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1 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Even if you don't enjoy reading the books the movie is just way too stereotypical.
Stereotype 1: Percy Jackson woahs at literally everything. Even walking down the street is apparently something new to this guy.
Stereotype 2: Annabeth and Percy, even though they had no chemistry, become boyfriend and girlfriend.
Stereotype 3: The black guy is a crazy ladies man who is hilarious.
Stereotype 4: Hades is the devil. NEWS FLASH: Hades is probably the nicest god of the big three.
There are so many more but these cover the three main characters and one of the bad guys. I'll post a companion comment with the books in mind. - MasterBeef

No one hates the Percy Jackson movies more than Percy Jackson fans.
Its an abomination.
Firstly, they took away Annabeth and Grover's personalities. Annabeth literally won no fights and her kick butt nature was taken away, along with her past and her Yankees cap. Grover was turned into some buff ladies man which is the complete opposite of his personality.

Not to mention the story line was completely changed ( they were not looking for pearls), Luke seemed like he was acting for himself, Kronos was not mentioned and so many other characters were taken away. Annabeth wasn't even shocked buy his betrayal.

And they never battled a hydra in the first book.

Annabeth's hair is supposed to be blonde and curly and she is supposed to have grey eyes.

And all the characters were to old. This basically runes everything. And annabeth and Percy were not supposed to make love eyes at each other.

1. The main villain, Ares, isn't in the movie.
2. The true main villain, Kronos, isn't in the movie.
3. Clarisse, the bully villain, isn't in the movie.
4. Mr. D, the douche villain, isn't in the movie.
5. Charon's entire character is removed.
6. Procrustes, a side villain, isn't in the movie.
7. Echidna and Chimera, two more side villains, aren't in the movie.
8. The Furies, three more side villains, don't appear in the movie aside from one who appears once.
9. The main characters are all around twelve in the book.
10. Luke isn't the final battle.
11. This is the change I do enjoy, which was making Grover black, but I still have to include it.
12. Sally Jackson isn't rescued until after Percy brings Zeus the bolt.
13. Sally, who ends up killing game by using Medusa's head, isn't given that honor. Instead, it is played out as an accident, destroying the idea that she can live by herself.
14. Percy doesn't use the flying shoes as that would be ...more - MasterBeef

The movies is a shame for the fandom of the books! When I watched the movies I was simpy looking for any sight the they have even read the books! I mean really even Uncle Rick agrees that the movie sucks! Thank the gods that they didn't make the Titan's curse movie because Nico would have send them to the fields of punishment!

2 The Cat In the Hat

UGH! I HATE this movie! It's sickeningly colorful, the characters personalities are abysmal, and the Cat and the fish are both extremely ugly (I wouldn't be surprised if the cat was a pedophile)! So many pop culture references! When I first watched it on Cartoon Network, I wanted to turn it off SO BADLY, but there was nothing else to watch! Don't watch this movie! Burn it with fire! 0/10! - CrypticMemory

Only at #4? As someone who saw this and Percy Jackson movie, let me say that at least the Lightning Thief was good in its own right, even if it was almost nothing like the books.

This ABOMINATION, on the other hand, fails on almost every level (creepy looking and OOC characters, cheap production, terrible script, racist and sexist stereotypes, sexual innuendos galore, etc.). If I'm perfectly honest, I blame the director, Bo Welch, for this. A lot of this jargon was actually going to appear in the Grinch but Ron Howard had the decency to put his foot down and set a limit on how much of this bull crap (especially the innuendos) would make the cut, meaning the rest got carried over to The Cat In The Hat and Bo Welch delightfully gave that jargon the rubber stamp of approval. DreamWorks being involved this time around, unlike The Grinch, probably didn't help matters. There's a reason they almost went bankrupt - people got turned off by too many pop culture references in their ...more

This should be number 1.

How is this not number 1?

3 Bridge to Terabithia

Movie was way better than book.

I thought this movie and the book it was based on were just depressing. the idea of the girl drowning in the lake almost made wanna cry. this is a movie that I will not ever watch again because it describes the harsh reality of losing someone young at this age.

This movie was really good. The book was amazing. If kids are too young to face "harsh reality," when should they have to?

It's really good!

4 Eragon

Rant on the movie you Caillou.
Talk like it was a great book but how famous is it? It's a meh book.

Love the movie.
The actor Ed Speleers is gorgeous lol.
If you think it was rubbish then you think Barry Trotter should have a movie. Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody, Barry Trotter and the Unnecessary Sequel, and Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse.

