Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian American rapper / pop music artist. Nicki is most known for songs like "Anaconda", "Only", "Truffle Butter", "Super Bass" and "Stupid Hoe" . Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She was born on December 8, 1982 in Saint James Trinidad and Tobago. more.


Her music is very annoying and shouldn't even exist, and who the heck voted for Dragonforce, Slipknot, Slayer, and Disturbed? This list is is WORST music artists, those are GOOD music artists and they actually have talent, unlike all modern pop artists, they don't even write their songs - Frantic713

I guaranteed that the only reason she's still popular right now is because stupid horny men and boys out there keep buying her stuff and love to masturbate to her FAKE ass. Is there any guy out there who would look at Nicki Minaj and say "I don't care about her looks she still sucks as a rapper." Who doesn't care about her fake boobs and butt? Same with a girl who's looking at a hot boy that can't sing. Who cares about looks. Looks don't really matter at all. The money, the fame, the fortune, the cars, The Jewels, the coolness factor, all don't mean jack squat in the music industry. What really matters is your talent. And Nicki Minaj doesn't have that. She sucks.

Come on people! If you really think Nicki Minaj is a great female rapper and that she's the queen of hip hop, then.. Oh my goodness. This chick's gonna fall off soon. I hoping she's does. Cause I guarantee that the only reason people are still buying her crap is because they're so obsessed and attracted to her FAKE butt.

Nobody wants her! Nobody asks for her! Nobody needs her! She should just get out of here already. We don't need anymore of her and we definitely don't need anymore fake, wannabe rappers and gangsters.

I literally have wasted my vote to defend my queen Nicki Minaj. You have nothing on her. All of you voting probably have had it easy your whole life. Not the best, but easier then hers. How dare you. Nicki would not say any of these bad things about U. Shame. Nicki should not be this high on the list. I understand that is your opinion, but why take it so far? How dare you take it to that level. I would feel so much hatred that I might not have much more of the will to live if I read these. And really, Roman reloaded just because it has some pop is not a bad thing. I don't see you making millions off it. And she never "went pop". If you look at her rap mixtapes, she is singing. Just because she wears wigs and wacky costumes sometimes, does not mean she is a lunatic. It only means she is unique. She is a personal inspiration to me and I will be willing to prove any reason that you have wrong. If you want an answer, email me at I look forward to correcting your ...more

Nobody took this to the next level... People are saying stuff about her like they said stuff about artists you hate. Just because you like her music doesn't mean EVERYBODY with a good taste in music won't.

Man, Nicki Minaj is ass and I don't think she has any fans anymore. She has no fans. Because people already realize how horrible at rapping she is, how she's one of the worst to ever do it, she and Lil Wayne are both what Hitler and Stalin are to the people who have died at the hands of them. These two idiots killed Hip Hop with their songs, always talking about drugs, sex, money, etc, and suddenly becoming mainstream successes.

Nicki Minaj, you're not real. You're a poser. You have no dignity at all. You make yourself look like an absolute clown. The reason people don't buy your stuff is because you're not a rapper. You don't deserve to be in the same stage with Madonna. Grow up and realize you're no rapper. You had good money growing up. You were never in a ghetto or a gang. YOU WORKED AT A RED LOBSTER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

When I young I used to look up to her as A role model (you know, because the stupid media says that she's a role model for the youth). Now that I look at her I'm like "Oh my god, she's like the worst thing America has ever done! " Her songs being very sexual, getting plastic butt implants, encouraging kids to dress up like barbies (because according to her all girls want to be barbies. They all wanna play dress up, they all wanna be cute and sexy. Yes she really said that in an interview).

I just hope people will wake up and realize how wack she truly is. If you're wack, you're not gonna last forever. And Nicki Minaj is wack! I just really hope she goes away this year and doesn't ever come back.

She is literally the worst "musician" alive and I even listened to super bass which is supposedly her best song, and it was terrible. Her fan base is even worse because they all say "you don't even know what she's been through she was sexually abused as a kid you've had it easy you're whole life" yeah I feel bad for her, but it still doesn't make her good at singing/rapping.

