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61 Blues Blues

Anyone who puts the blues on this list is totally uneducated about music at all considering the genres you like are derived from the blues.

I listen to heavy metal and rock, but blues should not be on this list.

What blues is quite good to be honest.

Blues is the genre with the most soul. Whoever added this must be Satan's child - BrianScott01

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62 National Socialist Black Metal

A complete disgrace to metal and reason why there are so many stereotypes about metal.Screw NSBM

That's disgusting.

Nazi metal heads... scary

63 Metalcore

In general, taking metal and all its subgenres, watering it down, and feeding it to the masses. Oftentimes it has clean vocals, no gutturals, but there is screaming. Add a dash of punk, sometimes thrash, and sometimes crybaby lyrics.

Of course there are some great bands that have adapted elements of the genre into their sound, one example is the band "Darkest Hour". Although I would say they are more melodic death metal than metalcore. Their album "Deliver Us" is a fantastic record.

Good example of a crap band is Bring Me The Horizon. Lyrics that could have been written up by a 9-year-old who just learned his first few swearwords. Excessive amount of breakdowns. Poor musicianship. Of course, teen (and sometimes older) girls love this band, but it's more about their lead singer Oli Sykes. They scream for him, and he virtually has no talent. Oh, but he can do really high-pitched screams, you say? Well, that would be good if it actually sounded any good. ...more

I voted only to vote for the terrible wanna-be metal bands like Atreyu/Bullet For my Valentine/Bring Me The Horizon. I have no problem with early Metallica Hardcore bands like Hatebreed, nor can I really hate on Killswitch Engage. But honestly, most Metalcore bands are bands that wanted to be metal yet also successful, and that's what they came up with.

I agree that there are too much bands calling theirselves metalcore and are just wannabe-metallers, but for me that's not the real metalcore, its just abuse.
When I think of metalcore I think of: as I lay dying, august burns red, parkway drive, trivium, unearth. great bands who made awesome music.

I see the point why this is on the list, but I think the REAL metalcore doesn't deserve this. - Flav

This is the lowest of the low in Metal, yes even worse than Nu Metal. - htoutlaws2012

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64 Country Folk

Mumford & sons, anything that comes under folk/country where I am literally falling asleep/want to hit my head against a brick wall as it is SO BORING I'd rather listen to a meditation cd filled with whale sounds to fall asleep than this 'genre'! Bring back Soundgarden :-D

65 Goregrind

Just by looking at the lyrics of some gore grind songs just really makes me really sick. There's a band called Intense hammer rage (I think it's rage) and their lyrics are highly revolting, disgusting and repulsive.

Goregrind is a genre so abysmal and morally shameful that it makes death metal and rap almost respectable. There's absolutely nothing worse than goregrind. Nothing.

So it has songs about blood, guts, and violence?

Hard to tell apart from grindcore sometimes.

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66 Alternative Metal Alternative Metal

Okay genre. - Lucretia

67 Progressive Rock Progressive Rock

A lot of people call prog "nerdy" or "uncool," but a lot of the time, it involves complex time signatures and instrumental parts that are frankly hard to play. And it's not all long epics - plenty of prog bands have made short songs that are quite good.

Rush, Pink Floyd, and Dream Theater are some of the best bands that have and will ever exist.

So sick of the hat on progressive rock, King Crimson, Yes, Genesis and even some ELP is quite frankly some of the best music I've listened too. Honestly do people just dislike talent?

Really? Progressive rock is more complex than you think.

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68 Pornogore

Well, I don't even know what this music genre is, but I can tell that it's pretty horrible. I'm just glad that prog rock isn't on this list.

This just sounds awful and disturbing

Is this even real?

Is this metalcore with pornographic lyrics?

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69 Noise Music

Not all noise music is void of rhythm and melody. But some of it is, and it's understandable that people wouldn't see the musicianship behind it. I won't try to convince anyone it's extremely hard to make (It isn't), but some people enjoy it, and for that reason alone, I believe it is music.

As far as I can see this is literally just harsh noise, no structure or flow at all from what I've heard. but at the end of the day all music is noise it just depends on how you interpret what you're hearing I guess..

