Top 10 Worst Movies Ever Nominated for Oscars


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1 The Boss Baby

There were so many animated movies submitted for nomination, and despite most of them being good, of all the animated movies to be nominated for the Oscars, they chose THE BOSS BABY?! So the Academy thinks that a stupid movie about a talking baby voiced by Alec Baldwin that sounds like Donald Trump that's filled to the brim with cheap baby jokes is worthy of an Oscar nomination? That The Boss Baby is better than arguably one of the best Lego stop-motion movies to come out recently that does a great job portraying the Batman we knew and love from The Lego Movie? That The Boss Baby is better than a movie based on a children's book that pays great respect and faith to the original source material and manages to put its own spin on it along with it being one of DreamWorks' better animated movies in 2017? That The Boss Baby is better than a moving tale about bullying, deaf people, and redemption? That The Boss Baby is better than a debut feature film for a newcomer anime studio that gives ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Actually, the Lego movies are CGI and not stop motion. That's what makes the animation in the Lego Movies so much more impressive is because of how they try to make it look genuine - Phillip873

A silent Voice should had been nominated actually, no The Lego batman movie. A silent Voice is really mature and it's something that kids should watch nowadays to learn about life and how to treat others instead of watching yellow things that only say banana. The story is really touching, the characters and their development is fantastic, the message of the film is important, animation is on top,etc,etc. - Ale99

I'm sorry, but this over Captain Underpants, and even A Silent Voice, and I'm not big into anime, but I seem to watch more anime films than shows, and realize the snubs there were this year (small ones). - htoutlaws2012

Although it probably won't win, the fact this even got nominated is concerning enough for the prestige and integrity of the Oscars. If we keep lowering the bar like this it'll soon become needlessly hard for the real best movies to receive the recognition they deserve. - Entranced98

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2 Suicide Squad

I mean, at least it didn't win best screenplay or something of higher honor than makeup. Still didn't deserve an Oscar though I don't hate this movie as much as everyone else - Phillip873

One of the worst superhero movies ever made. - Sop

This film is actually good and the Oscar it got was well deserved. The makeup was great. Such a fun film. - girlcool

You guys are haters! This movie deserves it

3 Norbit
4 Pearl Harbor
5 Fifty Shades of Grey

This is appalling.

6 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
7 The Time Machine
8 High School Musical
9 The Wiz
10 Shark Tale

The Contenders

11 Crash
12 Mighty Joe Young
13 The Lion King

TLK hater, you have a right to an opinion to dislike a movie an all, but we don't need you endlessly spamming it on lists. It only puts you in the same league as the David Bowie hater troll, you know... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Tlk hater added this - Dvafan2

Who added this masterpiece to my list? - Ale99

14 Zootopia

Gee, I wonder who put this one here... - Phillip873

This Movie Was Good To Be Honest - masoncarr2244

Worst American animated film ever. - girlcool

Not really, I mean as an animated film I don't see something special but the movie's message and plot are great - Ale99

Dear girlcool how come you like foodfight but hate this great film - BoyGenius234

15 Juno

It's actually really good - Ale99

16 The Tempest
17 Argo

Overrated - Dvafan2

How is this on the list. There wer better movies in 2012 for sure (in my opinion) but this movie deserved the nominations it got - Ale99

18 The Wolfman
19 Hollow Man
20 The Lobster

Painfully overrated.

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