Dubstep is by far the worst music genre ever made, just collections of random noises from someone screaming most of the time. There are, however, Dubstep artists that make really good songs, not ones that sound like women screaming from giving birth. But there are still lots more that make.. I don't know if it's even NOISE! If it weren't for 11-15 year-old young men pure-pressuring other helpless victims into listening to it, Skrillex's parents would've disowned him by now.

I voted because I would like to speak on behalf of all the dubstep fans out there. I love dubstep, I cannot get enough of it. Everyone who says it is just random noises is just scared of change and is so into the mainstream bull they have to speak down on what we love. Dubstep as well as any electronic music type is a different bmp with intense wubs and riffs. I have seen skrillex mentioned a lot in the thread and to be honest skrillex is a very creative and smarty guy. Skrillex created "brostep" and it took the nation by surprise which is what made him so big. Also, to anyone who says dubstep is "easy" or takes no "skill" to make, please be my guest and try to make it and see for yourself. A dubstep artist has to place all of their wubs and riffs in a song to make it sound good and has to think up of the wubs and riffs that will sound good, it's not just random noises, in fact it is far from it. Everyone here better suck it up because dubstep is becoming ...more

Another reason people would hate it so much would be because it sounds like a stomach gurgling with all those repulsive low notes that are even lower than my dad's snore. - InsertUsername

I think people hate it because of the loud noises that give people seizures - Super64Mario

It is pretty easy to make a bad dubstep song, but some are pretty great. I don't think I would pay to listen, but there are quite a few songs that I have enjoyed. The only problem is that people who like the genre have an issue with admitting that there is very little variety, and if it is original, it is probably because it isn't like the songs that anybody likes; therefore most people dislike it. Most of the very popular songs (I said MOST) are very, VERY similar, to a point where I am satisfied by one song because there isn't much else to hear other than breath-taking drops and bass... but they all have the SAME drops and bass, making it less qualified as a good music genre.

The only reason I voted is because I want to say something. For all the people saying dubstep isn't music and saying that it is just mindless, random noises AND being ignorant, just no. Dubstep isn't just random noises and screaming. If that's all you think it is, just screaming, you only listened to Skrillex. Dubstep is beats and other drum sounds put together in a pattern at a standard BPM, showing off "talentless" artists, well, talent. No artist I've heard of is without talent, not even Skrillex. If I do hear a song that is bad, it's probably just a newbie to the EDM producing club. Oh yeah, by the way, for the rapping part, try listening to this dubstep rapper NoneLikeJoshua on Youtube. You either like him or not. Whatever.

If not for Skrillex, this Genera would be way lower on this list. Most Dubstep songs from 2009-2010 are far better than the kind of stuff they make today. Most Dubstep producers don't record a bunch of random noises, compress them together in an illogical yet relevant chorus, and render them through a digestive tract just for the big $$$. Skrillex took the opportunity to make talent and beauty and ruin it with his own juvenile inferiority.

What is up with the increasing amount of dubstep and other electronica music lately? It's been going more and more abundant every year. At least the other bad genres (and even some awful rap songs at worst) are considered music, this is just lazy stuff. Stick to new age as they don't go overboard with the synths and the bass. - truespongebobfan

Steps to making a dubstep song:
Step 1! Download a stupid program on your MacBook!
Step 2! Wait for you're crApple laptop to download the program!
Step 3! Go insane with the program while making it sound like WallE is having a seizure!
Step 4! Upload it to iTunes and watch the sheep's money pouring in, while normal peoples ears are bleeding!
Good job! You made your first "dubstep" song.

Dubstep is the worst kind of electronic music. I'm not a fan of electronica to begin with, but I can like some of it if it manages to be entertaining and interesting. However, Dubstep fails on both of these levels. The sub genre sounds less like dance music and more like disorganized, textureless synth tones. Not to mention the grating production effects and annoying vocals snippets(if I can even call it that). This trash isn't entertaining, and it defiantly isn't different from any other intolerable Dubstep song. The only reason I would dance to this is if I was possessed.

Dubstep is a joke, as simple as that. I listen to metal and rock myself, but I'm not an elitist, so I don't hate on other genres. But dubstep is just outright awful. It just sounds like farts to me (and a lot of other people). If you like dubstep, no problem, you're entitled to your own opinion. But most dubstep fans are the absolute worst. Even worse than metal elitists, which is saying a lot. I once encountered one such dubstep fan, who said metal is a joke and dubstep beats metal by a distance. Also, he said dubstep concerts are better than metal (lmao) and dubstep is REAL music, unlike metal. I lol'd so hard at his ignorant comment. This just comes to show the mentality of dubstep fans.

I used to like this genre, I was even an artist of it before... and then I hear it again... and again... and again until my brain gets really tired of it. Most of you people hate dubstep because you thought it to be noise, I hate dubstep because of what it stands for. I have so many problems with the rules of dubstep and the fanbase. One thing is the growls and the wobbles, they sound nice but their aggressiveness can sometimes be distracting even to the point of overshadowing other instruments. So maybe just simply remove the wobbles and growls, it's still dubstep rig ht? i n fact dubstep wasn't even supposed the skrillex like growls... that is then I find it so boring.

