Justin Bieber: Never Say Never


"This movie was damn bad." - Socrates, The Father Of Movies - HezarioSeth

If you are a Justin Bieber fan. Give me one reason to like him. I feel so bad if you have Bieber fever. It's infected you with horrible music, given you a terrible attitude and must be cured immediately. I recommend a therapist. Justin is very ugly, he sounds like a girl, and he thinks he is so cool at a "generous" person even though he committed many crimes and got arrested once. I don't know why anyone would like this joke. And guess what! There was even a petition to get Justin Bieber back to Canada! 100,000 people signed and all must have had an education. So if you like Justin Bieber or this movie. Go jump in a volcano.

Die, Justin Bieber. Die. Why is High School Musical Number 1. This and that should trade places. Justin bieber thinks just because he's rich means he's superman. You are nineteen Justin. GROW UP, IDIOT!

I agree. Justin bieber should just keep singing and doing what he loves but quit speeding around and when cops pull him over he says, but I'm Justin bieber man!

Why are you guys so obsessed with him? If you don't like him don't watch his movies. Don't listen to his music. And don't get into his business. You guys wanted to see him screw up. And he did. Now give it a rest. You already got what you wanted. The worst movie of all time? Really?

Pointless, stupid and not even in a funny way! I don't like Justin Bieber, but I went to see this with some friends expecting that we would get a good laugh. We were wrong. We got so bored that we left before we even get to half of the film. And trust me, I NEVER do that. Well, I mean, never say never, uh?
Oh, and the fact that High School Musical is in first in this list makes me really sad. Yeah, I know it's kind of silly, but this was the movie of my childhood!

I never saw it and probably never will because I HATE Justin Bieber more than anyone on earth so I have never watched any movies of him and I never will want to. He sings like a girl and really looks like one. If I ever had to meet him for some reason, I would have to bring a whole bunch of stuff to throw at him and if I could I would kill him even though he already should be dead.

I hate Twilight, I hate what it did to vampires, and I'd like to see Dracula punch Edward in the face. But as much as I hate Twilight, I have to say that ANYTHING Justin Beaver related takes the cake. As a teenage girl myself, I am disgusted by so many of peers who are infatuated with him. Put a shirt on, dude.

Think. Justin Bieber. He is... How do I put this... Um-- AN IDIOT. The only song I like the tiniest bit by him was "Let Me Love You." And he didn't even write that song. He hires people to write the songs for him, and he takes the credit. But when I saw he has a MOVIE!? I almost puked. Seriously, who wants to see a movie about a liar who has egged houses, stole cars, and has drunk driven. I'll admit it: I like a few of his songs. But him? No. Guys, comment and like if you agree. This is an OUTRAGE!

Why would anyone make a movie about a celebrity we all hate? Who had this idea? When I saw this I was like "satan must be trying to torture us because this is a movie from HELL! ". I've never watched it and I never will. I wont even touch it. Die justin bieber, DIE! - beny991

I'm not surprised to see this in first place since this site is like an "Anti-Justin Bieber Club" - MostTalented_BoyX

I wonder if this topping the list is barely anything to do the film itself, but rather its attachment to the most hated teen idol since Pat Boone? No, surely not! At the very least, the users on this website could have some objectivity towards stuff like this. - Mrveteran

It's kinda funny how bad this movie is. It stars with someone who is the worst singer ever and also someone who half of the nation hates. It's titled "Never Say Never" whenever you already said it. TWICE.

The movie is horrible, boring, and pointless. The worst movie about the worst singer. It's a perfect match!

I think that Bieber is a moron and he can't sing compared to all those big stars at the same time. Infact his movies are so bad, I have never watched it at all and I voted this as I dislike Bieber. Yes, who would watch a film about Justin Bieber's life and his silly concert. Absolutely diabolical and disgraceful that it shouldn't be called a movie, it should be called the worst of the worst of everything.

What's worse. Seeing a Justin Bieber concert or seeing a movie about Justin Bieber. Haven't seen this movie and I don't want to

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is so scary it makes Paranormal Activity/2/3/4/Tokyo night look like a bunch of Disney movies!

This film should be thrown into the microwave!

These guys chose a loser who just thinks he's dope and popular because the girls like his little bastard face. Go away Justin, we don't want you and never will (we as in the right-minded people out there). And also, this is to you, Khaled! Don't appear in another Bieber song again. You're fine with other artists.

This isn't a movie, this is just Justin Bieber showing off to his "beliebers" so he can sell his merchandise, like every other pop idol who made these movies. - ThatAnimeFan

Whoever made this list is a retard. It is garbage. Who the hell makes a top 10 worst movie list and states he or she didn't even watch a movie in the list then goes on to write all of that nonsense. I'm dumber now for having read this - Chiller77

Justin sings like a girl. And the girls that "like his singing" like him because of his looks not for his terrible high pitched "singing". That was a TERRIBLE MOVIE

Seriously, who wants to watch a film about Justin Bieber?

I did not see this movie, nor do I intend to. I don't want to be depressed in such a way. If it involves any Bieber singing, it has definitely earned this spot

Forced to watch this with my little sister. You couldn't pay me to watch it again. Not even Bill Gate's paycheck would suffice.

I've never watched this movie, but the fact that it is about Justin Bieber makes it the worst of all time, no questions asked.

I don't need to see it to know it sucks. After all, it's Justin Bieber, the sorriest excuse for a musician/actor that ever lived.

Definitely the worst movie. My goodness, who cares about his life? He's not the same Justin Bieber anymore. He's just a stupid, womanizer guy. His voice is not the same anymore.