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61 Left Behind

Those who were left behind were treated to Nick Cages worst performance in quite a while. He acted better in Ghost Rider and he was terrible even then! - Frouze

62 Friday the 13th: Part IV - The Final Chapter

Man, I only liked the first 2, before everyone hates me I want to say something, I think he looked scarier in that sack

Why is this here? It's a good movie

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63 Jaws: The Revenge

Sharks cannot roar. However, Roaring has been reported by some victims of shark attacks. What happens is that if a shark attacks when slightly below the surface, large amounts of water can rush into it's gullet. When the air is then forced out, it makes a "roaring" Sound.

The Original Uncut Ending of this Movie is Better than the Ending where the Shark gets Impaled and Blows Up. This Ending had the Shark impaled and sinks to the bottom of the ocean

If Steven Spielberg directed this, this movie would have been way better than it actually is. But no. Also, sharks cannot roar, proving the directors didn't think the entire thing through and that this movie is terrible. And they only made this movie to get money out of unsuspecting citizens who loved the original Jaws movie.

Really? It's bad enough they made a 3 but just really a 4! Your Joking right! Jaws 1 was a classic movie and still is, I LOVE IT BUT I just can't even with Jaws 4! When something's a hit sure people understand you want to make a second version to get more mula but Jaws 4 Is OFF THE LIMITS! Not to mention awful animation for shark, bad acting, BAD! Just STOP MAKING MORE JAWS MOVIES! It's an awful /&/7)/@: movie so I'm telling you don't watch it, don't even look at it, Talking about it makes me sick! Ugh! WHY! Just Don't watch it please! It's crap 💩, old CRAP! Jaws:the revenge is an awful, stupid, piece of crap name IT AWFUL, AWFUL.. in conclusion this movie is crap!

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64 Old Fashioned

Never heard of it

65 Bratz

I'm a guy and my little sister forced me to watch it. That's all they are, Brats

Top 10... God how I hate the Bratz girls... Ugh

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66 National Lampoon's Pledge This!
67 Fantastic Four (2015)

Oh god damn the original has the highest ranking but two of the most ugliest Marvel film on earth is so far away from the top 10.

Why Marvel? , Dull Plot How Is This Movie Not Even On the Top 100? On This List? - VideoGamefan5

Awful movie. Thank God Disney bought Fox... - Elijah_Cook

Do youserlf a favor and watch Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes instead - JARHEAD5000

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68 The Pink Panther

Hopefully you mean the new one, because the old one is hilarious.

I love this movie! It's funny when the pink panther goes on a date - FerrariDude64

It's better than the number 1

This movie is funny. luckily it is back a lot.

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69 Session 9
70 God's Not Dead

A movie that is not only has PAINFUL acting, its message is terrible, the story makes Twilight look like Citizen Kane (A news reporter dies of cancer because she didn't believe in God), forgettable characters, and BLIND of its idea. Who asked for this? NEVER has 2 hours DRAGGED on for so long about some plot that makes you wonder what the directors were THINKING when they made this. The sequel was MUCH worse. This movie is terrible and has nothing going for it. DO NOT watch this movie.

A film that not only is badly directed or acted, but is blind of its inconsiderate idea to pander Christians, convert Atheists and offend Muslims

The sequel was worse than this but this movie sucked. I rather watch twilight and twilight new moon 10 times in a row then watch this movie for 20 minutes.

Very offensive and cruel! This is such a horrid way to try and force religion onto people. By far my least favourite movie! - RaccoonCartoon

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71 The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The entire Justin Bieber and twilight collection should fill the top tens. In this movie, bella the beaver hooks up with a permanently shirtless werewolf and edward the sparkles gets jealous. Seriously, I can write better than Stephanie

These movies are awful. Can't believe women find them romantic. Hmm the centenarian vampire or the sixteen-year-old werewolf? Let's make useless teams and hope the author changes the ending!

I was never really a huge fan of the books, but I didn't hate them. But this, oh- this was terrible. First of all, they should've known better than to hire Kristen Stewart, the all-time worst "actress" in the entire world. Second, SHE'S SUPER UGLY! - LeiaSkywalker

The whole twilight should be in the top tens.

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72 Leprechaun 4: In Space

What the hell? I had no idea there are 4 of these. This list changed my life

That's like, the GREATEST title for a movie I've ever heard!

A leprechaun in space? That's the best or worst idea ever!

Why ireland why?

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73 Sex Tape

Literally there are so many movies like this. All you have to do is put sex + terrible jokes and you get money. - stromaemaestro

74 Frosty Friends

Barney. No no. I'm not watching this movie.

I VERY HATE barney, and other kids show

This would be better if they didn't have Barney in it. - GengarGuy

Another kiddie movie which is totally ew

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75 Hottie & the Nottie

It's so obvious the alleged "nottie" was a hottie in bad make-up. In fact, in real life compared to Paris Hilton she's the better looking of the two.

This movie was just offensive to people with pimples or a disease even.

I'm surprised this isn't higher considering how horrendously boring the plot is. - Entranced98

Looks sexist

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76 Tentacolino (In Search of the Titanic)

Because in Atlantis, you will find a talking octopus-rabbit hybrid, a springy pufferfish, a rapping shark, gangster rats, crimson-colored dolphins, and the Titanic wreck. So much stuff coming out of nowhere.

I Hate This Movie For How Cruel, Satanic, Offensive And MEAN SPIRITED It Is. This Is Probably The Most Offensive And Mean Spirited Movie In Existence.

I'm glad to see this higher above the list.

This movie even the location of the wreck wrong! Titanic a in the North Atlantic not normal Atlantic!

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77 Fifty Shades of Grey

What? This movie is #365. This is the worst movie of all time. Diserves to be in the #1 worst film or in top 10!

Bring this garbage up higher.

Oh, god, boring! This is extremely gross but better than Fifty Shades of black

According to this list, Inside Out is worse. - 445956

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78 Norm of the North

Stupid polar bear. Good job rating this 0%, rotten tomatoes. Make it number 1

This movie has half-decent CGI and voice acting. But the plot is so BORING, with very little action.

Definitely the worst movie to come out last year. It's boring, juvenile, poorly animated, and nonsensical (in a bad way),.The film is so heavy-handed with the "save the Arctic" message that it's not even funny. The Lemmings are ripoffs of the Minions from Despicable Me and they hog screentime doing nothing but pee and fart. It also features a polar bear TWERKING. To makes things worse, the company who made it announced that there's going to be two sequels to it. Um, movies that do poorly are not supposed to warrant sequels. - NibiruMul

Not as bad as the emoji movie - ikerevievs

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79 Glitter

Imagine this being played non-stop at boarding school, this was me, I had to suffer watching this pathetic movie over and over again - Aquaturtle

Before there was High school musical, there was this travesty
From Mariah Carey.

I Like Glitter So Much...The Album Of Course But Not The Movie So Epic UGH This Desereves A Golden Raspberry Awards -_-

Mariah can't sing and most definitely can't act!

80 Cloverfield

Hey it's a new take on giant monster genre - SOUTHPARKFANHH

Wow! I got a headache just watching this junk! This should be in the top ten considering the lame plot. There are too many things to list that makes this "MOVIE" unwatchable.

It looks interesting! I wanna see it - FerrariDude64

It is kinda weird in my oppinion. sorry if I spoil it but there is a berral filled with acid gets duped on howard but somehow was still alive.

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