Like in order for to be considered dubstep you have to follow these specific rules, halftime beat, sub bass, 140 bpm but that's it. I hate this genre and the white knight purists because it limits musical creativity. What if I don't want to do a halftime be at? w hat if I don't want to place it specifically at ...more

Every dubstep song I hear is the same. Four chord progressions, constant heavy bass drops, little to no meaning in the songs, way too loud...seriously. I though songs were supposed to have some sort of message. Here these people just combine a bunch of synths and computer generated noises and add some random title to it. And I'm not a metalhead, unlike some people here, but I do like SOME metal. At least, not death metal. Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden. At least they put some sort of message into their songs. Call metal "just noise" when you listen to dubstep? Watch your mouth. - naFrovivuS

Early Dubstep wasn't too bad but the ones that came out since 2010 are beyond the joke, they all sound the same and it's as if you don't need any talent what so ever just to make a simple track. You can also just grab an existing track, alter it here and there and mess around with it like a child's toy and sad thing is that it doesn't sound like it used to and Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore) started to make it sound similar to post-hardcore with all the break downs in the tracks, sorry but you'd rather minus well call it "Post-Step" if you may. And if you want anything nice and oldschool I recommend go to UK Garage or 2-step, at least that hasn't been worn out.

I don't get why people who listen to dubstep say it's just noise. It's ART! It's a modern variety of music put in autotune with the sickest beats and electric sound waves I've ever heard! And personally, I hate Rock music. It's just this guitar tune with drums in the back and the whole time the lead singer screams in the microphone about words I don't understand.

Wow, so basically people hate the genre because they're ignorant.
First, thinking you don't need any skill and talent to make this is absolutely ignorant and stupid.
Second, people confuse so many other genres of music for dubstep.
Third, saying that it's not music is again ignorant and stupid.

I mean sure you can dislike it but being so ignorant and hateful towards genre and people that actually listen to it is just...dumb.
by the way, this is coming from dubstep fan that absolutely loves metal and listens to many other genres of music (including rap and Drum and bass, which is also electronic music like dubstep, and DnB doesn't seem to get that ammount of hate from people).

And yeah guess what, rap is 3rd on this list...People heard some "songs" by Drake or whoever is popular these days, and they think whole genre is like that. Same with dubstep they heard of Skrillex, maybe few other popular artists...

Guys. Calm down. Dubstep is music, but it just isn't your favorites, so please go easy on it.

Seriously? Why is this so high up? Yeah, Skrillex music is bad (in my opinion), but it's also a very misleading label for dubstep. Good dubstep is great to listen to. The music itself is the best part, not the lyrics (if there are any) or anything else. And for everyone complaining it takes zero skill, why don't you try making some?
Not every dubstep fan loves Skrillex.

Dubstep is an odd one. It isn't terrible, but the overall structure of it all makes no sense. Too get it over with, some dubstep is actually good. Some artists, like Celldweller, makes some very interesting pieces. It isn't ear destroying, but rather blendish of various electronic noises. Also, dubstep is FOR headphones. Without them, its terrible. I think Skrillex is overrated, Knife Party being not so original and various other famous artists who just don't excess. Although there are others who we don't know about.

I think dubstep has got to be the most talentless kind of music. Just playing around with sounds on a computer takes no skill, and the result sounds like a slightly improved version of static and the sounds flies make. The sound is just a huge headache. Not to mention that the words are just yelling random strung together, so the lyrics are absolutely meaningless.

Right, I'm getting sick of how people are calling so many types of electronic music DUBSTEP. I mean, I'm not a dubstep fan, but genres like trap music are so much worse to me. - datrandomguy

Dubstep is a really big genre. Everyone here hating has obviously only heard Skrillex. Dubstep can also be really peaceful and calm. You people are just clueless. - wubwbw

This is my personal opinion. If you love dubstep, that's fine. I just personally think that dubstep is absolute trash. The same formulaic patterns can be found in most, if not all, dubstep songs. While repetition in music doesn't particularly get me off, I do find it unoriginal. Again, if you like dubstep, fine.

Now, while the mainstream dubstep artists such as Skrillex and Knife Party aren't as good as people think, in my opinion they dwell into the subgenre called brostep. While there are other dubstep artists you guys have heard about, not all of them are bad. If you are just going to stereotype an entire community based on one bad artist, you need to shut up. - SwagFlicks

I hate whoever voted for this! Dubstep requires so much skill to produce and you cannot hate on it by saying it is "random sounds" Go an try to produce.

Hate Dubstep. With all the effort that goes into the making of the music with computers, synthesizers, and such, you'd think it'd be good, but no. It's absolute trash. I tend to have an open mind about music, and I can say that all of the genres above have some good songs that come out of them. But I haven't yet seen anything but terrible, deafening, non-musical noise come out of dubstep, or closely related genres.

This is the worst music genre which ever existed in the history of the world! I can't believe how crap like this gets rated higher than great pieces of rock music. It's just a bunch of random irritating sounds, yet people go on saying, "Oh, dubstep music is so awesome! " Everyone, ranging from so-called international DJs like David Guetta, to any local DJ, make the same kind of crappy music. I shouldn't even call it music, 'cause it's a disgrace to music. I hate pop too, but at least some pop singers have a bit of singing talent. This is just a bunch of useless people who just misuse resources of a computer. - vireshgd_xxlp