It's just sickening to listen to same romantic crap over and over and over. Just like the other guy rightly put it, its all about "your eyes, your face, our love, our marriage"... Repeated eternally. To all the "Bollywood" song writers: That's enough! I think we had our dose of love for this century so let's write about something else now. Aside from that, I am seriously outraged at the quality of music they are putting out. In simple English, its noise. Something very unpleasant to listen. Just because the masses in India, god bless their soul, don't know any better, you (music directors, composers) cannot keep producing garbage and expect everybody to like it. My advise to all music makers is go back to your core, think hard and produce something original and something that's pleasant, and that would be art! I believe you can do this if you stop worrying about number of songs you can write/compose in a short time,... Or how you can creatively "adapt". Then you would be simply ...more

I am an Indian and I really don't like this music, the music producers imitate the music from either movies from the South India or from International Music. I know some Hindi songs whose rhythm match with some Spanish songs. Guys I totally agree with your point, let's take this to the top.

It was good till 2011, now it's shameful. Breakup songs everywhere. Hit a random guitar string. Drink hardcore then sing - lo, it's Bollywood of the 2010s. That AR Rahman has been the only internationally successful Indian producer sums it up. But he's exceptional. So are Shaan, Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. The new drunks at the block ruined it.
Don't compare it to Indian Classical Music.
This comes from an Indian. The pathetic condition moved me to EDM, and I would've regretted if this didn't happen. Something to be happy about, it's not melancholic drinking; it's ecstatic drinking with EDM. There are a few deep songs too (Avicii? )

Whats stupid about this is that has EVERY SINGLE HIGHER ON THIS LIST like rap and pop. Seriously there is nothing funny and good abotu this thinking that they are so cool when they make there music and when they gossip about this crap every1 listens! Then they do some of the worst grammar like cn and forgiv. also the topics on the songs are ridiculous. its all romance like no joke. When they sing it also involves EVERY EXTRA doing the exact same thing the main singer is doing. Bollywood is just a copy of Hollywood lets just face it. The songs here are total garbage and should be thrown into a fire after they sing they love someone or I wish I could be with you. and then they bring RAP into this. they think rap and partying and random clubs is cool. Those clubs are for crazy gangsters people. and they think smoking is cool. You are not cool so just back off Bollywood and do something else and be original!

I'm from India.

And I dislike Bollywood.

A lot.

A lot of the people who voted before me are, honestly, being a bit rude and crass, but they make some good points. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only Indian who dislikes Bollywood. It's always about romance, it's barely meaningful...

And my parents wonder why I have Western music open on my laptop.

My father always said, if there is a hell, it involves being neck deep in human waste while Bollywood music plays.

I am an Indian, and I admit Bollywood is the worst thing that ever happened in India. Worse, it sucks away all the talent from singers and even we, Indians hate this genre. It's a shame to my nation. I apologise to the world on behalf of my country.

When I was at my grandparent's place early in the summer they played these weird Tamil dramas (since I don't speak Tamil I didn't know what anyone was saying) and I swear to god the theme songs to most of them sounded almost exactly the same. Don't know if it classifies as Bollywood music though since I don't pay attention to that genre. - Anonymousxcxc

Pain. suffering. Torture. Where do I begin! First of all lets see what this is called? Bollywood which equals Bad Hollywood. Second, Lyrics. Count how many times they say ishq or love in a song. Third, Gossip. Ughh You act like 13 year old girls! Fourth, The song It repeats over and over again and I just can't take it. Plus somehow the "crowd" just plays along and dances the same way the main character/singer does. I have more but I just can't remember them. please get this To at least number 3!

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying its good or bad. But Bollywood doesn't seem like any genre to me. Its just Indian "film" songs. Which doesn't fall under any category. Most of these songs are pop, rap, dance, electronic, traditional, classical etc with Hindi (Indian) lyrics. Its like Danish Rock and Finnish Rock are different genres. - zxm

Really? Bwood at #9? This should be #1! Worst of the worst!

