Worst Movies from Disney's Revival Era


The Top Ten

1 The Princess and the Frog

The animation...the songs...the villain...the prince...I hate it all - JaneMoffat

2 Bolt

Bolt is awesome - coolguy101

3 Frozen

This is the worst movie from that era. It's rushed, the plot is boring, we never know why Elsa was born with powers, and it pokes fun at Classic Disney films created by the creator of Disney himself. Not to mention, it grew way too overrated. It's nowhere near the best Disney film and it never will be. - MontyPython

How is it rushed, how is the plot boring, why does it matter that we never know why Elsa has powers, how does it poke fun at classic Disney films, and people like the movie so you don't? - JaneMoffat

4 Wreck It Ralph

I love this movie! Why is it #3? - JaneMoffat

5 Tangled
6 Big Hero 6
7 Winnie the Pooh (2011)

This is part of the Disney Revival. You might as well not have Tangled, Wreck It Ralph or Frozen on the list.

8 Zootopia
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