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401 Big Hero 6

Really? Big Hero is one of the best movies of Disney

Screw everyone who hates this movie! No one knows good content anymore when they see it! - LeiaSkywalker

10/10 best

Worst ever

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402 The 5th Wave

Worst movie ever. Why would she bring her phone if theirs no power. That part ruin the whole movie for me. I hate it.

Better than Star Wars. Better than Divergent. Better than other awful movies. The best movies among all terrible movies. You get what I mean?

Awful and is even worse than divergent - ikerevievs

This was very very dissapointing. Sure this will be #1 on worst films of 2016 followed by Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Critics hate it ok. Don't bother with it

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403 Jem and the Holograms

"Jem, a live action movie based around the Jem and the Holograms cartoon,makes no effort to appease fans or properly use the source material it has been provided. If had been given a different name and a better script it could've been a decent drama about a girl handling the stress of becoming a internet celebrity and how it affects her personal life. But instead we are treated with a poorly written cash grab that has nothing to do with the I original even downgrading roles of characters or removing them entirely ( for example the Misfits ) and is better suited in a trash compactor."


Who cares its just some random 80s cartoon.
It was originally just a Barbie doll.

Watching this film literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. Here's what was probably going through the people who made this movie's minds.
1. Make it as different from the already crappy show and have absolutely no connection to the show whatsoever.
2. Shove way too much modern technology into your face and make previous generations resent the current generation.
3. Write some of the worst dialogue ever written in a film and put no effort into this film at all. (I'm sure there were a few people who worked hard on this film, but it's just so BAD! )
4. Don't get a qualified director. The director was probably sitting around doing absolutely nothing when he should've been directing the film.
Overall, this is the 2nd worst film I've ever seen.
1. Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie
2. Jem And The Holograms
3. Toy Story 3
4. Inside Out

404 The Thin Red Line

This is to all the action loving, gore loving war freaks, this movie is about human life, not killing! Best war movie I have seen in a long time!

Could have expected a better action battle scene at the end then it would have been great - Rocky5

405 Watership Down

This is the ULTIMATE example of animation not only being for kids. show this to people so that if they were to become parents, they'll know that not all animation is for kids.


Why is this kick-ass film doing here? Just because it's dark and disturbing doesn't mean it's bad.

I could only imagine some parents thinking that this is a kid's movie and then their kids come out of the theater traumatized by the film.

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406 Caligula

326 position? Are you kidding me? Worst movie ever, this bull should be in the top positions. Is simply a porn with history. That's it! It's very boring. - Palmeiras

Even the critics hated it.

Very bad in historic details and facts but I suppose that people did go watch the uncencored movie version only for it's pornographic orgy scene at the end of the movie.

407 Hotel Transylvania

The first one wasn't the worst Sandler movie I've ever seen, but the sequel was making me feel suicidal. - LeiaSkywalker

This sucks. At my daycare me and my friends, Ruby & Jenson, made a book 'bout why this sucks!

Ruby Rooker from the butthurt comment section Hotel Transylvania review by The Blockbuster Buster never deserved to disrespect negative opinions on Hotel Transylvania. If she ever gets furious at people for hating Frozen, I'll beat her up!

Selena Gomez did not care to try in this movie. Why do people bash Big Hero 6 in favour of this?

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408 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

This has to be the world's worst, most moronic movie ever made. This movie is so stupid and unrealistic, it's not entertaining, and it isn't even funny! It's lame and annoying! I hate this crappy movie! It's not even original, it's a rip-off of Charlotte's Web! And it teaches you to tell lies! How shameful! This movie is so awful! It has annoying and unlikable characters, the plot is so stupid and lame, and the whole movie is just complete crap! Even the title makes no sense! I mean, really? Is it about the spider's web? Or is it the story of the pig? I hate this movie so much! Charlotte's Web is so much better!

How do they get away with crap like this, this is a cheap cgi knockoff the good classic. I guess all you have to do these days to make a movie this day is switch around the title and BOOM their son you got yourself a movie.I honestly think this is a spoof of the franchise. I bet someone was just like oh kids you want sharlots web well here is spiders web that will keep you busy.

Looks like a cheap dollar-store knockoff of Charlotte's web - Sparkjolt

E.b. white is rolling in his grave-trollsfan536

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409 Jennifer's Body

This should be in the top ten indeed. It's supposed to be horror, but it's not the least bit scary. And overall, it's just not interesting. I was bored out of my mind the whole time watching it. I have never seen such a boring, uninteresting movie in my life. This movie is a total waste of time.

I was half asleep through the whole movie. What more do I really need to say? I have never seen such a boring movie in my life.

0/10 That's all there is to it. Not worth the time.

At least Megan Fox is hot.

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410 Barnyard

OH MY GOD this movie is the WORST movie ever! It's so disturbing and just plain boring!

This almost put my eight-year-old self off going to the cinema for good. - Entranced98

Last time I checked, cows can't be male, dumbass director!

Good memes, bad movie

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411 Daniel the Wizard

Really bad and makes no sense whatsoever

412 Jumanji

Anyway this was just okay, but I was confused with the story, its more similar to Night at the museum, but night at the museum was better than this.

Who put this here? It's a good movie

The 2017 Jumanji will be terrible because Dwayne the rock is there.

I live in the place they made this movie

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413 The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Divergent is worst movie ever I don't understand why they keep making these if no one likes them

I DARE you to try and watch this without falling asleep

This is the worst among three movies.

Lionsgate is a terrible company - ikerevievs

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414 Alice Through the Looking Glass

If you don't like the " Kate Beckinsale " version you obviously don't like the book because it's the " only " version of all Alice's movies that actually follows the book ( and also one of the main reasons why this movie doesn't belong on this list ). Great movie made for adults and kids but kids will maybe have problems to understand it.

But, this isn't even out yet, at least not in my country

The 2016 version was ten times better than this.

Mind you, I like the 2016 version not this. - redhawk766

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415 Wes Craven's New Nightmare
416 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
417 Jaws 3D

The shark going through the glass is really fake! - micahisthebest

418 Star Trek Beyond


Star Trek is the best I love this moive so why whould it in top most worst movies ever that is just so dum, do you know what my dad will say to this if I told him, and this movie just came out and people love this movie I do to, you dum people need to add this to the top best movie becaues I would you people are just so dun.

Whoever says this crappy movie is the best ever must be on drugs. All three of the wanna-be star trek movies reeked to high heaven. The writing was bad, the acting was bad. This sick pathetic version of a vastly superior version should have NEVER been made in the first place!
Contrary to what pathological liars claim, Interest in the Star Trek franchise has NEVER weakened! Those saying that were either lying OR ( to give them a slight benefit of doubt) they clearly has NO UNDERSTANDING of us TRUE TREKKIE'S. OUR interest is ALWAYS HIGH but unlike lame fans of other franchises, We Trekkie's have high standards and will NOT trot out to anything just because it happens to have the name Star Trek in it. Two movies, 'Insurrection' and 'Nemesis' FAILED to deliver on story and word QUICKLY spread among Trekkie's and THAT is why those two movies failed. Because the movies were bad NOT because we no longer had any interest in the Star Trek brand. No, that garbage was invented by dishonest ...more

419 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Who put this up?! I watched this movie and it is much better than all that junk above!

Go die in a hole! - LeiaSkywalker

Ya this is like the best superhero squad ever! stupid people

420 Dark Fields

Worst acting ever! Lowest budget ever!

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