Worst Movies that Aren't Made by Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks

Dreamworks, Disney And Pixar Movies Aren't Allowed.

The Top Ten Worst Movies that Aren't Made by Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks

1 Disaster Movie

This has To Be The WORST Movie in my opinion this is the WORST Movie In General The Worst Parody/Comedy And The Worst Movie Period This Movie Isn't Even Funny Its Stupid Like Really Idiotic So Its Just A Bunch Of Spoofs Of Other Movies And The Effects/Cgi Is Awful the Movie Is So Gross And It doesn't Even Make Sense Just This Movie Is Just The Worst Movie Period, The Acting Is Pure Garbage And Unfunny Just Completely Awful Movie The Worst Movie And An Dumb Idiotic Plot With Annoying Humour And Just Unfunny Gags And Stupid Characters With Poop And Fart Jokes It Is Gross Out Humour And The Effects Are Just Terrible With Garbage,The Scenes With Fart Jokes Are So Inmature They aren't Funny At All, Ha, The Scenes Make Norm Of The North Look Watchable, at least That Film doesn't Insult Other Movies but This Film Is The Worst Film Period 0/10 - VideoGamefan5

2 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

So Basically You Give The Worst Singer A Movie? Wow How Simple To Make Another Trashy Film, This Film Is Just A Boring Lame Film With Boring And Stupid Lines That don't Make Any Sense, This Is Pure Garbage Junk For Music And The Song (Which Has The Same Name Of The Movie That Also Sucks Ultra Hard) Is Played Which Is Horrible And Annoying, JB Sucks Already This Is Bad Enough And isn't Even Good And It Has A Sequel Justin Bieber's Believe Which Is Also Awful Just Annoying Piece Of Garbage, And It Looks Cheap From The Concept You Can Say It Sucks Its JB What Did You Expect? This Film Is So Awful 0/10 - VideoGamefan5

Nickelodeon would throw a silly fit when they see Justin Bieber on negative lists. Ariana Grande is one prime example of a Belieber that is a celebrity. NO WONDER SHE'S SO OVERRATED! But wait, there are much more reasons. At least it's not a Jacob Sartorius documentary...

3 Battlefield Earth

This Is An Absolute Piece Of Garbage, First The Concept Is So Ugly And Retarded The Effects Look Terrible And The Acting Is Pure Trash It Has Awful Effects That don't Make Sense And Awful Story Just Awful This Film Isn't Fun At All The Scenes Look Stupid And Idiotic This Film Is Pure Garbage That Sucks I Think This Film Is Purely Awful It isn't Cool Or Good At All The Stuff Is so Boring That It Looks Like Pure Trash And Junky Stupid Crap Just Pure Awful Garbage That Has Horrible Visuals And Stupid Characters And Story - VideoGamefan5

4 Foodfight!

Ok Let's Take A Look At The Worst Animated Movie First The Story Is So Screwed Up That It Makes It Unfunny So The Plot Is This Stuff Where Someone Needs To Find Their Friend And Then Crap Happens Where The Villain Wastes Food And Crap, Really? , How Stupid, Then The Characters Make Retarded Puns At Them, Please The Movie Is Gross Enough With The Jokes, Junk, And Stuff, And They Are So Unfunny Amd The Designs Look Stupid And Awful Just Retarded And Uncool To Look At And Then The Animation, Where Do I Begin? Also What Is It With The Inuedos They Aren't Funny Or Cool, The Animation Makes Norm F The North Look Good By Standards It Looks Like If A VideoGame had Huge Glitches And Failed And They Look Super Awful This Movie Deserves All Its Hate It Has This Film Is so Awful Its Retarded And Unfunny, 0/10 - VideoGamefan5

5 Batman and Robin

This Is The WORST Superhero Movie, So The Story Is Batman In Gotham Trying To Stop Villains, Ha The Villains Costumes Look Like Pure Garbage, Mr Freeze Just Goes Around Screaming Ice Puns For 0 Reason Like Really Pure Retarded Puns, Robin Is An Annoying Dumb Retard who Keeps Failing The Effects Are Purely Laughable, The Characters Suck The Visuals Are So Awful It Looks Like Junky Trash, The Batman Series Went Into Failure Until The Dark Knight Trilogy Saved This Franchise, Oh And Did I Forget To Mention The Stuff like the. Awful Bat-Nipples And Bat Credit Card Just Awful I Really Agree With The Critics this Movie Is Garbage And sucks Like Crap And Pieces Of Garbage Crap That can't Do Better Just This Movie Is Awful Really Awful - VideoGamefan5

Definitely, too much Characters

6 Movie 43
7 Jack and Jill

Is not worst than That My Boy

8 The Last Airbender
9 Son of the Mask
10 Fantastic Four

The Contenders

11 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
12 Vampires Suck

It makes Hotel Transylvania's way of portraying one-dimensional vampires less annoying in comparison.

13 Fred: The Movie

Haaah! Annoying voice

14 The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure
15 Ratatoing
16 Tappy Toes
17 Little Princess School
18 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale
19 Open Season
20 Dumb and Dumber
21 A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure
22 The Secret of NIMH 2 - Timmy to the Rescue
23 Barnyard
24 Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred
25 Fred 3: Camp Fred
26 Open Season 2
27 Open Season 3
28 Carlito's Way
29 Godzilla
30 Howard the Duck
31 Billy Madison
32 That's My Boy
33 Titanic: The Legend Goes On
34 Tentacolino
35 The Legend of the Titanic
36 Theodore Rex
37 Baby Geniuses
38 Patch Adams
39 Bio-Dome
40 Kangaroo Jack
41 Showgirls
42 Saving Christmas
43 Norm of the North

First of all, Rob Schneider is a twerking polar bear, which should steer everyone away because Schneider is washed up box-office poison. - thomwim

44 Speed 2: Cruise Control
45 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
46 Fifty Shades of Black
47 Sausage Party
48 Ice Age: Collision Course
49 Where the Dead Go to Die
50 The Human Centipede
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