Swellow Analyses/Rants - Doogal/The Magic Roundabout

Swellow Most of my posts have been about music since I joined, so why not a movie for more variety?There are two versions of this movie; The British version called The Magic Roundabout, and the American recasted version named Doogal, obviously. If you read the title, the rant is on the American version, which, again, as I stated, is a recast...
...sadly, it's a terrible recast ruining the French show for kids named after it.

Both versions of the movie have the same plot (and feature Ian McKellen and Kylie Minogue in them); A dog, Doogal (presumably a Komondor, but I doubt) is having a normal day with his owner Florence who is on the magic roundabout (the titular thing), where he is attracted by the aroma of a sweet cart driver's cart. However, Doogal accidentally starts the cart, causing it to go haywire and crash into the roundabout. Suddenly, an evil counterpart to Zebedee (the wizard of the town) flies away, and the roundabout freezes over, trapping Mr. Rusty, Coral, Basil and Florence in it.

However, the only way to unfreeze the roundabout (and save the kids) is to stop Zeebad (the freezing villain) by collecting three diamonds; Located outside of the town and one inside the roundabout. That's all I'll say, read the article on Wikipedia to find out more.

Yes, the movie is somewhat enjoyable; It has a kid-like charm from the original French show, but the problem starts with the acting. The British one is the OK acting, but the American one is terrible. In fact, while the British one was mixed reviews, the American one was panned.

Next problem? The pop culture references. There's a ton, and they ruin the movie. We don't need too many famous but unrelated quotes. It's like making an anime and putting the "I have a dream" speech in even when it doesn't fit. If I still had the movie, I would watch it over again, but it's just so cringeworthy I can't even do it.

So the problem? It was an OK movie, it just was executed poorly and could have had a rewrite. Final verdict? For the British one, 6.5/10. American one? 2/10.


Pop Culture Refferences are usually a problem in Kids media - Martinglez

The problem is if you put too much unrelated references into the movie, it's not going to be funny; It's going to make it seem like the crew who worked on the movie sound lazy. - Swellow