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181 Worship Music

No musical talent required. People listen to it purely on the basis that it is about God... None of them have any lyrical talent whatsoever.

182 Sadcore

I is sad. I is also hardcore. I decided to make a genre called sadcore.

183 Baroque Pop
184 Cantopop
185 Chutney

Some of the most annoying repetitive garbage. They all use the similar melody and nothing is changed. Production is poor, instrumental is cheap, vocals are terrible. - ClimaxProductons

186 Bluegrass
187 Acid Jazz

Pouring acid on someone while playing jazz

Acid Jazz is the name of a label. It was and still is specialized in Mod-Jazz, Soul, sixties / seventies Funk, Boogaloo, Latin-Jazz and also in Freakbeat, Psychedelia etc...

188 Contemporary
189 Contemporary Worship Music
190 Power Metal

What kind of idiot would put power metal on this list?

This is the best metal genre allow me to mention Sabaton and Nightwish for example. I like metal, but I draw the line when you cannot understand what they are saying

Power metal is good! Well I guess a lot of people are nerds. Nah, I think it's called having a good taste. You should listen to Galneryus.

Power metal is epic! Manowar, Helloween, Sabaton, Civil War, etc are all good bands in this genre.

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191 Chillstep

Chillstep is AMAZING! Just close your eyes and try not to fall asleep

I love all electronic music, and this is no different!

Chillstwp is the only genre of music that has made me cry. How can anyone HATE it?

:( how people listen to this I don't know!
Techno +robots making love = chill step!

192 Christian Hip Hop

This was a stupid idea. The only reason they made up this stupid genre is so they can make Christianity look cool, but it doesn't.

He's a life-changer, miracle-arranger
Born to the virgin mom in a manger
Water to wine, he's a drink exchanger
And he died for your sins

Religious looneys should stick to gospels. The hypocrites hate rap but want to be part? Bish please.

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193 Slow Rock
194 Electro-house

I'm sorry, people, I love electro-house. It isn't just people sitting at computers mashing noises together, it is a genre in which the musicians do their best to make a unique and mellifluous sound. It spans a lot of different innovations, and it's fine if you don't like it, but I wouldn't be quick to dismiss it. Dive deeper and you'll see that this requires a lot of dedicated work. - PositronWildhawk

I think that it is such a shame that some people don't enjoy this. In my opinion, this is one of the best electronic music genres. (behind drumstep, dubstep, and trap) I guess people have their own opinions, but I think that it's a shame that people just dismiss all electronic music as in tatie people sitting behind keyboards.

I think this is the gerne with most lack of creativity. :/
Admonlee is right: almost every song sounds same..
But even worse: every beat not just sounds same, it IS the same...

No diversion, exspecially in beat, but also melody, not much creativity in general, no dynamic (same volume all the time), no variety in keys or tempo, no breakdowns, too much monotony, mostly no deeper meaning in lyrics... I agree that this makes sense for a disco where drunken people just want to dance even it they can't, the "music" is very simple and doesn't change that much.. I guess for some people that's the deal.. but for me this genre is musically dead. - Flav

195 Progressive Rock Progressive Rock

A lot of people call prog "nerdy" or "uncool," but a lot of the time, it involves complex time signatures and instrumental parts that are frankly hard to play. And it's not all long epics - plenty of prog bands have made short songs that are quite good.

Rush, Pink Floyd, and Dream Theater are some of the best bands that have and will ever exist.

So sick of the hat on progressive rock, King Crimson, Yes, Genesis and even some ELP is quite frankly some of the best music I've listened too. Honestly do people just dislike talent?

Really? Progressive rock is more complex than you think.

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196 Opera

I'm not an opera fan but the vocalists have an amazing voice range. And whoever said opera is just a fat viking girl going all like "UUUH", you're a troll. Not all opera singers are fat. I hate opera but your reason to hate it is just plain stupid.

Did you know that people who listen to opera or country are more likely to commit suicide?

The more you know...

"Dumb instruments like the tuba and cello"

This angers me. Opera is not someone screaming OOH while ORIGINAL CLASSICAL InSTRUMENTS like tuba and cello plays.

Too loud, too in-another-language.

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197 Classical

Who put this in here?!? Classical music is beautiful!

I don't understand why is it on this list. I don't listen it but without this we wouldn't have pop and rock and also a7x.

Classical music is the culmination of the music of all ancient and medieval western cultures. It took hundreds or even thousands of years to evolve. You either have to have good taste in music to appreciate it, and/or be very learned of music history.


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198 Thrash Metal Thrash Metal

There's a reason this is 0%. And that is because it's awesome

Fastest metal ever.

No quarrel with this!

What the hell this genre shouldn't even be on this list

It's actually last on this list, so like the best m/

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199 Heavy Metal Heavy Metal Heavy Metal music is a sub-genre of rock music that originated in the late 1960s-70s, featuring more distorted and heavier instrumental work and darker lyrical themes. Heavy Metal broke into mainstream success with bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica. more.

First of all, heavy metal is a subgenre of metal, and second, this genre has MILLIONS of listeners throughout the entire world and hundreds of thousands of bands. It's given us some classic songs such as "Iron Man", "Hot For Teacher", "Highway to Hell", "Wanna Rock N Roll All Nite", "come on Feel the Noize", etc. I don't understand why this is on here. This is the best genre to ever exist.

Why heavy metal is even here it has been rated the best genre and besides it has some of the best bands like Metallica,iron maiden, black sabbtah, megadeth etc

Doesn't belong here. Try the best genres of music list, more fitting.

Don't get it -_-

200 Hard Rock Hard Rock

How is this on the list! Listen to Van Halen! - VanZeppelin

Whoever put this genre on here I'll REALLY break their bones... LITERALLY. I WILL this is the best! Listen to crush 40, motley crue, Alice cooper maybe marilyn manson this the best genre for me it's so addicting

This genre is the second last on this list and people cry that someone hates it? There's like every genre on this list and this is the least hated but you actually gave it enough votes that it isn't the least bad anymore.

Guys this has every genre ever, they're pretty much making up genres now (except this). Every genre I can think of is on this list. Being beyond 50 means it's a good genre. That would make hard rock the best

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