High School Musical


Reasons this movie is the crappiest thing ever:

1. Directed by disney CHANNEL

2. It's a story about a boy and a girl who are supposed to be "great" singers who fall in love

3. A "hot" (Yeah right! ) basket ball player being tricked into singing with the popular girl, or that was the second movie?

4. It's a musical with super crappy music that is supposed to be a realistic high school drama, but who sings for no reason in a non-cartoon?

...I don't understand the other girls in this school, they don't get me. I'm known as the disney obsessed in my school, not disney channel but disney as in Tangled, Pinocchio, BRAVE :) Frozen and such. I absolutely HATE disney channel. All the girls love this movie and since I love disney they find me as a weirdo for hating this movie.

Everybody loves this, I heard a group of girls discussing how it's the best trilogy in the world, even better then the Lord of the rings. And the star wars trilogy. I'm possibly the only girl in the world who hates this movie to hell. I felt like punching something when she said it's better than star wars. Who cares about some cliche love story and a jock growing more interest in music than sports? It was to unoriginal and cheesy. And some spoiled brat who has people waiting on her hand and foot, and treats her own nerdy brother and fellow classmates like slaves. I see some obvious faveritism among the siblings. How come her brother isn't wearing designer clothing? In conclusion I hate this movie so much.

Better than Star Wars? Someone needs to get slapped in the face. Badly. - RiverClanRocks

High School Musical... better than DARN STAR WARS AND THE LORD OF THE RINGS? Humanity has lost all hope. - PeeledBanana

You're not alone. Though better than Star Wars, that's just wrong with all-caps. - Anonymousxcxc

"Thanks! Please share your opinion:"
No, sorry, I can't. Too busy vomiting in a High School Musical paper bag, sitting on a High School Musical beanbag chair, surrounded by High School Musical merchandise in my relative's room. Why, Nancy, why?

So stupid. Its about making a call back while at a basket ball game and a science thing! I got that all while watching it 1 time.

This movie is an insult for Disney and should've never ever existed and I highly recommend you to forget this thing exist! Worse, this *movie* has sequels. Seriously, Disney?
Oh and what the hell The Dark Knight, Brokeback Mountain, and Pulp Fiction are doing in this list?

I am a girl and I hate this bull crap. This is in no way is not a damn teen movie full stop. Every kid in secondary school is now scared of people exploding into a song and dance number. If you want to see a good teen movie, watch Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, it's hilarious! - ArpstaAmy333

I thought I wouldn't like this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be a clique movie, but it turned out to be very anti-clique. The story was surprisingly good, seeing as it brought together groups of high school students that generally don't interact. I'll bet half the people here haven't even seen this movie.

This was SO HUGE when I was little. It was so annoying, because all the other girls loved it, but, since I had some sort of taste, I hated it. It was all one of my friends talked about. Plus, could they think of a less imaginative title? The title is LITERALLY A DESCRIPTION OF THE MOVIE. - AngryNerdGirl

God! I don't know why dumb little girls between the ages 7-13 like this crap. I don't even make no sense. I don't know why Dinsey hasn't fired Vanessa Hudgens for her nude photo scandal yet! For God's sake, thats a bad influence on little girls and little boys. - obamadog

This is one of those movies that's so infectious, that you can't help but dance and sing along! When you start noticing that your entire life is being consumed by High School Musical, you become so depressed and your life literally has no meaning anymore.

I was never a fan of H.S. musical. I just can't believe teenagers in the Philippines think this movie is worth watching (NO TASTE, NNNOOO TTTAAASSSTTTEEE!!!!!!) - aeromaxx777

I agree 100 percent. It was horrible and if that wasn't enough they had to make two other sequels. The Chinese version is much better and it has way more attractive guys.

I watched this as a kid, and it was implanted into my brain that I might encounter a stereotype highschool life when I get older.

It lied.

Whether you meet a school jock, a girl clique, a nerd, an emo, a glee club member, a band member, or end up getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, you won't even tell them apart. They're just like everyone else and you included. And no one's melodramatic about it.

And from what I read in the school paper, HSM is the most hated movie in here. Praise Jesus.

It was so stupid that they decided to make a second one. The second one was stupid too so they thought it was a good idea to make a third one. - anonymous

Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible movie. To the person who said it's every girls favorite movie its not. Me and my sister hate this movie. Like I said before this is a terrible, terrible, terrible movie. - Imreallyboredrightnow

this movie SUCKS and also how is Napoleon Dynamite and Anchorman on Here and more importantly who voted for that they have no sense of humor because they are both HILARIOUS - Namerkp2

this movie sucks bigtime! the music is lame and the acting is terrible I have seen this movie once and want those minutes back now from watching it! - idolangelx13

The movie is stupid. Only thing that got me through three of them is Zachary Efron's dreamy face. But other than that this movie is cheesy and just not good... At all...

This movie is so generic that it's not even watchable. "Hidden" talent, a high school brat, kissing in the rain, karaoke.. I mean this is almost racist.

#1 worst movie in history.Why is Napoleon Dynamite,Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy and Tommy on the list?! they are all great films! - idolangelx13

1. Musicals are not everyones taste.
2. Its Zac Efron he can act and yeah women do like him. (It was girls years ago when the film came out, it was 2006)
3. Did you watch 17 Again and Hairspray which he did when he was still doing High School Musical.
4. I don't know why Zac didn't sing in the first film.
5. If it wasn't a Disney movie, Ryan would've came out. There is fan fictions.
6. Frozen gets the hate now, so shut up.

For me, this was the musical equivalent of long fingernails on an old blackboard. The most annoying movie musical I have ever seen. And I've seen many.

Some guy said "this is every girls favorite and every guys least favorite". That was very sexist to think what gender would enjoy a movie. I'm a boy and you know what? I love this movie.


Just some pink soft candy with so much chemical you die from it... exept if you already are though enough to cover your walls with Hannah Montana. - ohright