Why Hip-Hop/Rap is Underappreciated

hiphopgod You don't have to like it, but you do have to respect it.

So I've been going through a lot of the comments recently, and I've noticed a theme of rap music being extremely over hated and underappreciated. But we're going to be focusing on that second word today, so let's just jump head first into it.

Now I'm sure you know this, but a majority of rappers and their fans are black. This makes sense as the culture rap originated from was the black culture. How does this tie in with rap being underappreciated? Well it's because rap is a huge aspect of black culture today. I'm not saying that hating rap makes you racist, but what I am saying is that when you say that when you say that all rap is just talking about cars and women and saying the n-word a bunch, you're insulting not only rap, but the black culture as well. Rap is not just our music, but it's our voice. It speaks against racism, brutality, oppression, all of which are still major issues in today's culture. Want proof? Not even 6 months ago, I was pulled over by a cop. Why? Well, absolutely no reason. I went the speed limit, I didn't have my taillights or headlights on, I used my turn singles, I wore a seatbelt, and I still got pulled over. Thankfully he couldn't give me a ticket because he had no reason to, but the fact still is that I got pulled over for no reason by this cracker (Oh, and white people are whites and racist white people are crackers, just wanted to get that distinguished.) Rap is our escape from this, an escape where we can voice our opinions and give ourselves the ability to speak. It encourages equality, with blacks wanting to be like the whites in terms of treatment level, but that's something that most likely wont change anytime soon. But we can chip in to make the fight for equal rights. So if you have an art project and are struggling to come up with ideas, here's one, take a globe, and paint it white, black, brown, and yellow to represent what the ideal Earth is. All people living equally in peace, that's something I want to see, how about you?

You know, it's funny. I took this whole "hip-hop being underappreciated" topic and turned into me speaking out against racism. Funny how things work sometimes huh?

So, where's the album review? Well, I'm once again postponing it until I get back from Chicago. The reason I wrote this instead is because, if I were to die tomorrow, I want this to be the last thing you see of me. I want this to be what you remember me as, not some half-assed album review.

This came straight from the bottom of my heart and soul.


Great post. - Skullkid755