I can rant about this movie on and on and I'm pretty tolerable about changes from the source material but this movie wasn't even good on it's own.

A Really Disappointing Movie, Nice Book, But Really Disappointing Film - VideoGamefan5

5 Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

This movie made no sense. Kronos rose in the fourth book, but he never rose as his true form, nor was he that easy to beat. Nobody looks like how they are described in the books, and the movies ruined the books. The books are much much Much (x 10,000) better than the movies.

They kind of ended the whole series in two movies instead of 6, and the ending makes absolutely no sense, way worse than the first one.

Just Like The First Percy Jackson Movie, Not A Horrible Movie, But The Books Are Far Better - VideoGamefan5

Even worse than the first movie, and that's impressive. - Cyri

6 The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

I loved these movies. They were amazing. - Disneylover

What in hell is this movie doing on this list?!

I thought the movie was actually all right. Mr Lewis didn't have much humour in the book(by the way I love comedy, who doesn't? ) and I'm glad they add some in the movie.

Amazing books, mediocre movies..

7 Carrie (2013)

This remake was amazing! I really don't get why people hate this remake. Chloe Grace Moretz is a great choice for Carrie! It was faithful to the original film, it was really intense, and suprisingly, it can be emotional at times! Seeing Carrie getting bullied and getting abused by her religious fanatic mother made me feel bad for her!

Now u will know she sucks

We don't need anymore remakes!

8 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Rodrick is my fave because he bullies Greg and has a band.

The book was good but not the movie.

Holly Hills was a terrible character and the films were all generally quite depressing. Nowhere near as funny. - aldwych94

These 2 movies are 2 of the worst movies I've ever seen, the funny thing is there are more books after the 2nd one and they were gonna make the other ones into movies too, but these movies bombed big time at the box office so the producers killed all the other movies they were gonna make, and thank heavinly Jesus because these movies were HORRENDOUS

9 Twilight

Were the Twilight books any good? I haven't read them but from what I've heard, both novel and film were terrible.

I agree. Carrie was really good. And what is Lion Witch and Wardrobe doing on her

The Books Were Trash, This Was Trash - VideoGamefan5

I actually really liked Carrie.

10 New Moon

The Book Was Trash, And This Was Also Trash - VideoGamefan5

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11 I Am Number Four

I read the series. Perhaps my favorite books series ever. But this movie does not do it justice. THANKS BAY,YOU RUINED I AM NUMBER FOUR LIKE TRANSFORMERS. THANKS YOU EXPLOSIVE JERK.

The series is amazing I've read it all but the movie made the whole story just like every other bad forgettable action movie ever.

The movie will better if it directed the original writters, BUT NO, LET'S DIRECT A MOVIE BASED ON A BOOK WITH Michael BAY, IF WILL BEEN GREAT (sarcasm)

Are a scenes that don't like just the book got and got so much errors for example
1- In the book, John got the scar in a boat, in the movie got the scar in a beach
2- in the book sam is redhead, in the movie is brunette
3- in the book Henri dies in the battle at the school, in the movie dies in the battle at the incoporation of the web site of aliens
4- in the book the house of the party is in flames, in the movie only John save Sarah and more later escape
5- in the book the principal of the school show John a article that show he is a alien, in the movie that don't show

Conclusion: the movie was produced to got money

12 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
13 Ella Enchanted
14 Gulliver's Travels (2010)

Hey! It's Jack Black! I love Jack Black!

15 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This Film Is A Guilty Pleasure For Me - VideoGamefan5

I love this movie! At least is better than "The Cat in the Hat"

Hey this was a decent movie - TRK075

It was slightly better than CITH, but it's on par with the Lorax movie.

16 Divergent

Instead it was basically a remake of hunger games

I liked this move my only problem is that the scene for Edward getting stabbed is made and cutout, otherwise great adaptation

All the good parts (like someone getting stabbed in the eye) are out

The First Film Was Okay The First Book Was Decent, The Second Movie Was Bad, The Second Book Was OK, The Third Movie Was Bad, The Third Book Was Mediocre - VideoGamefan5

17 Ramona and Beezus
18 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Good animation, but apart from that, it was a bit of a mess.

19 Outbreak
20 It (1990)

Everyone spoke about this at the time it first came out but now that time has gone by, people aren’t really going to remember this one that well. All because of the 2017 version. In my opinion, that version was better as it got a bit more right than the original mini-series

21 Endless Love

The novel was pretty good. The movie sucked. - RoseRedFlower

22 Maximum Ride

This movie was very disappointing compared to the book. It is nothing like the book and LOTS of the scenes are not how it happened in the book.

