Top 10 Worst Movies with More Than One Sequel

Time to discuss some terrible movies that managed to get more than one sequel for some reason. It doesn't matter if the sequels are good or not as bad as the original. If the original is bad, then it goes on the list. I started making this list at the beginning of the year, but I finally decided to finish it.

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1 Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker are two of the worst movies I have ever seen! I know Fifty Shades Freed hasn't come out yet, but I'm sure it's gonna be terrible! Fifty Shades of Grey barely has any story! It's just two characters having sex and the girl just lets the man push her around even though she doesn't like it! None of the characters are likeable! And they couldn't even make the sex scenes enjoyable! The choice of music is horrendous! Never see any of these movies! They suck! - MegaSoulhero

Yes Grey, Darker, and probably Freed are going to be the worst trio of movies based on books that will be the worst produced ideas in cinema history. - htoutlaws2012

Who wants to watch a cheaply made porn film about 2 people having sex and kissing? I certainly do not. - Catacorn

Hot steaming pile of $4! + - PeeledBanana

I love this movie how barney kisses all the little kids that enters his creepy cabin. he loves the little kids and his big ugly puple dino face the end.

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2 Twilight

What does Twilight and Attack of the Clones have in common? They both have terrible dialogue, terrible direction, and a romantic couple that have no chemistry! This is such a terrible love story! I've met people who love this movie for some reason. When I watched it, I was very close to turning it off during the first 10 minutes! I didn't, but I wish I did. It's bad! - MegaSoulhero

Jake Paul would furiously insult us if he found out that we hated Twilight with a burning passion (instead of defended it) for its anti-feminism, mean-spiritedness, teen stereotypes and heterosexual love triangles, so let's kill him! >8D

Kristen Stewart is a dude I would love to to see someone repeatedly kick her in the pecans.

Alucard! Get over here and show these schmucks what a real vampire looks like!

3 Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)

How was this movie popular enough to earn 3 sequels? Oh wait, I mean "squeakquels". This entire movie is just stupid! I never liked Alvin and the Chipmunks to begin with. But the 2007 movie just made me flat out hate them! They are so annoying! There's also some fart jokes and poop jokes and other jokes that they think kids would find funny! It seems like they think children will watch anything! You can really tell that Jason Lee didn't want to be there. How did he go from the Incredibles to this? At least this movie is watchable compared to the sequels. I can't believe I ever liked this movie as a kid! - MegaSoulhero

To be honest, I like the first movie, it has a great message and it shows how kids can change your life and how they should not be pressured into fame. The rest of the movies suck though, they are too poppy and try to hard to be cool when it is not, especially since Brittany came along, who is so annoying and bratty. They should have just done one movie, and that's it. - AnimeDrawer

Kind of off topic, but he anyone ever noticed how all the posters and ads for the chipmunk movies recycle the same stock images of the 3, just with different poses and clothing. - Jackamalio

How dare you I love this its amazing HATERS BACK OFF!

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4 Sharknado

82% on Rotten Tomatoes? Seriously? This movie is unwatchably bad! In fact, I didn't even finish it! The premise alone is horrible and the effects are terrible! This movie is awful! How did it get multiple sequels!? It doesn't even look like a movie that should've been released in theaters! Terrible! Just terrible! - MegaSoulhero

You do realize the Sharknado movies are purposely made to be so bad it's good right? I mean can you really take a movie seriously, with a title like that? - cjWriter1997

Are you guys aware that these movies aren't meant to be taken seriously? This movie shouldn't count.

This movie is not unwatchable, it is watchable and in the perfect way, entertain, yet horrific - Hater

It's a tornado.

With sharks.

... Now we need a gun that SHOOTS these things... - mattstat716

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5 High School Musical

I know a lot of people on this site hate La La Land, but High School Musical is absolutely terrible! But apparently it was a huge hit so it got two sequels with a third one on the way. I can't think of a single song from this movie I actually like! In the second and third movies, there was at least one or two songs I liked from those movies! "I Don't Dance" and "Bet On It" are actually pretty awesome! But in the first one, none of them are good! And a musical taking place at a high school is such a dumb idea! The relationship between Troy and Gabriella doesn't even feel real! And the conflict of their relationship seems to be an ongoing thing in the three movies! High School Musical is definitely a musical that I would skip. - MegaSoulhero

I get some like La La Land (I personally hate it), but I certainly do not understand High school musical. - htoutlaws2012

The movie is not funny at all, it is too preppy and cheesy, and the characters are really annoying. The songs are even worse, so cheesy, if they at least made good songs, I would like it. - AnimeDrawer

Um I like it because its silly and in a good background

Eh. Could be worse. - growlbunny

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6 Human Centipede

Did I really have to add this? - Hater

2 sequels? You guys must be drunk when you directed them. The 2nd one is absolutely garbage (-1/10) and I haven't watched the 3rd one but I know it'd the worst movie on Meta critic so I'm not going to waste my time with useless garbage like this. - AlphaQ

