The Last Airbender


The Last Airbender chewed up my childhood, digested it, and pooped it out. I can't even comprehend how bad this movie is. It was the first movie where I saw people leave the theaters, and boo when it was over. The acting was painful, and they casted a boy who had never acted in his life, as the lead! The characters personalities were completely different, with katara being annoyingly sensitive and corny (not to mention, the whole movie is just her narration), sokka (oh, I'm sorry, "Soa-ka", according to the movie), was the biggest grinch, saying everything in monotone and being angry at everything. In the cartoon, he was the jokester! Sarcastic, wise cracking, witty... It wad even a secondary plotline of an episode! And yes, they were played by 2 random white people who had also probably never acted in their life. I could go on forever about this abomination, but I think the other comments are good enough. - keycha1n

I don't even understand why this movie was made if they were just going to mess up the story. They had entire seasons of Avatar The Last Airbender to watch and understand the characters and the mythos of the Avatar. Yet they choose to ignore it in favor of their garbage! Obviously the cartoon had something going for it since so many people loved it so why would they change it? When something is liked why mess with it? The writers for this movie had no clue how to handle adapting the story for the big screen which is a shame because this could have been an amazing movie franchise. I'm just disappointed with the way a great story like Avatar can get lost in translation. Someday someone can redo this movie and set this mistake right. - NerdBunny

When I was younger I was a die-hard fan of the show. And I was excited for the movie and thought it was going to be epic, until I watched the movie. Let me start out with the characters, the acting was terrible and the characters were underdeveloped. Also, the movie was very forgettable and just boring. The movie could never catch the feel of the show even if it right in front of there faces, pun unintended. And, not to mention the controversial acting choices. Also, in the movie, bending looked more like a dance. This movie gets a 1/10

I never watched the full movie before, but I watched it on the Nostalgia Critic review. The soundtrack and the cinematography is not that bad. But everything besides that went wrong with this movie. The actors were terrible playing their parts (exception of Dev Patel and Shaun Toub), ethnic miscasting (Despite Dev Patel's miscasting as Zuko, I think he performs the part very well), The bending was laughable (It took six people to bend small stone what!? ), The dialogue was terrible, many plot holes, wrong name calling and lack any faith from the series. I began questioning myself why M Night wanted to make something that has already been perfect. - jasonlee

I remember when going to see this movie when I was younger. I was filled with so much hope because I absolutely adored the cartoon. I remember trying so hard to like this movie. As it went on, it just disappointed more and more, to the point where even the pronunciation of Aang's name bothered me. It felt so rushed, the bending was hardly believable, and the characters didn't have the charm that I remembered from the show. The entire atmosphere of the movie was off. I walked out of that theater with all of my hope crushed. It will most likely stay as the worst film I have ever seen.

His name was song... That should piss off the T.V. show fans right there. Next, you need an existing flame, to bend fire. Katara is a warrior, maybe the greatest water bender ever if not close, she's a load of bull-crap in this movie. Being useless to the point where you just begin to think they should have just made a completely different movie. Heck make another Twilight, because they are more upsetting then Bella and Edward.

Just like Dragon Ball Z, an embarrassment to one of the best Anime ever.. It felt like the storyline was rushed, they pronounced the main characters name wrong etc... Honestly I left the cinema after 20 mins in.

There is a reason this is my #1 worst movie of all time. It's not like Foodfight or Justin Bieber Never Say Never where I was expecting it to be terrible. This movie when I first saw the trailers for it I was extremely excited for it. Being a fan of the cartoon, it was one of my top 5 most anticipated movies of 2010. Sadly, it ended up being the worst movie I've ever seen, and especially the most disappointing movie of all time in my book. The acting, visuals, script, and casting in this movie is atrocious. It was so bland and dragged it bored me to death, and I never felt that way watching the cartoon of the same name. I absolutely despise this movie! Congratulations M. Night Shamlyn! You are now officially the worst director in Hollywood for destroying my childhood and making the worst movie of all time! Even Michael Bay couldn't make a movie as bad as this! At least his movies have decent visuals.

This is a despicable mockery of probably one of the greatest shows of my lifetime. The acting was robotic. The plot was rushed, boring and left out a phlazilion plot points. There was way to much introduction, replacing all character development. The "epic battles" of the show were ruined by bad special effects and the fact that it took six earth benders to move a rock the size of a basket ball. It is absolute garbage in every definition of the word.

Whatever the hell this is, I hated it, this movie was a disgrace to the original anime series that many of us grew up with. The acting was unbearable, the fact that they somehow managed to pronounce some of the names wrong made me hate it just that much more and also the fact that this movie was white-washed to hell and back. The only redeeming feature was the fact that the effects were actually decent.

Worst film adaption EVER. Terrible acting, horrible bending... It takes FOUR people to bend a small rock? If you want a true summary of just how bad it is look at nostalgia critic's review on YouTube. Horrible Horrible Horrible. Never should have seen it.

What the? This movie was taken from the show known as Avatar:The Last Airbender that anime was totally unmatched I can't believe such a pathetic movie came out of such an amazing storyline

No doubt this is one of the worst. It made the cartoon take a huge drop; with the horrible acting & hastily made plot, and the mere fact that an episode of the cartoon was longer than it. Watch the cartoon instead, it's 999x better than this crap.

Oh man! I HATED this movie! I saw it in theaters a few years ago with my mom, and I had no Idea what the plot was! I'd rather unclog all the toliets in the world than watch this movie. Defintly watch the cartoon instead. I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed with the cartoon.

The play in the episode "The Ember Island Players" was a more accurate and watchable telling of Aang and his friend's story. At least that was funny, and pronounced their names right. - CreamOfConnor

Terrible plot. It was basically the same thing used over and over again- IN THE SAME MOVIE. Capture, fight, flee. Capture, fight, flee. Mixed in with some silly scenes that didn't add anything to the plot. The effects were terrible.

Even though I was a huge fan of the show during the time this movie was released, I set my fan bias aside and went into the theaters with low expectations.And even if this was a stand alone movie, it would still be awful. Horrible casting, terrible dialog, and super bland character development. If you want to get into the show, this movie would not be a good starting point, avoid it at all costs.

This movie was complete crap. I loved the show and watched it when I was a kid, but this movie ruined it big time. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE.

I'm voting for this just because I was a huge fan of the television series and then when this waste of space arrived in theaters I NEEDED to see it. Ohh the disappointed I was in this catastrophe...

Haha this movie deserves to be here the show was just so much better and that part with the earth benders slowly... moving a rock at the enemy after that long dance movement with all of those benders. HAHA!

It did not ruin the cartoon for me, but it sure as hell didn't add anything to it... worse movie adaptation for me. Ugh, just ugh...

I can't even defend it as a stand-alone movie, since it's awful in those aspects too!

Wow, this should be at least #3. This movie absolutely RUINED the original masterpiece that was the show. Why are there so many good movies on this list?

I HATE THIS MOVIE! I couldn't even get 10 minutes into the movie with throwing up. This movie is a total ripoff of Avatar: The Last Airbender (An old show that use to play on Nickelodeon). For any of you Avatar fans I recommend NOT watching this movie because you will throw up. I guarantee you will throw up.

Personally, I thought that Dragon ball Evolution was worse than this, and I don't know why this is ahead of The Room, but this film was still bad. With a bare bones story, terrible acting, lame writing and horrible special effects, this film is top 10 worst for me.

Guys why is Frozen ahead of this crap? Sure Frozen has problems but it's not the worst movie ever. It's only okay, I've realized that now. This... abomination however is horrible and I will not stop until this is number one on this list. - Anonymousxcxc