Country music

lukebryan15 Yes country music has changed and so has all the other genres. But I know that Luke Bryan tries to write songs that connect back to his roots like his song "we rode in trucks" is a prefect example. He gee up in Leesburg GA. There your normal day work car is a truck. And his new song "drink a beer" he didn't write it but he sings it about the 2 siblings he lost while he was getting started in the music business. Other songs by Luke are "baby's on the way" "first love song" "tackle box" "welcome to the farm" "what country is" and "that don't just happen" And the old country is better when George jones, jonny cash, hank Williams and many more old country singers were singing. But George strait, Tim McGraw and faith hill, Garth brooks and Alabama are still around. And some of the new music is all that bad. Some of the new artist sing about how they grew up and they all grew up on the old country. But just don't hate the new country cause a lot of the new songs are not like the old ones but some of them are just as good as the old ones. Just focus on the lyrics and not who is singing them or how they are being sang but how you can relate to the song or similarly relate to the song. I can relate cause I grew up on a far with horses, trucks, tractors, guns and all the things they sing about in the new stuff and the old. There are a lot of party songs but there are just as many meaningful songs like I went to hell and back (my parents are divorce and I has 2 family members die during the divorce and I die 5 before the divorce) and a few things that got me threw it all were a few songs. A few were Luke Bryan's and 3 that stood out were "every storm runs out of rain" by gray Allen and "if your going through hell" by Rodney Atkins and "tackle box" by Luke Bryan. Just give country music new and old another chance it might change your view of life. It did with me