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1 The Last Airbender

I haven't seen the whole movie. I have seen clips of it, and the acting is horrible. Also, this movie is racist because they choose white kids to play Asian-inspired roles. Also, the costumes are completely terrible and the characters look bad! Also, apparently Aang knocks Zuko away by doing some Karate moves. Lastly, the settings look nothing like they did in the original show. - thunderstar1124

I only could watch half of this it's was so bad I couldn't even finish it horrible compared to the show. Any avatar show hater you need to be hating on this not the show

It doesn't matter if love or hate the show. This is a horrible movie either way. If you had not seen it your lucky cause you never had to feel the pain of watching this like I had so don't see it.

I totally agree! This movie had SO MUCH potential! Why did you cast white actors as the characters when:
Air Benders-Tibetans
Water Benders-Alaskans/Inuits
Fire Benders-Japanese
Earth Benders-Chinese

Also, the tone. It was as FLAT as a pancake! No humor, no heart!

And what shocks me is that this was meant to be a franchise!

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2 Dragonball: Evolution

The last airbender was something similar like the show, for example aang is a kid, but THIS? IS THE MOST CRAPPIEST ADAPTATION OF A CARTOON/ANIME THAT EXIST the last airbender is only hated by the nostalgia critic

This game doesn't even relate to dbz

This is so bad it should never be mention in this list

We must grab all copies and send it to the sun

CRAP. The graphic is ridicoulus

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3 Alvin and the Chipmunks

Hey. That cover wasn't so bad. At least it didn't talk about raunchy stuff. Now that would've been bad! We're thankful that never happened.

Oh that beautiful Led Zeppelin song, wasted!

I love the original 80s cartoon of the same name, but this movie is torture to sit through. Imagine seeing this in cinema and having to sit through the annoying high pitched voices of the chipmunks, what a nightmare! Also that one joke with Simon eating Theodore's feces, Why? Just... Why?

I HATE THIS MOVIE. My least favorite charater is Simon because he is a KNOW IT ALL!

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4 Scooby-Doo: The Movie

This movie is bad I mean really bad ok it's not the worst kids film it's not the worst movie of all time or anything but it's definitely one of the worst movies ever based on an cartoon and it should be number 1! It's not watchable for long time fans of the show it has again it has a dozen pointless jokes a dozen pointless catchphrases and just uh I don't know it's if you like good for you because for even for myself it's not a god awful film it's just doesn't respect the source material of the cartoon the same with a lot of this films based on cartoons they just don't stick to the source material they just pretty much they just change the formula and that really pisses me off and a lot of fans of the cartoon, I mean Scooby doo or scooby doo 1 and 2 actually they made a sequel and surprisingly better I mean it's longer it's more colorful and more charming and there's more action and the CG got a little better this time but still was cheesy I mean did I forget to mention the effects in ...more

This movie wasn't bad. The casting was good, but I hope if they make a new one to spend more money on it so it would look better. Presentation is everything and these movies look a little cheaply made. Scooby Door is a great classic and when doing a movie it needs to succeed expectations that the cartoon does.

The guy they go to play Shaggy was the only good casting in this movie, the rest of the people they got to play the other characters were downright horrible, also some really crappy CGI, I mean COME ON, SUPERMAN 4 HAD BETTER EFFECTS THAN YOU! Even by early 2000's standards they were bad, also what was up with those creatures? The Scooby Doo T.V. shows made it clear that there's no such thing as supernatural elements in their world, every monster had a scientific explanation, BUUUT for some reason not here, they're just real monsters that just pop out of nowhere and suck out people's souls, what the hell is this movie at that point?

Are you kidding me? , If anyone likes it, Good for you, A half people said it was worse than The Woolsworth Movie, That's OK.

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5 Mr. Magoo

This is my least favorite movie based on one of my favorite cartoons ever made.

I need transformers 2007 on this list.

6 The Smurfs

Worst film of all time

Just to say this, but where is the drawn together movie: the movie?
It counts...

7 Masters of the Universe

I haven't seen this but I bet its terrible

I haven't seen this but I bet its crap!...

8 Yogi Bear

As much as I hate this movie, It managed to follow the source's formula well, and it felt like the creators had seen the source material (Yogi Bear) before. Even if I hate it, I thought they were trying. - tqpreviews1211

My childhood is in Hell right now.

Dan Akryod and Justin Tiberlake are merely doing a Yogi Bear and Boo Boo impersonation. - egnomac

I Actually Remember Seeing Yogi Bear in AMC Theaters during Christmas Time when I was Ten.
And Truth Be Told,I Actually Really Liked it.Ok,I'm Not Like Obsessed with it,But it was an Okay type of Movie.

9 Inspector Gadget

Doctor claw never shows his face!

