Worst Muse Songs


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1 Drones

I'm going to pretend this didn't happen.

It's a capella, I just never liked that. - Songsta41

2 The 2nd Law: Isolated System

This was a pretty good instrumental closer - mtndewlord

3 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
4 Dig Down

It's just a boring song - Userguy44

It's got to take the #1 spot. It's just... got to. - hall_beat372

Dick Down

5 Guiding Light
6 Escape
7 United States of Eurasia

I love this song!

8 Overdue
9 Soldier's Poem
10 Invincible

This one is actually quite great - mtndewlord

The Contenders

11 Exogenesis
12 Revolt

How is this on this list? It's the best muse song and the video is awesome

13 I Belong to You


14 Sober
15 Something Human

(groans) I hate this song has cute melody and acoustic guitars.

16 Explorers

Always skip this

This is probably my favorite Muse song, surprising that someone added it to the worst list - mtndewlord

17 Blackout
18 Execution Commentary

First time I call a song pure noise and mean it

This should be first! Why is Exogenesis 11 and this 20?!

19 Forced In

I don't hate it? But it certainly is worse than a lot of the songs above it. Like what is "Thought Contagion" doing on this list? "Explorers" too? Get those outta here, those songs are great!

20 Hate This and I'll Love You
21 Get Up and Fight

Power Pop in Muse... help!

22 Pressure

I actually like this one. - Userguy44

23 Break It to Me

Doesn't sound like Muse at all. To be honest half of the album isn't that good in my opinion. - Userguy44

24 Psycho

Great music, but the lyrics are quite bad. It would be better if that cuss word wasn’t used. - Userguy44

25 Thought Contagion

Okay it's different, but I like it very much. Why is it on the list? - Userguy44

Someone has lost their ever loving mind for this being on this list

26 Propaganda

What happened with Muse? - Userguy44

27 Knights of Cydonia

Nothing wrong with this song. It's overrated only - Userguy44

Alright, who put this here? - Songsta41

28 Micro Cuts
29 Follow Me
30 Save Me


31 Fillip
32 Screenager

Too weird I found I couldn't listen to the whole thing

I actually like this. - Userguy44

Just a bit too weird for me. A very odd song.

33 Reapers
34 Supermassive Black Hole

Why do people hate this? - Userguy44

35 Hysteria

what - Userguy44

Really who keeps putting these great songs here - Songsta41

36 Endlessly

It might sound different to the "Muse style", but is still awesome - RandomPerson1234

37 Big Freeze

Pretty good actually, nice funk sound, and the chorus really expliods - mtndewlord

38 Jimmy Kane
39 The Gallery
40 Liquid State
41 Pink Ego Box
42 Uno

This is one of their best songs - RandomPerson1234

43 Darkshines
44 Take a Bow
45 Panic Station
46 [Drill Sergeant]

Man I hate this song!

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1. Drones
2. The 2nd Law: Isolated System
3. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
1. Escape
2. Overdue
3. Invincible


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