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81 Big Room House

The worst electo house subgenre that just uses simple beats and easy to make genre that all you need is just to fiddle around with things and bam, there you go

Why is this so low? It should be at least top ten...

Oh god, I cannot stand this genre. - wrests

The sequence of this genre:

Riser... bass drop with snare... duck duck duck, duck duck duck, duck duck duck, duck... (all in triplets with over compressed, sightly distorted kick)

I enjoyed so many types of electronic music (trance, techno, progressive, non generic dubstep, chiptune...), except this one, I have no idea why people would getting high while listening to this type of music, just a bunch of dotted super keys played repeatedly with kick drums, what able to be made in fl studio under 15 minutes.

I wanna know what is value of this type of music...

82 Christian Contemporary

Ridiculously repetitive and predictable chord progressions, repetitive subject matter, requires very little talent to write and perform, occasionally some decent and unique moments happen, and some vocal performances are good, but as a whole, it's a very vapid genre.

This is already on here - FloydtheCat

83 Djent

I can't believe Djent is so low. It is the meme of metal; a genre that was invented throughout the internet. Look at how many people made fun of this genre, that's enough proof to see djent is the most laughable genre out there. It's not even a genre; it's just a picking technique that's been used by new "metal bands". The only legitimate "metal djent" band is Meshuggah. Bands like Periphery aren't even metal because they have a vocalist that uses bad hardcore punk screaming and switches to pop cleans.

Djent isn't even a genre.

Djent can be bad ass sometimes, animals as leader could be considered djent, maybe

Listen, Djentlemen, the is Djust a meme. - SoldierOfFortune

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84 EDM

EDM is the master race of music. The fact that this is even on this list is absolutely discussing. It's als so funny when people think it's just one genre. EDM includes dubstep, drumstep, Brostep, glitch hop, dubstep, trap, techno, Drum and bass, trance, and about a million other ones. It is also funny when people say things like, "it takes no talent to produce dubstep" because in fact, it would be much easier to rhyme some words and call it pop (I'm not hating on pop music) than it is to sit down for days, weeks, or even months to years and make intricate drum patterns and basslines. Believe me, I've tried making it before. It is not an easy thing to just sit down and figure out. And while some are better than others, you can't just slap EDM on a list of bad genres before you even know what you're talking about.

EDM is not a genre.. But it deserves to be on this list as ever since I started hearing teeny-boppers throw this term around, nearly every genre under this umbrella-term (particularly electro house) immediately became a free-for-all where anything could classify as something it wasn't.

This is what happens when idiots use blanket terms to describe music cause they don't know what they're listening to, genres become obsolete :(

Now I hate a genre I once loved and can't find a description for the type of music I do.

For all those people who say EDM is not a genre, you've got it all wrong. It is but it's an "umbrella" term as in it has HEAPS of sub-genres but if you're going to add dubstep, techno, hardcore etc. then don't I repeat DON'T put EDM on this list

Worst music ever.

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85 Schlager

Ugh! I hate this so much! Terrible lyrics, terrible music, everything! I'm German, but schlager is obviously the worst thing the Germans invented!

The. worst. ever.
I can't understand why ROCK should be on this list. Schlager is the only genre which deserves #1 of worst music genres EVER

Schlager is horrible

Eww, schlager is disgusting

86 Hardcore (Electro)

Why are Hardcore and Electro put together? Yeah I guess Hardcore is kind of like a sped up version of Electro-House but still what!?

Techno metal, Gabber or just hardcore is a style of electro that is characterized by beats at a huge rate beyond 200 bpm, this style was created in Rotterdam in the 90s, because of the house ( music ) and society both political and religious

This style has many subgenres such as speedcore, deathcore or terror, among others MainStyle

The most prominent artists would (now neophyte bodylotion, omar santana, angerfist, gabber vienna masterz etc.)

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87 Punk Rock Punk Rock Punk rock is a subgenre of rock music. It usually has rebellious lyrics and down stroked power chords played on guitars. Bad Religion, Sex Pistols, and Green Day (actually pop-punk, which is still punk in a way) are a few punk rock bands. The subgenre influenced thrash metal because of it's down stroked more.