The 2nd one is a ton worst

I think it's a fine movie

This made it onto Doug walkers worst movie list it's also on my mine I mean this movie has no rescept for the source material of the cartoon for example penny who the girl who was gadgets niece the one who always solved the mysterious most of the times she doesn't even have role in this and I agree with everyone that brodirick is a terrible inspector gadet but from what I've heard the guy who played the gadget in the second film did a better impression of gadget than brodirick ever did and really Rupert as the dr claw ok with have two problems 1. They show dr claw 2. It's Rupert Everett seriously that gay guy from friends even through I don't even watch that show but I know he's in it. And the dog named brain doesn't even talk until the very end when their like rolling the credits and yeah why could'th they CG him like they did with Dino from the flintstones movie or garifiled from the garifiled movie oh that was terrible movie by the way but it's just not as bad a this and the ...more

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10 Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

The first 2 were much better than this garbage. They didn't follow much plot, and basically sung pop songs the whole time. - Turkeyasylum

They just farted! Isn't that funny?

Did not like this movie

I love this movie.

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11 Garfield: The Movie

This is a disgrace to Garfield. It's what you would expect from any live-action cartoon remake. The CGI is terrible. You can tell it's fake. The actors hands even go through Garfield when they're holding him. The acting isn't much better. The dog who plays Odie looks nothing like him. None of the characters in this movie look like they did in the comic. The jokes aren't funny either. Garfield and Odie dancing to The Black Eyed Peas isn't funny. At the end of the movie Garfield dances to the song I Feel Good. That also isn't funny. Plus, there is advertising literally everywhere! - Ghostbunny

I remember seeing this movie 12 years ago with my parents and my brother when it came out. It was terrible. We wanted to leave the theatre 15 minutes after it started. I can't believe Bill Murray was in this. Such a great actor deserved better than this! I really feel sorry for all the actors that were in this crap. This film doesn't at all stay true to Garfield and what he is. He's a lazy and sarcastic cat. Here he doesn't seem as lazy or sarcastic. The CGI is appalling. It isn't at all convincing. Anyone with half a brain could tell it's fake. If you're a fan of Garfield just stick to comics, T.V. specials, Garfield and Friends, or even The Garfield Show. But by all means, stay away from this film!

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12 A Fairly Odd Summer

No one likes these movies, nick is just making them when they get bored, why? You have a crap ton of other shows to make movies off of and they're just continuing to make these godawful fairly odd parents movies, it would be perfectly fine if they were animated, it would probably get SOME people watching it, but no, they just make these stupid live action movies with horrible cgi fairies that no one watches, also some really crappy casting, Drake Bell has always acted like he's just phoning it in when he does these movies, Trina from victorious has proven in these movies that she is one of the worst actresses of this decade, Cosmo in these movies sounds like he's TRYING to irritate you. Wanda is just like she is in the show ever since poof came along, the fun killer, Poof is still the godawfully annoying abomination that has been in every episode since fairly odd baby. Jorgen is the worst looking fairy in these movies, he looks so fake, granted so do the others, but he is the worst ...more

Timmy Turner became a cgi fairy and he looks like his kid form and cosmo and Wanda will be with some spoiled rich kids... Let that sink in for a moment

In the show Timmy is 10 years old. Drake Bell is like 25! Timmy looks like a 25 year old!

One of the worst things I have ever seen.

13 The Flintstones

What I really don't understand is how Barney got the highest score on the test, I've seen a few episodes of the flintstones so I know the characters, and Barney would clearly not be the smartest guy there

Sucks like crap it should number 1 on the list!

Great movie I love it 10/10

Sure the movie kinda sucks but it's not like it's the worst thing but it's still stupid I mean I've seen the cartoon and yeah Barney not the smartest guy I mean he does a tone of stupid things with Fred and yeah I didth thing it was a God awful film I mean I got a few laughs here and there but yeah why cast fat person like Rosie O' Donnell as a slim cartoon character like Betty rubble I mean nothing in common it doesn't really add up and I know a lot of people have that problem with the casting but john Goodman as Fred flintstone I think he was born for that role I mean he was a very good Fred the same with Rick morias if you don't know him he was the nerdy like guy from ghostbusters and father with the glasses from honey I srunk the kids and supprisally he was a good Barney and that red haired women from Big yeah she wasn't a good Wilma and yeah I find the bird like character in this film very likeable and funny also they have the kids pebbles and bam bam in this film and they get ...more

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14 The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

This is one of the more " not bad but not good either" movies I watch. I can tell that most of the production try, expect for the actors, they're bad. But it has the charm of the original plus not the worst movie base on a live action cartoon "cough" dragon Ball and last Airbender " cough".

I didn't even know that there was a live action movie based on this!

Oh I remember this movie! I'll watch it again sometime

I hated Fearless Leader, Boris Badenov, and Natasha Fatale so much. They were jerks to Rocky and Bullwinkle

15 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Sorry but this movie destroyed the franchise, the movies should have been based more on the show.

Love it love it want more of it but its unwatchable.

They should be embarrassed making a classic like this.

16 Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

The Worst alvin and the chipmunk movie.

I HATE the Chippettes

17 Underdog

I liked this movie. Watched it A LOT as a kid, and the cartoon as well.

Why Peter Dinklage? WHY?!?

This movies was… tedious…

18 A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner
19 Death Note
20 The Smurfs 2
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