She makes all the artists in the Top 10 of this list (and most other artists on this list, MOST. Not all the artists on here) look like gold stars. Like no joke. She makes most of these artists on here look like if they were gifted true artists!

Nicki Minaj is horrible. That's all I've gotta say. She's absolute garbage. Run away from her music if you ever hear it.

Looked at reviews for Nicki Minaj's work on Wikipedia and it boggles my mind as to how she keeps getting positive reviews from critics. Unless either (A)Young Money decided to bribe reviewers for early reviews of their albums for positive feedback, (B) Social Media keeps on deleting threads critical to the use of artists like her, or (C) both.

I'm so sick of nicki minaj. She is so annoying. Her voice and Feuding with lil kim and mariah carey. Nicki minaj should just go away already. I'm surprised she's still relevant right now. Nicki minaj... that's not even her real name.

But remember this is just my opinion and I will be respectful of your's if you be respectful of mine. I try to be sensative of sharing my opinion so I won't bug you guys.

Music then: Generals Gathered in Their masses just like witches at black masses evil minds that plot death and destruction sorcerer of death's construction. Music now: you a stupid ho you a you a stupid ho you a stupid ho you a you a stupid hoe. Nicki we all know you where talking about yourself in that song

This chick is crap. Don't ever buy this chicks albums. For real. I hope this chick never comes back, I hope she never tries to come back, just stay irrelevant. Before you first became famous, and after, Because nobody's buying this chick's albums anymore. Everyone says this chick sucks. She has to be one of the worst rappers EVER! Really!

She has to be the worst artist I have ever heard in my entire life! She's FAR worse than Justin Bieber! Really she is! I'm being dead serious. If you don't believe me, then listen to both Stupid Hoe and Anaconda and tell me if both of those songs make you wanna violently shove knives, scissors, and nine inch nails all into your ears? She's a disaster of an artist!

What are Eminem, LP and Michael Jackson doing here? This is a list about the worst artists isn't it? Well, my vote for this list would go to Minaj. Seriously, she doesn't even make music.

I cannot stand this chick. Her voice is even worse than nails on a chalkboard and balloon rubbing. The reason she's still popular is because Eminem collaborated with her in that diss track she made towards Lil Kim. So that's why she's popular, a little bit because of Eminem being in that diss track of her's and that she did two songs with Madonna.

I find it really offensive by the fact that me and this chick share the same damn skin color! Not only is she a disgrace to the black community, but a disgrace to the human race as well! I don't get how ANYONE can take Nicki Minaj seriously. She has got to be the worst female rapper EVER! Really!

The day that She Happened. I stopped for a minute of silence dedicated to the music Industry. She should be top of the list, hands down.

I used to like her, but then I realized that she is a nasty as hell prostitute and one of the worst things America has ever done.

And she is NOT a role model for the youth! Whoever said that is seriously on drugs.

Why don't hate you Nicki. We're just implying that you're no rapper. You know why? Not only are extremely terrible at rapping, but you've never been in a gang or a ghetto. Stop trying to be like somebody you're not. You've always had good money growing up. You're no gangster okay?! I hope you're reading this right now.

She thinks she's Einstein just because she put "Roman" in her album title. All she does is show off and gets money for it, oh and Dimmu Borgir, Linkin Park and Dragonforce at least have talent in their music

I just wanna say my heart goes out to any of the poor unfortunate souls (whether it be children, teenagers, or elders) who were forced to watch the horrific Stupid Hoe music video. I weep for you people. I don't know how the people who've made you guys watch that video even sleep at night. It's that horrible.

She's 33 years old now and she's still beefing with rappers like Iggy Azalea. She should just get over it already! Beefing with artists isn't gonna get you anywhere. Just look at 2pac and Biggie. They were beefing with each other and it got them both killed.

She's is so terrible that it's literally impossible to describe her. Who takes this chick seriously?! WHO?! WHO TAKES HER SERIOUSLY?! Nobody! That's why more and more people are waking up and starting to realize how fake and phony she truly is?

Her popularity is starting to die off. This proves that no matter how great you think you are, how the media loves you so much when they're really just using you as a tool to make more money, if you're wack then you're not gonna last forever. And Nicki Minaj is wack!