The only characters that seemed accurate were Angel and Gazzy. The rest of the cast looked nothing like how the characters were protrayed in the book. And they never said Fang’s name once in the movie.

23 Children of the Corn
24 Vampire Academy

Never read the book but this movie was so stupid. And I hated Rose in this movie. So whiny and arrogant. - RoseRedFlower

25 Ender's Game

This movie was bad, but Orson Scott Card said way before this was made that Hollywood could never due his book as written.

Actually I like the film better than the book. When I read the book, I expected more out of it, but I was mildly disappointed and I fail to understand its praise. - children

26 The Scarlet Letter
27 Swindle

The movie doesn't follow the plot or character descriptions at all

I expected this to be bad. - Garythesnail

Swindle! I didn't know that there was a movie of swindle!

28 The Golden Compass
29 The Duff

They changed one of the best books I've ever read into another cliche movie. First, they changed the main characters personality. She had more things to worry about then being a duff her life was complicated and sad. In the movie she was so heart broken by being a duff and changed herself to please others. Then it is her relationship with Wesley. After that is fact they just needed to add a mean girl and groups of people ( like there's no other movie like that. ) They also changed Wesley from rich to a jock. I honestly think the author allowed these changes for fame and was heart broken they changed it so much. - PandoraPanda

Had nothing to do with the book. First, they decided to add bella Thorne to be a mean girl (no mean girl in the book) then they needed to change a girl who had a horrible sad life to one who's only problem is that she's a duff and makes a big deal about it. They changed Wesley to a jock and added groups everyone had to be in ( so original. ) The author wanted fame so she let them change everything about the original amazing book. :(

30 The Lovely Bones
31 The Hunger Games

Started the series on a good note but the movies got progressively worse and worse as it went on. There's a reason why Mockingjay is widely considered the worst book and the two Mockingjay movies the worst movies.

Why is this here? I actually love This one Catching Fire and MJ2. MJ1 is fine. Obviously the books are superior, and Mockingjay in general is extremely underrated. - children

This Is A Great Movie, And The Book Is Great So This Shouldn't Be On The List - VideoGamefan5

I think the books are great and the mobiel too

32 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax


Why is this on here? Although I did agree the movie was different from the book, they keep Dr Seuss unique style characters and personalities. The movie, I really like, it was enjoyable and really teaches people about the importance of per serving the environment.

Apparently, the saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ is one that Hollywood executives haven’t heard of... Either that, or they are INTENTIONALLY ignoring that saying, because that’s the ONLY way that the existence of hordes of pointless, terrible remakes like this exist... While this remake isn’t AS bad as The Cat in the Hat (2003), it still tramples all over the original Dr. Seuss story by dumbing down every single plot point, giving the once unseen and identifiable Once-ler a counterpart which is a generic, annoying hipster - thus removing all the weight his character provided, making the Lorax of all characters become unlikable, adding TONS of pointless filler and bad songs, shoehorning one of the most FORGETTABLE one-dimensional villains in living memory, and one of the worst parent characters ever made... While showing little to no respect for the original Dr. Seuss story.

When the Once-Ler actually referenced Donkey Kong in this movie I literally was so mad that I threw a chair across the room 😤😡

33 The Lost World: Jurassic Park

It was based on a book but the movie is better.

This wasnt based on a book

34 Inkheart
35 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The book was good, and the movie isn't bad either. - allamassal

36 The Polar Express

Who ever put this on the list is dead

Completly agree with you on this one, MoldySock. - beatles

What pffftp the movie is way better and adds a more in depth plot. To be fair, the book was a children’s book. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies... - children

37 Noah

Nothing like the Bible. Totally sucked!

38 The Giver

The book is awesome but the movie is "based very, very loosely on the book." Just watch the trailer and you'll know.

*sigh* 20 minutes into the movie, they've already covered 15 chapters plus movie-exclusive content.
Yeah. This movie sucks. - Absolite

39 Mr. Popper's Penguins

Only 5% of the movie followed the book.

40 If I Stay
41 The Princess Diaries
42 Fifty Shades of Grey

Both This And The Book Are Trash - VideoGamefan5

Isn't this a porno? - Absolite

43 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Yes this was the best book ever but the movie was very bad.

44 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

A disgrace. Lol I ranted the whole time at its premier - moonwolf

45 The Tommyknockers
46 World War Z
47 Stephen King's It
48 Horrid Henry: The Movie

I am 10 years old

49 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

This movie is awful. The original 3 are good. - B1ueNew

50 Bonfire of the Vanities
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