Worst Music Fan Bases


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41 Lil B Fans
42 Wiz Khalifa Fans
43 Pure Evil Black Metal Fans
44 Satanic Black Metal Fans
45 Juggalos
46 Avenged Sevenfold Fans

They say all the people in the band are the best at everything when everything the band does has been done before.

47 Metallica Fans

You can never have a music related conversation with one, without them bringing up metallica, and according to them all metallica albums are great

48 Carrie Underwood Fans

Nothing but a bunch of angry right-wingers.

49 Mendes Army (Shawn Mendes)
50 The Chainsmokers Fans

Everybody knows that people who are chainsmokers usually get cancer.

51 Silento Fans

Oh Yes don't even get me started they attack you for not liking Watch Me and they actually think it's a good song when they have no logical reasoning as to why other than "It's a song to dance to" - christangrant

52 Death Fans

Aww,come on.Whoever posted this has never listened to Death,and therefore never saw how great the band is - DejanKalinic

53 Slayer Fans

Hey,not every Slayer fan carves their name on their skin - DejanKalinic

54 Nickelback Fans

Does Nickelback have any fans, everyone hates them. - mmarce445

55 Technical Death Metal Fans
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