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1 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

This should be #1, because it was a good book to start, but ruined as a movie. The movie did not follow the plot at all. - Hajj

This is just horrible. The book I loved the movie I hate. This should be number one.

This movie SUCKED! I mean, how amazing is the books! It's pure gold! This movie is a disgrace to society! EVen uncle rick agrees!

Don't get me start on the stuff they got wrong - lbelle0527

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2 Bridge to Terabithia

I thought this movie and the book it was based on were just depressing. the idea of the girl drowning in the lake almost made wanna cry. this is a movie that I will not ever watch again because it describes the harsh reality of losing someone young at this age.

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3 Carrie (2013) V 1 Comment
4 The Cat In the Hat

Only at #4? As someone who saw this and Percy Jackson movie, let me say that at least the Lightning Thief was good in its own right, even if it was almost nothing like the books.

This ABOMINATION, on the other hand, fails on almost every level (creepy looking and OOC characters, cheap production, terrible script, racist and sexist stereotypes, sexual innuendos galore, etc.). If I'm perfectly honest, I blame the director, Bo Welch, for this. A lot of this jargon was actually going to appear in the Grinch but Ron Howard had the decency to put his foot down and set a limit on how much of this bull crap (especially the innuendos) would make the cut, meaning the rest got carried over to The Cat In The Hat and Bo Welch delightfully gave that jargon the rubber stamp of approval. DreamWorks being involved this time around, unlike The Grinch, probably didn't help matters. There's a reason they almost went bankrupt - people got turned off by too many pop culture references in their ...more

The book, was creative, goofy, had a ton of effort put into it. Do you have any idea how much trouble Dr. Suess went through to publish this? He couldn't find anyone who would publish it, so he became a publisher who published it himself. The movie on the other hand, is the worst. Most kids today have read the book and don't even know that there IS a movie.

This is the worst remake of a book I have ever seen. And I have seen some really bad remakes of books.

This needs to be 1# because it prevented Dr.Seuss movies from being released for a long time due to how bad this movie is. - Basementcritic

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5 The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

I loved these movies. They were amazing. - Disneylover

What in hell is this movie doing on this list?!

Amazing books, mediocre movies..

I thought the movie was actually all right. Mr Lewis didn't have much humour in the book(by the way I love comedy, who doesn't? ) and I'm glad they add some in the movie.

6 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Holly Hills was a terrible character and the films were all generally quite depressing. Nowhere near as funny. - aldwych94

These 2 movies are 2 of the worst movies I've ever seen, the funny thing is there are more books after the 2nd one and they were gonna make the other ones into movies too, but these movies bombed big time at the box office so the producers killed all the other movies they were gonna make, and thank heavinly Jesus because these movies were HORRENDOUS

Patty Ferral was horrible! Scratch that. Calling her horrible is quite nice. She's a demon possessed child!

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7 Twilight

Were the Twilight books any good? I haven't read them but from what I've heard, both novel and film were terrible.

I agree. Carrie was really good. And what is Lion Witch and Wardrobe doing on her

I actually really liked Carrie.

The Books Were Trash, This Was Trash - VideoGamefan5

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8 Eragon

I can rant about this movie on and on and I'm pretty tolerable about changes from the source material but this movie wasn't even good on it's own.

A Really Disappointing Movie, Nice Book, But Really Disappointing Film - VideoGamefan5

This was absolutely terrible if I wAtch it again...

Haven't seen the movie but the book is awesome!

9 New Moon

The Book Was Trash, And This Was Also Trash - VideoGamefan5

10 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This Film Is A Guilty Pleasure For Me - VideoGamefan5

I love this movie! At least is better than "The Cat in the Hat"

It was slightly better than CITH, but it's on par with the Lorax movie.

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11 Ramona and Beezus
12 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Why is this on here? Although I did agree the movie was different from the book, they keep Dr Seuss unique style characters and personalities. The movie, I really like, it was enjoyable and really teaches people about the importance of per serving the environment.

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13 Outbreak
14 Noah

Nothing like the Bible. Totally sucked!

15 Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

They kind of ended the whole series in two movies instead of 6, and the ending makes absolutely no sense, way worse than the first one.

Just Like The First Percy Jackson Movie, Not A Horrible Movie, But The Books Are Far Better - VideoGamefan5

It was better than the first book, but still. Guys, come on guys.

Great phenomenal book, my least favorite movie - Username123

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16 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
17 Ender's Game
18 The Giver

The book is awesome but the movie is "based very, very loosely on the book." Just watch the trailer and you'll know.

19 Children of the Corn
20 Divergent

I liked this move my only problem is that the scene for Edward getting stabbed is made and cutout, otherwise great adaptation

Instead it was basically a remake of hunger games

All the good parts (like someone getting stabbed in the eye) are out

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