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21 A Cars Life

Rip-off of Cars. - Catacorn

22 Star Trek (2009)

I've already made a lot of enemies on this site, but this will probably cause a huge angry mob to come after me. I never liked Star Trek! It's just something that I was never able to get into. It does not interest me at all! There is nothing amazing about it! The best thing about the movie would have to be the Michael Giacchino score. Because Michael Giacchino is awesome. But that's about it. I was forced to see the sequels. Beyond was the best one in the trilogy, and even that was just okay at best. I kind of got jealous though that my high school choir teacher got to attend the world premiere. Considering she got to meet Chris Pine! I saw Chris Pine in person at D23 (twice) but I've always wanted to meet him. He did a really great job in Wonder Woman. Star Trek isn't one of his best movies. But it's not his worst either. Princess Diaries 2 is MUCH worse! - MegaSoulhero

Umm... yeah. You got an enemy right here who loves Star Trek and you, sir knows what it feels like to join the "Haters gonna hate" club.

Am I the only one who never cares about Star Trek? I don't know, never been the type of space-person, but I respect the Trekkies. - Swellow

I love it but k - lolsy

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23 God's Not Dead

If you're an atheist, avoid this movie. If you're an agnostic, avoid this movie. If you're any denomination of Christianity, definitely avoid this movie. In general, just avoid this movie, no matter what religion you are. - Swellow

A very cringy religious movie that has two films for some reason other than capitalizing on a market - YourWaifuSucks

24 Captain America: The First Avenger

The sequels were actually better. - AlphaQ

Never watched this one but I love the sequels.

I genuinely think this is the most underrated film in the MCU, along with Ant Man - Hater

The sequels were great, but this was meh.

25 Samurai Cop
26 Land Before Time

Are you kidding me?! 13?! Better, 14 or 15! - redhawk766

27 Alien 3

Fans were mad to see Ripley & the last survivors from Aliens get killed off. So, to make up for the last movie, the writers, decided to bring back Ripley from the dead. But in a very stupid way and fans were angry again. The director of the first movie went back to the franchise he started and we got Prometheus, which is a very divisive movie among the fans. Now, the franchise has became a huge mess ever since then.

Alien is a masterpiece though... - AlphaQ

This looks like a good movie, I need to see this. - AnimeDrawer

28 Ice Age

This is one of the best animated movies ever made - PeeledBanana

When, oh, when will it die? - redhawk766

Just like Transformers, first 3 were great, 4 was when thinks started going wrong and 5 was a total nightmare...Ew... - AlphaQ

First was horrible, sequels were awesomne! - darthvadern

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29 The Hunger Games

The original was awesome and the sequels were alright. - AlphaQ

Why does everyone love this pretentious garbage?

30 Nightmare on Elm Street

This has too many unnecessary sequels! How many? 9! - AlphaQ

31 Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner

This movie sucked - 445956

This doesn't have a sequel, ding dongs. - AlphaQ

That poster is by far the cringiest poster I've ever seen. - AlphaQ

32 The Lion King

This doesn't have a sequel ding dongs. - AlphaQ

Yes it does ding dong, (Jk) but the third one is a prequel, not a sequel, so this shouldn't be on the list.

Okay, there's actually a sequel and a prequel.
Lion King 2
and Lion King 3 - mattstat716

33 Shrek
34 Kung Fu Panda

2 sequels and both suck, especially the third movie - robertoiglesias271

35 Air Bud

How did this get lots of sequels and a spinoff of one of the most annoying characters? If you don't believe me, watch bobsheuax reviews on some of the movies in this series.

36 Scary Movie

After Scary Movie 3, it just got stale.

37 Underworld
38 Toy Story
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