It depends on what you're expecting. Noise music beats up anything one knows from traditional musical arrangements, but there are few genres that can make you feel as laid back as noise if you listen to it at the right moment and a fitting mindset.

Noise Rock is pretty great, Noise Black Metal is mighty savage but pure Noise? Not feeling it.

How did this get here? Noise is a very good genre of music.

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70 Progressive Metal

Worst, not at all, DREAM THEATER, enough said

Prog metal requires a lot of talent - zxm

I guess it's alright.

71 Art Punk
72 Ska

You got to listen to sublime and the older stuff like The English Beat/General public.

Ska can be pretty cool. The older stuff is better than a lot of the crap put out in the mid to late 90s. I like ska that sticks more to their jazz and jamaican roots. 2 Tone, early third wave, and first wave is mainly what I listen to.

73 Dance Punk
74 Nintendocore

Just checked out out recently. It's so surreal. But it's also pretty cool.

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75 Indie Rock

This term no longer has much of a real meaning. What is called indie rock today seems to fall somewhere on a spectrum between punk/noise influenced sounds, retro-fetishism, and nerdy pop music sung by people who sound like they are about to fall asleep. In fact, a lot of what I've investigated that gets tagged as indie rock strikes me as little more than another form of pop music, and it strikes me that a lot of the music is actually pretty mainstream in its popularity, so the label no longer makes sense. On the less pop end of it, a good chunk of it just sounds like garage style bands that can hardly play their instruments and purposefully make a fetish of lo-fi or unpleasant sounds. In either case it always ends up coming off as very boring and inauthentic. This genre puts me to sleep, everything about it emanates a lack of imagination, creativity, and talent.

The Arctic Monkeys, Palma Voilets, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers.. Indie Rock is great, more guitar music on the radio please better than auto-cue rubbish and Dub-step.

This is the worst thing that ever existed in Alternative music, and around the Rock in general.

I do not understand why so many people are considering this as great today, if everything is just a mass of crude, tasteless and boring sounds. The bands of this genre have no talent, all they do is mutter front of a microphone, and guitarist with drummers only makes a stressful environment musical sounds horrible and rudimentary.

"Indie" haha... however is just mainstream this time.


Just any type of indie music makes me gag

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76 Funk Funk
77 Christian Contemporary

Ridiculously repetitive and predictable chord progressions, repetitive subject matter, requires very little talent to write and perform, occasionally some decent and unique moments happen, and some vocal performances are good, but as a whole, it's a very vapid genre.

Religion and music make disasters. - Lucretia

78 Big Room House

The worst electo house subgenre that just uses simple beats and easy to make genre that all you need is just to fiddle around with things and bam, there you go

Why is this so low? It should be at least top ten...

The sequence of this genre:

Riser... bass drop with snare... duck duck duck, duck duck duck, duck duck duck, duck... (all in triplets with over compressed, sightly distorted kick)

I enjoyed so many types of electronic music (trance, techno, progressive, non generic dubstep, chiptune...), except this one, I have no idea why people would getting high while listening to this type of music, just a bunch of dotted super keys played repeatedly with kick drums, what able to be made in fl studio under 15 minutes.

I wanna know what is value of this type of music...

79 Bubblegum Pop



I really dislike this genre because if emo uses three chords, these people must use one. If country has stupid lyrics, then this genre will amaze you. It's actually not pop most people hate, but this meaningless bubblegum thingy. And the auto tune. And the blatant fake happiness. Listen, if you're an artist, I respect you. But if music is supposed to convey emotion, then this genre conveys those people you never did like in high school.

80 Djent

I can't believe Djent is so low. It is the meme of metal; a genre that was invented throughout the internet. Look at how many people made fun of this genre, that's enough proof to see djent is the most laughable genre out there. It's not even a genre; it's just a picking technique that's been used by new "metal bands". The only legitimate "metal djent" band is Meshuggah. Bands like Periphery aren't even metal because they have a vocalist that uses bad hardcore punk screaming and switches to pop cleans.

Djent can be bad ass sometimes, animals as leader could be considered djent, maybe

It can be great sometimes but for the most part, eh

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