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201 Northwestern Style Indie Rock

Indie rock is the best by the way I have a southern accent (from missisippi)

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202 Seattle Style Indie Rock

Every kind of country sucks. I'm sorry. Metal is great.

Best ever country sucks metal sucks and

203 Gramhop

A form of rap where the lyrics revolve around Instagram? You're kidding me. WORST EVER.

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204 Christian Hip Hop

This was a stupid idea. The only reason they made up this stupid genre is so they can make Christianity look cool, but it doesn't.

It makes the religion look bad.

Rap isn't Christian anyway.

Ugh.. why does this exist - Lucretia

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205 Bebop

People consider charlie parker a genius for playing walls of atonal randomness, and he played the same stuff over and over again. very rarely do jazz or bop musician grow, they reach a peak, and either stay there or get worse. unlistenable

206 Wizard Rock

This is LITERALLY just rock about Harry Potter.

207 Scatgrind

Grindcore sub-genre where vocals are replaced entirely with fart samples and anime girls shouting in agony, lyrics about constipation. I get that stuff like this is meant as a joke but still... examples include Bum Sick and Fecal Matter

208 Murder Metal

Doesn't exist.

From the band Macabre.

209 Contemporary Worship Music
210 New Jack Swing
211 Sadcore

I is sad. I is also hardcore. I decided to make a genre called sadcore.

212 Baroque Pop
213 Cantopop
214 Viking Metal

The only thing bad about this is that you're making a genre out of a lyrical theme. That makes no sense at all. This is really just heavy metal but with viking-themed lyrics. - Aragorn98

215 Electronicore
216 Nazi Punk
217 Viking Rock
218 Rock Against Communism
219 Political Hip Hop
220 Pagan Metal
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