just watch? A weird TikTok musical remake of Ratatouille? I was never a fan of the original, but oh my gosh.

What the hell?

7 Shadow in the Cloud Shadow in the Cloud Product Image

The fact that Maddie was crying on set out of fear of making fun of autistic people and Sia put her in BLACKFACE says it all. Not only the worst movie of 2021 but quite possibly the worst movie of all time.

8 Music

This movie sucks so bad. Remember guys, don't send any hatred to Maddie. That poor girl was literally crying on set because she knew that her role was awful and offensive. It was Sia who forced her to do that role.

As someone with autism, this is honestly worse than Cuties. At least Cuties doesn't portray something offensive (female sexuality) as something that's supposed to be sympathetic like this film's portrayal of autism.

Behold, the Cuties of 2021.

Also, how the hell are you supposed to adapt the MUSIC media into a film?

Kill it with fire!

9 Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi
10 Asphalt Burning

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? Dear Evan Hansen Dear Evan Hansen Product Image
? The Kissing Booth 3
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11 Raya and the Last Dragon

Disney, ENOUGH with this trying to prove how "inclusive", "woke", "in touch", "with it", etc you are! Your movies are supposed to be TIMELESS!

12 Thunder Force

Makes the Ghostbusters remake look like the greatest film ever compared to this.

13 Space Jam: A New Legacy

Wreck it Ralph 2 meets the Looney Tunes.

14 Tom and Jerry

This is the lowest "mediocre movies" can go.

15 The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Somehow this got a huge twitter or tumblr following upon release. I say this is the pinnacle of uninspired plot that the animators from the Spiderverse movie were just suckered in to.

16 Cruella

A laughable and mediocre mess that at least tells us how Cruella got her mansion, goons, and car.

This movie should've explored how she got the 84 Dalmatians.

Who on earth thought an origin story of an attempted puppy murderer was a good idea?

17 Luca

This is terrible

18 Black Widow
19 Chaos Walking Chaos Walking Product Image
20 Paw Patrol: The Movie

Compared to the show, its tolerable.

21 Gully Gully Product Image
22 Fast & Furious 9
23 Awake
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