WonkeyDude98's Formal Rage: Rae Sremmurd

It's one thing to be bad. There's a lot of bad artists. But generally, bad artists are generic and unrepresentative, so they are easy to ignore. This was not the case of Rae Sremmurd, who is special....in a terrible way.

Now, I hate Nicki Minaj, I really do. But at least she has more charisma than Jason DeRülo! That's nothing to say of this charmless, unattractive, PATHETIC excuse for a rap duo! Not only this, they are witless. Completely devoid of it. They have no way with words, pathetic excuses for pickup lines assuming there are, and no humor or anything resembling an entertainer or a functioning brain cell. It doesn't help that they sound like @iHeartMemphis if he was coked and drunken to near death.

Let's talk production. SremmLife was supposed to be a banger album. This was something that was failed at massively no thanks to Mike WiLL Made-It, the only producer worse than Dr. Luke, David Guetta, and DJ MUSTARD. His beats were dark and dreary, and near depressing. Complete failure at the most basic things.

That'd be fine if Rae Sremmurd had something to say. The lyrics in their songs make no sense, and when they do they are completely contradictory. An example of the former is Up Like Trump. Two examples of the latter are No Flex Zone and No Type. For No Flex Zone, they say to not flex and to be who you are. They flex the entire song, not to mention they were homeless before it. In No Type, they say they don't have a type, then they say "bad b***es is the only thing that I like" (worst sentence in music ever? A candidate for it), then say if you don't have a type, we have to cut it short. Oh yeah, another thing I hate: LIARS. You should be ashamed of yourselves, you filthy, lifeless five-year olds.

In short, Rae Sremmurd are a bunch of talentless hacks; emotionally retarded buffoons entirely devoid of wit, charisma, or anything resembling a functioning brain cell; a duo of stunning incompetence whose noxious, simpering vocals depend entirely on lazy Auto-Tune that somehow still emphasizes their pathetic inability to sound better than Future with their barely functioning, punchable throats. They are malformed rat-beings clumsily unable to even walk upright who are too stupid to even pity, and I wish they'd come to terms with the fact that they are sentient buckets of pig sewage so they'll stop polluting the world with the audio dumpster juice they call music.

I give these guys a negative 1000/5. At least Nicki Minaj sounded good in comparison to the rest of Only. At least Future was good compared to Lil Wayne in Karate Chop. At least 2 Chainz sounded good in comparison to Jason DeRülo in Talk Dirty. Rae Sremmurd have never had that, in fact Nicki Minaj bested them in Throw Sum Mo, despite sounding very uninterested in the song. They can't do party songs, let alone songs in general. The entire SremmLife album could tie for #1 on my Worst of 2015 list (My X would definitely be #1 though) and it could tie for 5th on my Worst of All Time list.

I never thought I'd find an artist worse than Nicki Minaj, but the day has come. (Take that Selfdestruct, try and refute me, you can't) This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


I was going to do a rant of them, but I think it's been done already. - Swellow

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