Top Ten Worst Movies That Won An Oscar


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21 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This was just okay. Better than the prequels.

I put this by accident. It didn't win any oscar.

22 Room

This movie may be boring (not to me).But this movie is thousand times better than Deadpool - zxm

It's so Boring, its just about a kid and a mom staying inside a small room just playing.

Boring boring boring and boring!

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23 The Muppets

Horrible, and was not even nominated.

The song, "Man or muppet" was only nominated but this was not nominated for the oscars.

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24 Argo

How this crap with its cliche theme won an Oscar for the best film of the year is beyond me!

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25 Out of Africa

The living proof why Meryl Streep is so overrated. She gets awards for movies that are really crap films, and the worst of it all is that snobbish people thinks it's awesome and that she deseves it ( they think of course that the movie is a masterpiece ). Should move up in this list like all of her award winning movies.

A miserable movie that beat out the movie "The Color Purple" starring Whoppie Goldberg

26 The English Patient
27 Gravity

This won one million oscars but it's still terrible to Sandra Bullock's horrible acting.

28 Birdman

Oh yeah. That's the movie we're looking forward to in this list.

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29 Star Wars: A New Hope

The most boring movie on earth. Never watch this movie and even the Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens. Only the prequels and Return of the Jedi are good.

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30 Carol

I don't like cause I don't know why, LOL.

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31 The Hateful Eight V 1 Comment
32 The Revenant

Oh, come on! This movie was awesome and scary! And what the hell is Inside Out doing on this list?

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33 Inside Out

Wha...? No way this should be in this list!

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35 12 Years a Slave V 1 Comment
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37 Fifty Shades of Grey

This never won an oscar, the critics hated it, and this was #2 in the worst movies of all time list.

Last I checked, Spectre won that Oscar for original song not 50 Shades.

38 Shark Tale
39 Avatar
40 Pearl Harbor V 4 Comments
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