Who put this on here?
One of the best genres ever, if you hate it you have no taste in music.

Forget Green Day & Blink 182. That's not real punk. For real punk, listen to The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Clash, Misfits, Bad Religion, Descendents, Black Flag, Discharge, The Damned, Minor Threat, The Germs, Reagan Youth, Agent Orange, Youth Brigade, Vandals, TSOL, All, X, etc. - ryanrimmel

Punk rock is awesome! Think about The Ramones, think about Sex Pistols, think about Green Day

Yep. This killed BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. Gets my vote any day.

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88 Electronic
89 Street Punk

Overrated Garbage - VideoGamefan5

90 Funk Funk
91 Dance Pop
92 Chalga V 3 Comments
93 Manele

Manele is one of the worst music genre in the entire world. I'm Romanian, and I don't listen manele music, gypsies listening. This is not even a music genre, it's crap.
The lyrics usually refer to themes of love, enemies, money, alcoholism, drugs and difficulties of life in general, or some of the songs are specifically dedicated to parties, weddings, funerals etc. Manele style contains objections to music primitiveness and low performance.
Manele are criticized for their lyrical content, which often consists of boasts about the singer's supposed sex appeal, intellect, wealth, social status, and superiority over so-called "enemies". Many singers use bad grammar, repetitive and simplistic rhymes suitable for chanting and are sometimes vulgar and/or misogynistic.

Don't even listen to this music, just vote it up!

No. Just no

94 Christian Rock

This lifeless, flaccid excuse for music has a closer resemblance to eternal torment and agony than any sort of salvation or euphoria. Putting "Pop Music" as the worst genre is a misunderstanding of what genres are. Pop music simply encompasses any form of music popular enough to receive mainstream attention. Yes, in the past Michael Jackson, Prince, and the Beatles were all major pop stars with actual talent but so was Chicago, Michael Bolton, and the Captain and Tennille. And yes, today we have Justin Bieber, Young Thug, and David Guetta but we also have Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, and Kendrick Lamar. You can't take the "King" and a straw man bad artist as your reasoning for why Popular Music has gotten worse. There is good and bad in every generation. Now, you want a musical genre that is consistently terrible generation to generation then look no further than skin crawling Christian Rock. Music is meant to be grand and emotional. Your meant to feel strongly towards ...more

Christian music is not something I really liked, this is as bad as Christian metal almost. - Lucretia

Styx is the only band I know, but it's too generic.

I had to vlote for this just to tell you about a good band called skillet.It is a Christian band and it is very good

95 Anarcho-punk

Dead Kennedys is great.

Idiot genre

96 Glitch Hop

All music takes talent to make. Just because you don't like a genre of music doesn't mean it's a bad genre. From computers to guitars, its all music. I know for a fact that glitch hop is hard to make, and it sounds good to me at least.

So apparently mistakes in recording a song counts for music?

My favourite genre = Glitch Hop >:(

Your dumb. I love GLITCH HOP!

97 Christian Metal

Actually they belong just fine. Metal has to do with how the music is written and performed, not necessarily the lyrical content. You just have a narrow mind of metal genres

Dude Christian And metal should be married... They fit perfect... Listen to demon hunter, for today, slipknot, or even Impending doom... I could go on the fact is christian metal is awesome and its on a very low hate level so I'm happy with it

The word "Christian" and the word "Metal" don't belong together.

Christian death and black metal are the worst, - Lucretia

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98 Trance

Why is this on there?

I think this genre is very great, because it has beautiful melodies, heavenly sounds... I mean it can sound very relaxing and it can make me dance.

NOBODY said it was possible to hate trance. NOBODY. This list is inaccurate.

Excuse me? This genre is great (well, to me at least) - wrests

Dubstep with no drop essentially, its trash.

99 Glam Rock

One word : SUCK

Uh...What about Möltey Crüe? - AA_Family

100 Cybercore

Only ever 1 track labeled as this genre, very high pitched screeching basslines with chugging guitars

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