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481 Planes

They should've had this be direct-to-video.

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482 Home On the Range

THIS IS THE WORST DISNEY ANIMATED FEATURE EVER! How the hell does yodeling hypnotize cows?! What kind of acid were they on when they made this movie? This is just as bad as Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, The Thundermans, and The Haunted Hathaways AND it's actually EVEN WORSE than Sam & Cat!

It's actually pretty good, but not the best. Good for younger children on long car rides.

It's not that bad

More like whores on the rage. This is the third worst Disney movie besides frozen and the hunchback of notra dame 2 (2002 direct to dvd sequel). This movie told kids when ever your in danger to use a knife. The jokes were mostly burp and fart jokes and this movie bombed at the box office. The only good things about this movie is the animation and voice actors.

483 Frankenweenie

This is actually really good. Great Burton movie

484 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

This one was a huge disaster compare to the first one. TLK1 got cheesy real quick but it's alright 6.5/10 - AlphaQ

485 The Lion King 1½

LOL I am just surprised that Lion King is higher than this.

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486 Gordy
487 GoAnimate: The Movie

Nevermind. I just looked it up. An Imdb rating makes it official.

This doesn't even count as a real movie.

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488 The Day After Tomorrow

I love disaster movies, and this one is one of my favorites!

Duck whoever put this on the list

This movie was awesome! Whoever put this on here doesn't have good taste in movie - westofohio

489 Slumdog Millionaire
490 Silver Linings Playbook

The most overrated winning oscar movie! And everyone who says that Jennifer Lawrence is hot must take a good look at her in this movie. She's like a fat ugly pig.

I actually think pigs can be cute, like Pumbaa. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Really? This is great

Jennifer Lawrence was hot as she danced around like a slutty whore

491 Boyhood

The most overrated movie ever. AND IT SUCKS! We see an innocent kid grow into a crack addict, this is really bad and it infuriates me that the academy loved it. Garbage.

NaH it is boring as hell. It got a higher review than The Godfather. Yea I know I haven't finished watching The Godfather yet but that was epic. This on the other hand is boring. I mean it just about an innocent little kid who grows up to be some cocaine addict. Bro put some action in it or do a scene where the teachers pants fall of. YAAA. 4/10 - AlphaQ

An innocent kid growing into a crack addict. How entertaining...Edit: 2/10 - AlphaQ

I agree. One of the most watched movies of the decade. A funny, uplifting film about some 12 year old boy and his little sister whose name is Samantha (portrayed by Richard Linklater's daughter, Lorelei Linklater). Had a copy of it on DVD. - pinkaliciousgurl66

492 Scarface

My dad says Al Pacino is one of the best actors in the world. I'm not sure if it is true. But after a scene from The Godfather I think this would be good. - AlphaQ

I like mobster movie.I like Al Pacino.You guys just have no taste.

493 127 Hours

This was pretty thrilling. I actually enjoyed it. I watched it just after I watched Deadpool and though it wasn't as good as Deadpool. It was epic. 8.5/10 - AlphaQ

James franco is one of the worst so called actors of all time. by the way I wonder when he is gonna come out of the closet.

494 Lost In Translation

I found it very boring ( even the otherwise hilarious Bill Murray was boring ). And the overrated actress Scarlett Johansson is like every movie she's doing very boring with the same expressions all the time. Some scenes are ok but it still remains one of the most overrated movies of all time.

What did you say about my Girl?

Sofia coppola only made it because her father is francis ford coppola.

495 Dumb and Dumber To V 1 Comment
496 Minecraft: Into the Nether

This is a movie?

What the?

497 The Interview

Love the movie cause Kim Jong Un.

Evil in North Korea - SpencerJC


498 A Monster In Paris V 1 Comment
499 Bambi II

Without bambi adult
! - SpencerJC

500 Mulan

What's this doing up here

What - SpencerJC

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