Worst Magic: The Gathering Cards Ever Made

Internet is full of whats the best mtg card ever made. It's the time to make a list about the worst mtg cards!

The Top Ten

1 Mindless Null

2/2 costs 3 mana and can't block unless you control a vampire? Terrible, just terrible... - KilMii

2 Pyretic Ritual

I know like million cards that are way better than this. - KilMii

3 One with Nothing

Just discards your own hand. Of course it can be useful in some decks but I would rather use Last Rites if I want to discard my own hand. - KilMii

4 Sky Swallower
5 Bull Rush

Shock can be dealt anywhere, anytime for the same amount of mana and doesn't have to be attached to a creature to be useful. - Turkeyasylum

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6 Scornful Egotist
7 Necropotence

Umm... no, this shouldn't be here. This is one of the BEST cards, someone put this in the wrong list...

8 Leviathan

Expensive and ridiculous requirements for attacking and untapping. - KilMii

9 Wood Elemental

Not only is it terribly inefficeient it requires you to sack forests, meaning that if you have 7 mana, you have to tap 4 and sac the rest to get a whopping...3/3!

10 Thing from the Deep

The Contenders

11 Great Wall
12 Break Open
13 Sorrow's Path
14 Aladdin's Ring
15 Razor Boomerang
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