Worst Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Multi-level marketing companies, or MLMs for short, lure you in with promises of riches and other rewards. Instead, however, the vast majority of individuals actually lose money by shilling for MLMs. Do not trust any of these companies.

The Top Ten


This creepily-named sex cult took advantage of numerous young women.

2 Amway Amway
3 LuLaRoe LuLaRoe

Was sued last year for being, well, a pyramid scheme. Requires new members to purchase thousands of dollars (! ) in inventory. Oh, and did I mention that the clothing is beyond fugly? Check out the LuLaNo subreddit to see just some of their designs.

4 Younique Younique Younique is a multi-level marketing company based in Lehi, Utah. ...read more.

Peddles literal dollar store quality makeup at premium prices. Run by Mormons from Utah, of course. Check out the Youniqueamua subreddit for hilarious photos.

5 Mary Kay Mary Kay
7 Young Living Essential Oils Young Living Essential Oils

Other MLMs just take your money, but this one may be the worst. They con their buyers that these "Essential Oils" can cure various things (Schizophrenia, diabetes, cancer, HIV, asthma, etc) The sad thing is, people BELIEVE THEM. There are multiple stories of people refusing to take their sick child to the hospital because they think this snake oil scam can literally cure any disease or ailment. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

8 Arbonne Arbonne

The masters of greenwashing.

9 Advocare Advocare
10 Rodan + Fields Rodan + Fields

The Contenders

11 Primerica Primerica
12 It Works! It Works!

Sells useless saran wraps for those who are too lazy to exercise and eat well.

13 Pure Haven Essentials Pure Haven Essentials
14 Herbalife Herbalife

Another snake oil "company." Avoid at all costs - BlueTopazIceVanilla

15 Plexus Plexus
16 Zija Zija
17 Beachbody Beachbody
18 SeneGence (LipSense) SeneGence (LipSense)

Lipsticks are the same color under different names and incredibly low quality. There's a blog on the scams LipSense tried to push, look it up - BlueTopazIceVanilla

19 Beautycounter Beautycounter
20 BeautiControl BeautiControl
21 Ann Summers Ann Summers
22 Nu Skin Nu Skin
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