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461 Spy Kids

Terrible special effects. Enough said. - ArpstaAmy333

462 The Hunger Games

It is filmed really badly. But it's not bad, it's actually kind of enjoyable.

I loved the book. The movie was pretty good but not the best.

So overrated never seen it never will

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463 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Ahh my first bad movie I can remember, unfortunately, and the cover with animated tomatoes was so damn misleading.

It's SUPPOSED to be stupid! What idiot put it on this list?

What kind of name is this?

So bad good

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464 Pay it Forward

This was a great movie! It reminds me of My Girl, also a great movie!

What 7th grader carries a blade around with them, let alone stab someone with it?

Worst ending ever
Too cheesy
My rating: 4.5/10

465 Stuart Little

This should not be on the list! I know this is a rip-off of Tarzan but the plot was amazing and touching. This is the best film ever!

Worst movie? What?!

466 Dumbo
467 Ulysses

Is this a joke? What idiot put this on the list?

468 Fargo

Why isn't this higher worst movie ever and why do people even like this movie

It's really about nothing

Wow, y would you even put this on the list...

469 Mean Girls

Boring. Do not understand the hype about this film. Couldn't even finish it because I got so uninterested. Just another annoying American high school movie about arrogant teenage girls creating unimportant drama to make their lives interesting. Boring story, annoying characters. Also embraces stereotypes which definitely doesn't help bullying. Compete crap. Never watch this, a waste of time.

Come on! In this genre ( high school / girl problems ) this is one of the best that was ever made. Especially Lacey Chabert and Rachel McAdams are good in this movie. Even if you're not into that kind of movies you can't ignore the fact that this film is very well made.

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470 Legend of the Sea V 1 Comment
471 Tom & Jerry: The Movie

I Love the Tom & Jerry classics, but this 1992 movie ruined everything. The cute duo return to save a stupid girl named Robyn Starling from her Ursula lookalike Aunt Figg. The thing I hate about this film is that Tom and Jerry talk! Robyn doesn't really belong with T&J and all she does is scream and say Tom!, Jerry!

This is a ripoff of The Rescuers! And All Dogs Go to Heaven! And Aunt Figg does look like Ursula from The Little Mermaid! Kinda like a cross between Ursula and Madame Medusa from The Rescuers! Meanwhile the story is a cross ripoff of The Rescuers and All Dogs Go to Heaven!

I loved this movie, please don't kill me. I loved it, it was enjoyable, but it did have its drawbacks. Aunt Figg looked JUST like Ursula from the Little Mermaid, and I have no idea how it happened that Tom and Jerry talk. But it's quite enjoyable, with a good plot, but there's just too much happening, like there are scenes that don't even match the movie. - redhawk766

Tom and Jerry talk? WHO MADE THIS?!

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472 200 M.P.H.

Worst movie iv'e seen by far. Terrible acting, terrible CGI, terrible scripting. Watch this movie if you want a good laugh

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473 The Last Samurai

Tom Cruse doesn't act, he fakes.

474 Phineas and Ferb: The Movie – Across the 2nd Dimension

This movie is SUICIDE! Rip-off of the Matrix. Somebody get rid of this film! I don't want to see this film anymore. This is just retarded. I just want to die, because of that!

What could possibly be wrong with this movie? It's like everything that was missing in the series in plot manners, not a single thing out of spot. The singing actors are the only complaint I have.

I love Phineas & Ferb, but this? No, thank you.


475 The Beast of Yucca Flats
476 Gentlemen Broncos

Absolutely terrible. Random, appalling acting, no storyline and a very poor script. From gonads to yeast, we had to turn it off. No one has heard of it and you know what? Thank god for that. I'm glad that they didn't have to be tortured with this rubbish.

477 300

"300 tells the story of legendary city of Sparta, where men are trained to soldiers starting from age 7."

It has a very poor story with almost no character development. Leonidas the king of Sparta leads his army against Persians, immortals, Chinese rocket artillery and Indian war elephants... At this point you are probably wondering what is wrong with this movie. In fact the whole movie is only about skevering and throwing people off cliffs. The CGI Effects were pain to watch, looks like there's a sandstorm around during the whole movie. I don't think that green screen made this world any better place.

Excellent movie! What's not good about it? I wished, people would always leave a comment, when making strong statements, like calling '300' the worst movie of All Time. Please, elaborate, whoever put it on the list.


478 Xanadu

A figure skating in the mythical Xanadu. Belive me if elo wouldn't have done this movie it would not of ruined there career

479 Ivan the Incredible

This movie sucks so much I didn't even finish it. I turned it off.

They combined cliché with humor not even first graders would find funny.

480 National Security

Thedailymoviecritics and Powerhouse12907 are dumb for liking this garbage. Martian Lawrence plays an unlikable character and he was a huge jerk throughout the whole film and he didn't confess that he lied in court.

This movie is so unlikable.

View of African-Americans as manipulative, self-serving, serial complainers.

I hate Earl Montgomery! He deserves to be in Hell!

Just Martin Lawrence being an ass just because he can.

National Security is a bad comedy movie.

Martain lawerance is a bad

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