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441 Cannibal Holocaust

Scary and brutal and I would recommend any over 18 to watch it

Most gruesome movie ever

Its not terrible but I didn't like it either.

SPOILER ALERT: This film is EXTREMELY gruesome.

442 Halloween III: Season of the Witch

No Michael Myers


443 Charlotte's Web
444 Nine Lives (2016)

Oh Jennifer Garner why do you keep starring in films like this? You're a good actress so cut it out please.

I didn't see this movie, but the commercials weren't very good I'll just put it at that. - Anonymousxcxc

Some corporate douchebag turns into a cat or something and there's some generic message about caring about your family. Yawn. No one cares.

445 Shark Exorcist V 1 Comment
446 Silent Hill

Mmm mm I'm muted - SpencerJC

447 Cyberbully

This movie has to be the worst movie on cyberbullying, a topic that this movie takes to an extremely absurd level that would give a diva or drama queen's attention seeking a run for their money. None of the characters in the movie are likable at all, but that's mainly due to the popular white girl protagonist causing everything that happened. The script (you might know the famous "I can't get the cap off! " quote from this movie) was most likely written by three preppy students who didn't want to do it anyways, and the plotline (seriously, monitor every computer in the state and make trolling an illegal act? Big Brother...) is a random mixture of crappy morals and clich├ęs. The British version made 4 years later fixed the mistake. - Swellow

Nope, I just watched the movie once and did a review of what I thought of it. - Swellow

448 The Notebook
449 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

EDIT: This film is a flop. This might be the worst film of the whole decade. Yes it's that bad and it's not clear at all, tries too hard to be emotional and justs ends up being a miserable piece of nothing. Oh lord...-1/10 - AlphaQ

Ok...frankly this movie is a ballsucker. The acting is just awful and the ending was just depressing. Everything was good until the halfway line where things started getting awful! Honestly if it wasn't for the first few parts of the film, this film would be in my Top 5 and receive a negative-star rating but since we get a decent beginning this gets a 3/10. Honestly don't WATCH THIS unless you watching the beginning. - AlphaQ

450 Smurfs: The Lost Village

If you think it's good, then you're not a teen, you're just some random 8 year old

Just because someone is a teen doesn't mean they can't enjoy movies like this. Please stop it. - SmashPrincess

This movie is good why is it here - Trollsfan536

451 Cars 3

I am heart torn to see this movie on the list. cars 3 is the best movie there is! Get this off the list right now! And CURSE YOU WHOEVER PUT THIS PIECE OF AWESOMENESS ON THE LIST!

452 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

What the flip this is my favourite movie of all time! Whoever put it up here must not Respect...

1. Awesome driving.
2. Vin diesel reving a charger delivering a cool one liner
3. A generally good movie
4. The best action franchise ever

453 The Shallows
454 Midori: Shojo Tsubaki (2016)

I'm not joking. A live-action adaptation of the worst thing any human being has possibly ever produced exists. - PerfectImpulseX

455 Dragon

Another horrible movie. Cheesy effects and bad acting

456 I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

Possibly one of the worst movies of all time

457 The Island of Dr. Moreau

Just terrible... some of the movies on this site do not need to be on this list but this one is up there!
Just really really bad

458 The Sweetest Thing

Stupid movie. Selma Blair is so annoying to watch and Cameron Diaz really unwatchable. The film becomes slightly better towards the end ( the last 40 minutes ) because there's Parker Posey ( the most talented actress in this movie ) in it who saves the movie a bit because of her performance. But otherwise not worth to watch.

OK, I have never watched this movie in my life, but phone booth is one of the most incredible films ever made! The suspense, the shocks, kiefer sutherlands creepy voice... DAMN, whoever put this on the list is an ABSOLUTE NOOB! People who have voted for the movie probs were just being haters and heard it was terrible (or something) because phonebooth is one great film!

459 The Grudge

This was a really funny movie! Take this off the worst movies list! This is one of the family comedies I have ever seen!

I think you commented on the wrong thing. Sure The Grudge isn't very scary but it's no family comedy. - AlphaQ

Is it weird that after watching this movie, I had a dream that someone stole my sandwich? - LeiaSkywalker

Erm, I don't think this is supposed to be a family comedy movie. It's horror, if you can't already tell.

460 Wolf Creek

Apparently I was the only one who even wasted my time seeing this moovie a few years ago seens how none have you posted it, its gawd offel if you HAD seen it, it would be number 1 - freakboyjustin

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