Egnomacs Movie Review: Dumb and Dumber To

egnomac For startesrs I really loved the first movie its what jump started Jim Carreys career when I herd a sequel was going to be made I was really looking forward to it, man I was wrong Dumb and Dumber To completly lacks the charm of the first movie alot of the jokes come off as being way too mean spirited, disturbing or offensive even both Harry and Lloyd who were likable in the first come off as mean spirited and and dangerous not only to themselves but everyone else around them, alot of the comedy feels like monkeys throwing poo everywhere its just sll over the place.

The movie begins 20 years after the first movie with Harry visiting Lloyd at a mental institution which Lloyd reveales he was faking for the past 20 years apparently they had nothing better to do for the past 20 years than faking an illness Harry then begins yanking the chord thats attached to Lloyds unmentionables, where barley five minutes into the movie and its already off to a bad start trust me when I say this it dosen't get any better, Harry and Lloyd then return to thier apartment and run into Billy the blind kid from the first movie who Lloyd sold thier dead bird to and torment the poor kid Harry then introduces a cat he found which names butthole for obvious reasons that I really don't want say then reveals that he needs a kidney transplant and they both travel to Harrys parents house who for what ever reason are now Asian bring on the offinseve stereotypes, Harry recieves a letter from Frieda Felcher from 20 years ago that Harry has a daughter he never knew about a go see Friedaat the funreal home before that they go visit thier friend Peter who finds out died and adding insult to injury its revealed Peter died riding a motorcycle that Lloyd traded him for his helmet, they meet up with Frieda who gave her up for adoption and borh go on a trip to help her find her the big problem with this is Harry is only trying to find her to get a kidney from her and Lloyd only goes along with this to try to get with Harrys daughter both only going for there own selfish reasons.

The rest of the movie feels almost exactly like the first movie even reusing some of the same jokes with many of them being disturbing and unpleasant one scene involved Lloyd leaving Butthole in Billys apartment who slaughters all of his birds another scene involves Harry and Lloyd at a retirement home with Lloyd getting his hand stuck in an old women's vagina it almost seems it was written by the creatorsof Family Guy, they eventually get to thier destination Lloyd meets with Harrys daughter Penny and then belives that he's the father then theres another plot about Pennys adoptive mother trying to murder her father and you pretty much can tell where this is going, thier plan is revealed and arrested, Lloyd cuts out his own kidney to give to Harry and turns out Harry lied about needing a kidney transplant and Freida shows up and reveals that neither Harry or Lloyd are the father which makes perfect sense its unlikly either of them even know what sex as it turns out Peter was the father now here's a plot point if Freida knew Harry wasn't the father then why the hell didn't she tell him in the first place because then we wouldn't a reason to sit through this piece of crap.

My Final Thoughts: This sequel is just one horrible mess turning the once likable characters to unlikable and dangerous , the real kicker here is was made by the same people who made the first movie.


What a horrible movie, disgrace to the first movie - PeeledBanana

Saw this movie before the first, is the first really good? - Adventurur2

A bad, bad, bad movie. - iliekpiez