Bollywood music is the biggest crap in the universe and same is the case with bwood movies. I m a 17 year old from India and grew up listening alternative rock, punk rock, hard rock and all types of metal and now I listen to edm (house, trance, dubstep...). I never got interest in bwood music it is so crappy stuff.

Main problem is most of the Indians doesn't know better music.

Most of them are romantic ones and item numbers. The same repeats over and over again. Some old Hindi songs are good but 99% of new ones are just a disgusting piece. I really hate this crap.

& because of this, Indian rock bands (they make real music) can't fulfill their dreams.

Dear Bollywood, please have some mercy on people like me, please make some good songs or close the industry (is it an industry? ). Seriously, you deserve 2 be thrown out of universe. The day of your apocalypse will be the best day of my life. ...more - aman201

Modern Bollywood is annoying as hell and if you watch their music videos you will see that they are trying too hard to imitate American culture and they are failing terribly at it.

The Music On Every single Bollywood Film I've Ever Heard Sounds EXACTLY THE SAME. From The Actual Music To The Lyrics That Sound Exactly The Same In Every Song.And It Gets Worse When The Singer Is A Woman. It Sounds Like A Mouse Trying To Hit A High Note While Half It's Body Is Stuck In A Trap And Its Dieing Of Pain. I Hate It So Much. Almost All The Songs In Almost All The Movies Will Drive You Insane. - 12cc

My friend, whose family has lived in India for their entire lives until she moved to the US when she was twelve. She HATES this genre and her mother forces her to ONLY listen to it because she believes that 'American Music' is cheap and fake. Yes, there are many, many cheap, fake, American songs, but in my opinion there are so MAAANNNYY good songs by American people and songs that are popular here.

I am an Indian and I admit Bollywood is the most SHAMEFUL thing ever to happen in India.
Even most of us Indians hate it and for some damned reason they keep making such songs. Worst of all it just sucks away talent from singers and eclipses all other genres. that's why no ones ever heard of talented Indian rock bands. I apolgise to the rest of the world on behalf of my nation. - a7xrules

Well Bollywood movies are bad, so why don't we make life even worse by creating terrible music that we'll just name after the movie industry. Oh the singing, the eye make-up, music videos where they never kiss -only embrace.

Honey singh sucks this generation of India has gone crazy..

It's basically half English half Indian and doesn't make sence whatsoever : p

Our heritage and classical music is being destroyed by this overproduced cancer

Listening to Indian music is literally the worst thing in the world, it's like someone is raping your ears!

Even their old songs from the 50s n 60s are just rip offs of the beatles etc

Look up indian beatles on youtube and have a laugh at the retarded bollywood

This pathetic excuse for music is the worst thing that happened to the music industry in south east Asia its responsible for the death of band culture and rock music and beacause of mindless gits this has gained commercial success and all our good bands either switched to pop, went underground, or disbanded alltogether, Bollywood robed us of our taste in music.

I am Indian and it all sounds the same to me..

I was going to vote for country, but then I saw this was an option. It's a close call, but given the choice between country and Bollywood, I choose country.

I think the music is beautiful regardless of whether it is commercially oriented or not. A.R.Rahman, Shreya Goshal, Sonu Nigam are a few of the known artists whose songs I listen to. Since no one forces me to listen to or watch Bollywood I choose what I watch from what is available to me on the internet and I think films like Gulaab Gang, Water, Lagaan, Black, Rang de Basanti, Taare Zameen Par and their respective songs are amazing. These are not all about a stereotypical romance and these don't seem to be trying too hard to imitate American culture...Although it is a social fact that American culture is wide-spread and embraced by many nations as opposed to other cultures. Besides I see nothing wrong with taking elements of other cultures in order to reflect a particular subjectivity as long as it is creative, and complex enough to be emotionally enriching.