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1 Staying with Francine and her Family and being Rude and Selfish from Poor Muffy

This episode truly shows just how spoiled and selfish Muffy can be after she becomes allergic to the new caret in her house Francine invites her to stay with them while its being removed and immediately she becomes very rude to Francine and her family complaining about everything a T.V. with only three channels leftovers for dinner and not being able to play he music loudly Francine becomes so fed up with her selfish behavior she tells her to leave at one point she stated that she didn't care about anyone but herself Francine's dad tries to defend Muffy saying that she's not use to living in a house with lots of different rules ignoring the part that Muffy lives in a house with no rules and does whatever she wants. - egnomac

This is why I really hate Muffy, the whole episode she is spoiled and unkind, and here's the kicker Franchine was the one who invited Muffy to come stay with them and instead of being grateful she becomes really rude to everyone.

2 Taking the Election Way too Seriously from The Election
3 Taking All the Credit for the Cookies from How The Cookie Crumbles

Muffy and her friends jokingly make a batch of cookies which turn out to be really good so good she uses it to win the bake off but takes all the credit for making them which makes everyone mad at her and as it turns out she doesn't remember the recipe she ask the others for the recipe they reluctantly give her the recipe and ask if shed give them credit and she says no the moment really puzzles me as why would they giver her the recipe if part of them already knew she wouldn't give them credit for it eventually she gives them the credit they deserve. - egnomac

4 Muffy Goes with Sue Ellen to Crown City From Muffy Goes Metropolitan

Muffy convinces Sue Ellen to let her come on a trip to Crown City which Muffy claims she's been there before but in reality has never been there before, and its pretty much like D.W. goes to Washington Muffy finds out that Crown City is nothing like she thought it was and complains about everything. - egnomac

5 Cheating on the Test and Getting Francine Blamed for it from Arthur and The True Francine

In a flashback episode Muffy befiends Francine in Second grade and while studying for a test Muffy claims she doesn't need to study because she already knows everything about math but on test day she cheats of Francine's paper and claims that she would never cheat and Francine gets the blame and ends up in detention but eventually she tells the truth and their friendship is saved. - egnomac

6 Starting a Book Club and Treating Everyone Horribly from Muffy's Classy Classic's Club

Basically Muffy starts a book club for no real reason and ends up abusing everyone including Bailey and worst she showed absolute no interest in the book she choose, she only baought the book just for the dolls they come with, why bother starting a book club if you have no intrest in books in the first place. - egnomac

7 Ordering Francine to Place Busters Toy in Brain's Backpack to Frame Him So She Can Win Student of the Year and Win The Prize From Mac Frensky
8 Not Wanting Arthur to be in her Clown Act Because She's Afraid He'll Ruin her Carnival from Arthur the Unfunny

Muffy is having a Carnival inn her backyard and Arthur suggests that they have show where they dress like clowns and make people laugh when Arthur tells one joke and nobody laughs and Muffy worries that Arthur will wreck her Carnival which is ridicules and she orders everyone to try and make Arthur funny or he won't perform in the show. - egnomac

9 Forcing Francine into Getting a Makeover from Francine's Bad Hair Day
10 Getting Brain in Trouble and Forced to Move to Another Desk From Desk Wars

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11 Telling Francine to Get Over Her Grandfather's Death By Cancer From "The Great McGrady"
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1. Staying with Francine and her Family and being Rude and Selfish from Poor Muffy
2. Taking the Election Way too Seriously from The Election
3. Taking All the Credit for the Cookies from How The Cookie Crumbles



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