Worst Movies on Netflix of All Time

Netflix has come up with some of the greatest shows in over a decade now. When their shows are masterpieces, their movies is way different... here are a look at some of the worst that Netflix has done/that is on Netflix.

The Top Ten

1 Death Note (2017) Death Note (2017)

This movie isn't as bad as others on the list, I think most people hate it. Because they have bought one of the best anime of all time, and just ruined it to make some quick cash. For example, they have changed every single character. Light, who was a popular boy in school that was sick of his boring world, is now a innocent, BULLIYED kid that wants revange. L, who has been voted as the best anime character ever because he was smart, cute, funny, mysterious and emo, is now replaced with a rapper. A RAPPER. That's why people hate it the most. - MUSHROOM

This movie made me rage for quite a while

For the millionth time I am not an anime fan, but WHAT THE HELL IS A NAKED BROTHERS BAND MEMBER DOING HERE?!?! - 445956

2 The Cat in the Hat (2003)

This movie contains countless sexual innuendo and adult jokes. - Horse

What can u say about this? You take one of the best and most wellknown novels of all time, and make a movie with bad jokes, bad acting and a horribly script. AND BOOM! You got this...thing. Winning the raspberry price for "worst excuse for an actual movie" so you know it's a piece of garbage. - MUSHROOM

3 Jack and Jill

Adam sandlers worst movie. don't need to say more. - MUSHROOM

4 Twilight

It's one of the worst romance movies of all time. And hey, guess what?! IT'S NOW ON NETFLIX! - MUSHROOM

Oh shut up.

5 Sharknado

They created the Cars ripoff CarGo. - Horse

A very, very, very bad ripoff of one of the greatest classic horror movies of all time, Jaws.
Bad acting and bad effects, but the worst is that it exists 5 of this pile of garbage. 5 MOVIES! - MUSHROOM

6 Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle

Ok so now when I do have seen it, the only thing I can is...It's awful. The animation is under the budget of a buck, the voice acting is some of the worst I've ever heard, and don't even talk about the plot. Won't spoil anything else, you need to see it to believe it. - MUSHROOM

Wrong leo the lion.

Worst ever - 445956

7 Disaster Movie

It's a disaster. - MUSHROOM

An idiot would put it on Netflix

Who would put THAT on Netflix

8 Rachet and Clank (2016)

Making a movie out of a good game isn't a good idea. - MUSHROOM

9 Alice Through the Looking Glass
10 Sausage Party

I watched this recently, it was fun in the beggining, then just boring. They tried to reach the R rating so bad that it's almost sad. In other words, they focused more on dirty jokes than on the story. - MUSHROOM

The Newcomers

? Thumper

Don't watch this, youll turn into a serial killer! - codgtamk34

The Contenders

11 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Animat what have you done? This and the first one were good. - 445956

Basically ruined the franchise. I hate it, but it's pretty too look at, so..
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - MUSHROOM

12 Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation
13 Jurassic Park 3
14 Zombeavers
15 What to Expect When You're Expecting
16 Love, Wedding, Marriage

0% rotten tomatoes is quite a feat, I mean how did they even manage to make something so horrid

17 Beauty and the Beast (2017)

This destroyed my love of the 1991 original. Emma Watson is a good actress, but this was NOT the role for her. Her ability was poor and there was almost no connection between her and the beast.

18 Home for the Holidays

Yes, Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh is a really bad show, but what's even worse than this crap?
Home for the holidays.

A Christmas special for a really bad show? The special was REALLY bad. Like all episodes, this movie is horrendous. I HATE Home: Adventures With Tip and Oh!

19 Naked

I thought it was going to be a sex movie at first... but it turned out to be a time-warp type movie. It was good, but it went WAY TOO FAR.

20 The Kissing Booth
21 Kiara the Brave


22 Dinosaurs Adventure
23 The Week Of
24 Extinction (2018)
25 The Emoji Movie

Judging how Netflix is dumb, of course they put this on netflix - B1ueNew

26 Son of Aladdin
27 Bird Box

Get this higher. - B1ueNew

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