This should be nr1

7 Resident Evil (2002)

VIDEO GAME MOVIE! WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THERE WAS A GOOD VIDEO GAME MOVIE!? I'm just gonna stop right there because literally none of the movies in this franchise are good! I've never played the video game, but I still couldn't stand this movie! I didn't even bother watching the Final Chapter! Awful! - MegaSoulhero

Wreck-it ralph was based on fix it felix, a game from 1982, and the movie released 30 years after that so its kind of a video game movie - VideoGamefan5

8 Fred: The Movie

This piece of crap got two sequels. - Cartoonfan202

Fred is a psychopath - PeeledBanana

How did this get three sequels? - redhawk766

Why did ANYONE like this? It was garbage... - mattstat716

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9 Transformers (2007)

END THIS FRANCHISE! Every single one of these movies is terrible! It makes me so angry that they are continuing to make more of these movies! You know why they are making more of these? BECAUSE THEY KEEP MAKING MONEY! I know me constantly ranting about this is getting annoying and isn't going to stop the movies from being made, but this is just infuriating! The Last Knight was absolute garbage! It was better than Age of Extinction, but that's not saying much! Speaking of the Last Knight, I had to change this entire comment because considering I started working on this list months ago, the Last Knight wasn't out yet and this comment was mostly me telling people not to go see it. But I completely forgot about this list until recently and I had to make changes! But anyway, Transformers sucks! - MegaSoulhero

Should have 3 instead of 5. Age of Extinction was when things started getting bad, or don't allow Michael Bay to direct the movie, pick someone like Spielberg to do it or whatever. - AlphaQ

1 Was Decent, 2 Was Terrible, 3 Was Bad/Mediocre, 4 And 5 Are Horrendous - JPK

2 options for the Transformers, end themselves or find a new director! - Neonco31

Never end

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10 Baby Geniuses

This proves that there are many people that like garbage.

I seriously forgot to add this here - VideoGamefan5

1 should be this it is the 2nd worst movie ever

Y'all should watch IHE's video on the two movies, it's really funny

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The Contenders

11 Friday the 13th

Truth be told, even the original Friday the thirteenth wasnt all that great. The series is at at best when they don't take themselves too seriously. - Jackamalio

Overhyped series!

THERE'S 10 SEQUELS? Too much. - AlphaQ

12 Spy Kids

I really don't like this movie. Like, what even is this? It looks like it was made by 3 year olds! The effects look like crap! These are some of the worst visuals I've ever seen! I know a lot of people like this movie, but I think it's pretty bad. And it even got sequels! Spy Kids 2 was bad, Spy Kids 3 is actually a guilty pleasure for me, and Spy Kids 4 was HORRENDOUS! I never really liked this movie! It's way too silly! How did this ever get greenlit? - MegaSoulhero

I liked the first two, but 3, and 4 were not the same, and jumped the shark to even more goofy ideas. - htoutlaws2012

I liked 3, was cheesey but entertaining - EliHbk

To be honest, I actually like this series, the moovies are really cool and interesting. - AnimeDrawer

13 Alien 3

Fans were mad to see Ripley & the last survivors from Aliens get killed off. So, to make up for the last movie, the writers, decided to bring back Ripley from the dead. But in a very stupid way and fans were angry again. The director of the first movie went back to the franchise he started and we got Prometheus, which is a very divisive movie among the fans. Now, the franchise has became a huge mess ever since then.

Alien is a masterpiece though... - AlphaQ

This looks like a good movie, I need to see this. - AnimeDrawer

14 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I know this was the fourth in the X-Men franchise, but it's the first in the standalone Wolverine trilogy. So I put it on this list. X-Men Origins is one of the worst superhero movies I've ever seen! On the bright side, the sequels were better! The Wolverine was ok, and Logan was SPECTACULAR and it's one of the best movies I've seen this year! But yeah, X-Men Origins is pretty bad. As bad as this movie is, I'm just glad that at least the movies got better as they went on. They managed to learn from their mistakes. Wolverine is still one of my favorite Marvel characters. - MegaSoulhero

The wolverine trilogy is one of the only series where it gets better and better as it goes on. - Jackamalio

This is like the opposite of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, instead of getting worse every time (excluding the 5th) it, got better - Hater

15 Ice Age

This is one of the best animated movies ever made - PeeledBanana

When, oh, when will it die? - redhawk766

Just like Transformers, first 3 were great, 4 was when thinks started going wrong and 5 was a total nightmare...Ew... - AlphaQ

First was horrible, sequels were awesomne! - darthvadern

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16 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Yeah, I think Jar Jar Binks ruined it since he might be a Sith Lord. Don't think it's true? Google it online or look it up on YouTube; you'll see why he manipulated Palpatine and Anakin to the dark side of the force.

Misa hate this movie so much, misa wants to pay for my whole city to vote for this.

17 The Mask

That was a good movie!

Please replace The Mask with its successor! - The Ultimate Daredevil


The mask, father of the mask, grandfather of the mask, son of the mask, uncle of the mask, 3rd cousin of the mask, great grandfather of the mask, friend of the mask, enemy of the mask, stranger of the mask...🤣 - FloydtheCat

18 Divergent
19 A Cars Life

Rip-off of Cars. - Catacorn

20 Alpha and Omega
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