Top 10 Worst Music Artist Collaborations

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181 Nicki Minaj & Mike Oldfield

This never even happened. And let's hope it never will.

Again. Listen to Kanye West's Dark Fantasy.

182 Rick Ross & Lil Wayne
183 French Montana & Lil Wayne
184 French Montana & Jennifer Lopez
185 Rick Ross & French Montana
186 Ke$ha & Tame Impala

Dude, they never even did a song together. Just because they both separately made songs on the Flaming Lips's 2012 album doesn't mean they worked together.

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187 Nicki Minaj & Justin Vernon
188 Rza & Nicki Minaj
189 Nicki Minaj & Jon Anderson
190 Nicki Minaj & Aphex Twin

They didn't work together on a song, but they were both on Kanye's Dark Fantasy album so I guess that counts.

191 Nicki Minaj & Ozzy Osbourne

Whoever put these on here has it all wrong. First of all, those artists you've just mentioned, they NEVER showed up to help Kanye write those songs. Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler, Carole King, Mike Oldfield, Jon Anderson, Aphex Twin, and the Byrds all never worked with Kanye on his Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album (all except Bon Iver who really did help work on the album and collaborate with Nicki Minaj. I'm so sorry). The reason they have their names in the writing credits is because the beats and lyrics of their songs were sampled by Kanye for his songs. So they just gave credit to the artists who wrote the beats and lyrics that were sampled by Kanye.

So just a recap, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, The Byrds, Mike Oldfield, Aphex Twin, Carole King, and Jon Anderson NEVER collaborated with Nicki Minaj, nor did they ever show up to help Kanye with his album. Only Bon Iver collaborated with Nicki Minaj (again. I'm so sorry).

Who ever put this on here is a complete idiot. Nicki Minaj never collaborated with Ozzy Osbourne, or Aphex Twin, or Carole King, or Jon Anderson, or any of the members of Black Sabbath.

And let's all pray that she NEVER will in a million, trillion years!

Also who didn't collaborate on the album were King Crimson and Manfred Mann. And let's hope they never do.

She never did a collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne. And let's all pray that she NEVER will.

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192 Nicki Minaj & Carole King

Dude, this never even happened. Do some research.

193 Nicki Minaj & Bill Ward

She never collaborated with the members of Black Sabbath. And let's all hope she NEVER will.

194 Nicki Minaj & Tony Iommi
195 Nicki Minaj & Geezer Butler
196 Kid Cudi & Nicki Minaj
197 Nicki Minaj & Nas
198 Nas & Akinyele
199 Gucci Mane & Marilyn Manson

What's worse is that he said that Manson's got swag. Give me a break.

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200 Mudhoney & Sir-Mix-A-Lot
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