This is a great movie. It's just that merchandising has shoved it down our throats so much that many people just want it to disappear forever. In all actuality, this movie is charming, heartwarming, funny and has great characters and songs. Don't blame the movie for its popularity. This is from a seventeen year old guy by the way. - phillysports

No. And if she's doing that, she shouldn't be. She's probably one of the people who help give the movie a bad reputation. I just like Frozen as a movie. Nothing more. - phillysports

I used to love it, like when it came out and stuff. But then I watched it a million times. Besides, I was a lot younger then. After a year or so, I told everyone I hated it. Yeah, I do hate it. It's such a joke. It's amazing the day you see it. Even little girls who like princesses and stuff are starting to get bored of it. Disney, why?! What happened to you? It's like your mind got poisoned. It's horrid! Who would ever see this? It's stupid. It's like every other animated princess movie. Princesses inherit, sing, fall madly in love, and kiss. Kissing looks so much better when the people snogging aren't animated characters. Real life snogging shows a ton more passion and love. Like a French Kiss. BRR. Gross stuff.

"Frozen sucks and Let it Go sucks. It's so overrated."

How original. I'm not trying to be a fanboy or anything, but can someone give me one, just ONE reason why they hate this movie other than "it sucks" or "it's overrated"? This is seriously getting pathetic. I understand that the movie is popular. I've even complained about how all over the place it is in the past. However, something being overrated does not necessarily mean that it's terrible. I'm still looking for someone to give me a legitimate, mature argument for why this movie is awful. If you hate Frozen, tell me why. But if you even say the word "overrated", I'll just stop listening altogether. - phillysports

This movie is way too overrated.

Seriously? Overrated it may be, but it's far from bad let alone one of the worst films of all time. A good film whose hype and overrating has got it hated, of which seems very disingenuous. If you legitimately hate this movie, that's fine. If you only hate it because of the hype around it, that's being dishonest and you should be doing something more productive. Hate the actual bad films because they're bad, not because they're overhyped. - Mrveteran

Highest-grossing animated film of all time? How about most OVERRATED movie of all time? The songs are annoying and there is way too much singing. The plot is confusing as heck. Elsa is selfish as hell and the rest of the characters are annoying. This movie needs to die.

First of all, Elsa is the most evil criminal in the universe! It was the classic lame Disney movie. Parents die, Anna think's she's brave enough to get Elsa back, and then love saves her. If I were Anna, I would murder Elsa the first chance I get. I don't hate Fozen because of it's popularity. In fact, everyone I know hates it! I hate Frozen because the music sucks, the characters suck except for Olaf and Hans, and it's disgusting how they kiss. And everything about it is so messed up and horrible that I would pay a million dollars to get brain surgery to forget this movie if it was possible

All I constantly hear is the feminists hailing it because it is the first Disney princess film where the princess does not need a man to be great. Umm, what about Mulan? That, and Mulan was a better film anyway.

I actually LOVED this movie when it first came out and everybody treated like a normal, charming Disney movie. And then came the merchandise. OH MY GOD. my house is covered in Frozen memorabilia because of my sister's obsession.

This is the most overrated movie of all time. Let it go is such a bad song, it plays in my nightmares. This crappy film should not get a sequel. If it gets a sequel, my life is officially over. SCREW my forward life, SCREW my fun times, SCREW everything! This is the Worst movie of mankind! If I see a Frozen 3 in 2025, then I will literally sue the creators for making that monstrocity. Never gonna watch it again, but it is hard on christmas, since it is on every channel there is. This makes Shape of you look like Daisy Circuit from Mario Kart Wii, underrated and forgotten. - MinecraftHater

It sends a good message 'A women doesn't always need a men to save her' I don't think kids get that message. They love frozen because of Elsa pretty dress lol

I HATE this movie. Downright worst movie I've ever seen. Ever.

Well then you haven't seen The Last Airbender which I advise you to avoid at all costs. - Anonymousxcxc

There are so many trailers and commercials, that if you edited and cut scenes together, you could make the whole movie. I really don't like this movie. I already heard what it was about before I watched it, so it was boring for me. It didn't really touch my heart or make me cry. Even though Anna freezing was pretty sad, you have to remember it was Elsa's fault. Also, Frozen Fever. I hate this. It's not even a movie! It's a short clip that could just as easily be added on to the bonus features of the Frozen Blue-Ray adition. How it won 3489841147986890831 Grammies, Oscars, and Music awards is just beyond me. This goes for Frozen and FF. If any princess should be praised, it should be Tiana. She teaches you to work for what you want, not just sit around singing in a magical castle. Tiana is also more realatable, growing up in a poor New Orleans town, with big dreams in place. The Shadowman is cool, he really added an interesting twist to the story. I'm not really a person who's a critic ...more - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Even though with this film Disney managed to destroy cliches formed in older movies, this film still has the same feel as an average Disney Princess Movie. I wouldn't say it's one of the worst films in history but it's definitely not worthy of being praised as one of the best either. Probably the reason it's on this list is because of how extremely overrated it is.

I don't get why people all think let it go is a good song. what the hell? it's safely one of the worst songs I've ever listened to. it sucks and I don't want to hear it again

Oh god no not let it go everyone wont stop singing it I need to listen to Metallica so bad and I'm 12 and loved metal since I was born god I hate todays music

I'll listen to ANYTHING other than Let It Go. Hell, even Justin Bieber. JUSTIN BIEBER. That's how bad it is. - 906389

Worst movie ever! Elsa teaching little girls to be afraid and literally shut yourself from all of humanity, which is stupid! Let it go is so annoying and brainwash little girls! It should've have a better lesson to teach little child's let hope the sequel at least enjoyable! Yet this sucks!

It's a very, very, very annoying movie! I saw it in the second grade, and I wanted to go up there and tear up the projector!

No. I hate when frozen fan girls use all their energy to defend a piece of cheap movie. - Therandom

Hey Gab, how are you doing? Frozen is the worst movie of all time. I'm really super stressed with Elsa singing let it go. Frozen sucks, and Elsa is the worst singer ever.

Gab beats Elsa

Elsa is weak

In the sequel, Elsa becomes bad

Anna kills Elsa

Gab kills Anna and Elsa

Arendelle is destroyed. Haha

When I saw this on this list, I was surprised but not surprised. I can completely understand why people hate this movie, but this movie had a fantastic concept, the animation was beautiful, and it was funny. It's just that people freaked out about it, so know it is overrated and its getting old.

Ugh. The film itself is... Mediocre at best but the hype! Let it go is possibly the worst song I've ever heard, and that's saying something. Also, this 'Sisterly love' thing is stupid. When have you EVER held hands with your sibling and said "I love you". Never is my best guess

. I hate this movie so much since it first came out. Let. It. Go. Is. The. Most. Annoying. Song. Ever. I hate the song and it bugs me that I can memorize the whole song haha. It is incredibly stupid how people like this so much like? Every time I see people dressing up as Elsa or in FROZEN SHIRTS I cringe and UGH. CRAP CRAP CRAP! - imanxx

If people stopped watching the movie and singing the songs it still would be on the list. WORST MOVIE EVER!

I love this movie, I don't think it is the worst movie of all time, I think it is one of the best movies ever. It's awesome like Planes, Cars, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia, Moana, and Big Hero 6. Frozen is better than Mulan. Mulan should be in the worst movie list because Mulan is the worst Disney movie of all time.

Totally overrated, way too many songs, utter crap. - Gunner224