WonkeyDude98 Intervention: This is getting annoying

In WonkeyDude98 Intervention, I take a short break from rants and analyses to talk about other topics. Here's one I really want to get off my chest; pop and rap discrimination.

The first is the lesser; rap (no this is not just because I got mad at PositronWildhawk, though that didn't help). Rap is a genre that you either like or hate. Those who like it do because: 1) They are generally the wiser people who have listened to more rap or 2) Those who just really love Eminem. I don't think the latter is wrong, just not that great a reason to like rap. That said, those who hate rap have only listened to stuff like Lil Wayne and Drake's newer work, Nicki Minaj, or Sage the Gemini (personal shots at Selfdestruct are always satisfying). To be honest, that isn't a very good reason to dislike rap. There is still 2PAC, Biggie (well, kinda. :-(), Tech N9Ne, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore, and Eminem to like, and that's just beginner stuff. That said, there is rap music that is wrong to like (such as the fact that my friend likes Anaconda better than Adele's Hello just off of catchiness which Anaconda still fails at).

Next is the big one; pop. Pop is probably the most discriminated against genre, and for very nitpicky and minor reasons. If you like it, you are considered a prepubescent female teen who only focused on looks. Oh, come on, that's just blind hate. "They don't play instruments". Doesn't matter if the beat sounds good (Daft Punk and Clean Bandit come to mind). "The topics are restricted". Doesn't matter if they can put magic in it (Adele's Someone Like You and Drake's Take Care come to mind). "They use autotune". Would you rather hear a terrible sounding performance? Even Michael Jackson used autotune. I actually don't get annoyed by autotune until it starts to become a distraction from the song with how thick it is (Chris Brown and occasionally Nate Ruess come to mind, even though I do like fun.). People tend to hate pop for being overly listenable and generic (such as One Direction and Justin Bieber). Funny thing is, they would rather listen to unlistenable than overly listenable for whatever reason, even if the unlistenable stuff is just as much if not more generic than the overly listenable. Also funny to note how pop is accused of using the word "baby" too much, when Led Zeppelin did the same thing. Finally, all of you rock fans are wrong. The Beatles was a boy band.

I think mainly the issue is the people who fall under the term "metalheads". Believe me, Swellow and I have seen a lot. Such as one who said pop has never been good. Screw me sideways.

I'm not trying to complain that people don't like pop or rap, because it is understandable if it isn't your interest. But to immediately discount a song or artist because it is (Eminem's album Recovery comes to mind) makes you very difficult for me to respect. This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


I really hate how people complain about A WHOLE GENRE just for a garbage minority of songs. Say, you hate pop just because of Justin Bieber, Nicki, Miley and not recognizing those others like Adele or the previous pop songs, or the lesser played (not necessarily the lesser known) pop songs. Or rap just because of Lil' Wayne, Nicki and Drake while not recognizing Tupac, Nas and other rappers nowadays that could still be appreciated.

Remember: You can't just hate on a whole genre since you'll always find a gem in each. I often get misinterpreted for hating pop AS A WHOLE. I actually like a fair number of pop songs; I just don't play it much. - visitor

I think all of those artists have had good songs before, even Miley. Mainly my post was to those people who are like "It's terrible because it's pop/rap". - WonkeyDude98

And of course, same with that USER who says "it sucks because it's rock/metal". - visitor

Oh yeah, THAT USER. - WonkeyDude98

I think we all know who she is. - visitor

Well, she's gone now, so... - Swellow

I liked this rant. Pop isn't that bad, especially when it helped create other genres. - Swellow

It's the genre I grew up on. :D - WonkeyDude98

There's a gem in each genre, even pop and rap. Some people can't realize it. - visitor

^ - visitor

I totally agree. - SwagFlicks

To clarify, this can be said about any other genre, but rap is more unique than any other genre. - SwagFlicks

No, not really. It can't be said about metal, jazz, classical rock, because everyone who isn't a troll loves those genres and shuns anyone that doesn't. (I personally find a distaste in metal) It can only really be said about stuff like disco, EDM, pop, and rap, mainly the latter two. And agreed, rap is more unique than any genre, and is probably the only one that can blend with other genres smoothly (besides rock, in which it's usually boring). - WonkeyDude98

While rap is more unique, metal is more diverse and complex. I would always pick metal over it, though I respect rap a lot. - visitor

By the way, metal blends with other genres really smoothly, too. Remember electronic metal and symphonic metal, which are both fusion genres. Also rap metal. - visitor

Oh yeah, forgot metal existed for about half my comment, even though most of the day I've been talking about the exterior elitists of the genre to you. - WonkeyDude98

I meant that. - WonkeyDude98

Classical doesn't go well with rap. Though rap metal and rap rock are cool. - visitor

The Beatles were mostly pop
Michael Jackson was pop
I could go on people - Martinglez

Prince could be considered pop.
Marianas Trench is pop.
Carly Rae Jepsen is pop.
Ellie Goulding is pop.

I'm done here. - WonkeyDude98

Metal haters mostly hate metal because "it's just growling and screaming" - Martinglez

I can like something grating, but it has to creep up on you and have a reason for why it is. The metal most describe just hits you full force without cause. - WonkeyDude98

The Beatles were not a boy band. They played instruments and while they had some pop songs, they also had hard rock and heavy metal songs. Helter Skelter was one of the first heavy metal songs - bobbythebrony

They had a song called Hey Jude. Oh yeah, and another one called She Loves You. Just because they have rock songs doesn't distract from the fact that they are predominantly a boy band. - WonkeyDude98

You are defending pop music again, and rap music. They are your favorite genres, so it s predictable. - visitor

His favorite's rock! - ProPanda

Pop and Rap are better than Rock and Classic anyways - AlphaQ

That said, there is rap music that is wrong to like (such as the fact that my friend likes Anaconda better than Adele's Hello just off of catchiness which Anaconda still fails at)

lol - ProPanda

Geez, even when I'm making a good point my posts are abysmal! - WonkeyDude98