Top Ten Worst Mr. Krabs Moments


The Top Ten

1 He drives Plankton to the thought of suicide, then laughs about it

It will be worse if they went for the original title "Plankton got served"

Krabs really oughta die - bobbythebrony

Kill it with fire! Die Krabs! - bobbythebrony

"Oh, ha ha. He's commiting suicide."-Krabs - Garythesnail

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2 He makes Spongebob and Squidward pay him for their work
3 He sells spongebob's soul for 62 cents

Don't be so greedy, you courageous cheapskate!

4 he kills jellyfish to make a profit
5 His cheapness ruins his own daughter's birthday parties
6 He fires spongebob to save a nickel
7 He cries like a baby over a dollar

Aw, meestah kwabs, do you need a pacifier and a bib until I get your dollar back?

8 He accuses Squidward of stealing a dime

How dare you Squidward?!

Why blame Squidward when you should blame Mr. Krabs for allowing that octopus to be take advantage of SpongeBob? It's his fault that the cephalopod quit.

9 He flips out over a penny
10 He tortures Gary to find coins

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11 Not letting Plankton have just one customer in Plankton's regular
12 He overworks SpongeBob into getting more stories for his newspaper
13 He lied to Spongebob and Patrick that the paint was permanent

What a liar, Mr. Krabs! It's not easy to paint those walls! What an insensitive crab!

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